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A soul trapped in the net of time

On September 27, 2011, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Reveal to people the true nature of your character, properly managing the qualities that they expect from you.

The end of the movie "Meet Joe Black (1998)" is very well done. Susan Parrish, the daughter of the billionaire William Parrish, looks on Joe Black how he was getting away together with her ​​father. She hurries to catch them up, and reaches the bridge linking her ​​father's property.

And, suddenly, Joe made ​​his appearance. He was alone. It seemed he did not know where he is, turning his eyes all-over.

Susan comes closer to him. Regards him carefully. Something was wrong. A vague doubt, still perceptible, opened the way into her heart, leading to an increased feeling of anxiety and uncertainty.

- Where did you go? she asked with a glint of fear in her soul.

- I do not know ... Would you understand if I say that I do not think I will ever know?

A different man was feeling, undoubtedly, in Joe. The thing which caused to Susan a kind of nostalgia for his old way of being, the desire to find what she loved so much in him, the personality whom he was representing.

The prince of darkness had taken his farewell to this world. In his place had appeared the real Joe.

Joe Black's Magic Light

The transition to a new reality has led to a series of changes in the balance of the spiritual universe of Joe Black. He was standing at the uncertain border between realities. He was in a particular place, without knowing how he got there. Moreover, it was not his fault that he could not remember anything.

Someone said that there is nothing judged more fugitive than the human nature. Susan accepted the real Joe in her life due to his affective and emotional qualities - essential qualities of his character, and since his whole being radiated that warmth of soul, mysterious, that inner beauty characteristic to the people that bear in them not only a specific charm, but also a specific magnetism, coupled with a great finesse.

Leadership: How is your orientation achieved in the darkness of a becoming that looks for a suggestive target?

Leadership can be described in a story, partly as a succession of questions with no answer, an accumulation of pluses and minuses that, in the end of what you are looking for, come to light and reveal a face you wouldn’t have expected to see. This way you are determined to reconsider your position towards the others, towards yourself, towards the future. You force yourself to reconsider your position towards others, towards yourself, towards the future, looking from a totally different perspective. In relation to the fundamental truth of a new beginning advertised by the leader, we could register a certain awareness of the reality hidden in its perception towards other’s appreciation and its implications, transposed in an experience of the need to self-define the identity.

In short, in unpredictable finales lies an amalgamation of thoughts, ideas, happenings that ask to be devoured with the power of the heart and mind, highlighting the way in which you can get help from their possibilities to manifest themselves as active part of the building of personality in day-to-day life. You can survive in a reality you don’t understand, only by completely exploring your potential to “suddenly” adapt. We are referring to the approach of the humane that limits itself to the sphere of relations between people, determined only through its virtues and vices, taking into consideration the relation with a new closeness environment that needs to be explored and understood as landmark of a becoming that judges “the steps of the moment” which starts with reconfiguring your personality in a new direction.

The leader’s orientation in the darkness of a becoming that’s searching for a suggestive target, attributed to the successful attempt to recognize the true potential value of the people around, is materialized in an existence product that can’t be falsified according to your whole psycho-emotional structure. You can’t discover the unseen side of man if you’re not ready to understand the truth on which his world is based, relevant in different ways.

Leadership: How do you connect to the essence of those around you?

Only a person who bears in himself the germs of a good character spreading magical light that he bears in himself - by his presence, his attitude, through his feelings, only a person who radiates an aura of credibility, a new spirit, through his sincere and total self-giving, only that person has also the potential to connect to the essence of those around him, gaining a great influence over them.

You cannot deceive people with an aura of a good and honest man, you cannot inoculate them an extraordinary image of yourself, you cannot link a great friendship with them if you have a duplicitous attitude, if you are drowning in falsity, if you keep too long in the shadow your real identity, and if you hesitate to express your feelings. You must surround them with your positive energy stream, to stand exactly at their level of expectations, generating the most emotional state as possible.

Leadership: What are the essential qualities of your character that help others to see more clearly how you really are?

Just as the blood, not treated by any chemist, is creating his own antitoxins - and so your character, if it is not altered by any negative factor, it improves and is creating his own opportunities to raise at the standards and expectations of others. You create on your own those necessary for the positive impact that you will have on the lives of others according to the true feelings that you nurture towards them, respectively, depending on their availability to come closer to you, and to accept you among them.

The beauty and the inner purity are the essential qualities of your character, are the only strong points of your personality that help others to see more clearly how you really are, and after a careful analysis to decide if you deserve, or not an additional recognition and appreciation. Reveal to people the true nature of your character, properly managing the qualities that they expect from you.

A soul trapped in the net of time emphasizes the idea of transformation of your own individual according to your character, and of the intensity of feelings that you express to others. Give people the chance to know your true inner beauty, give them time to adapt to your own personality. Try to spend more time with them. Learn to appreciate them for what they are trying to have more confidence in them.

Be more honest with yourself and dare to express your true feelings; do not hide them under a mask of appearances, so that they, in their turn, to be bolder and more generous with you, and to share the same feelings with you. If you really want more from someone, learn to give something more from you. Courage!


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