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Empire of the magician
On November 24, 2010, in Leadership magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Create a powerful effect of resonance, by a closer approximation of those reference elements, which give essence and influence to your leadership.

I was at a magic show. I was imbued with the idea that would be exciting - and even was - I enjoyed a glowing ambiance, full of emotions, where the exuberant fantasy combines with exciting interpretation.

The magician looked like a being detached from the novels of Raymond E. Feist. He intrigued me more than anything because he radiated a strong stance like ”I'm exactly what you see.” He was tall, stately, with burning eyes. He did not wear masks as other magicians. However, I think no one could penetrate his true nature, was not the kind of guy who reveal easily his secret thoughts and feelings.

I do not want to tell you his moment of appearance on stage - quite unusual bearing the rod of “justice” in his right hand and in the other a golden ancient amulet, very special, in the form of the Eye of Horus. But at a time, towards the end of the show, the magician's powerful voice disturbed the silence, yet full of refinement, inspiring a good feeling, a positive energy, but also a sense of power combined with enormous confidence in his own person.

The magician looked for a moment at those from the first line, then climbing down on a metal box, fixed his eyes to the ceiling as if he wanted to say a prayer - a prayer that is said only standing, standing firm. He raised his hands, as if he would exalt his pray to God, and then said: “Ego sum qui sum”, meaning “I am who I am”.

Then, like magic, the magician disappeared, vanished like a shadow in the darkness that suddenly enveloped the scene.

Leadership: Are you enjoying the highest honor? Are you able to interpret a big role?

It is a great honor, someone once observed, to be told: “He is a man”. But it is even a greater honor to inspire people a renewed confidence through your grace, through the miraculous power and full of inspiration that radiates from your whole being, from your entire soul. People to jump at your every gesture with a vague emotion, but pleasant, a thrill of that makes you high and makes you live more intensely, a thrill that once embraces you never leave you, traverses your entire body and gives you a significant dose of good humor and energy needed for the whole day.

Your leadership is part of a meticulously planned game?

All were a part of well-planned game of the magician. At his sign, all presents in the room were like hypnotized - it was odd, they were all filled with an unusual feeling, restless, yet charming because everyone liked challenges.

The magician exuded a purely professionalism that deserved all the respect, touched all expectations. He was not a man of stone marching and frighting, but rather a man without a name, which surpasses his limits when it comes improving his service. After each number of magic that he performed, giving an overall impression of power and force, the audience looked at each other, as they would have said: “He is special!”

Who is the man with full powers who, like a magician, can influence people more and more, interpreting the role of the Almighty with total dedication, with an indescribable mastership? Nobody knows his secrets and the perfect means by which he manages to enhance the charm and personal magnetism. The fact is that everyone passes, miraculously, in his possession.

Empire of the magician includes all the necessary elements, both professionally and personally, by which an individual can exercise and maintain their influence over other people. To dominate those around you need to manipulate things, to surround yourself by an ambiance full of meaning, to create and maintain a certain state of mind, creating yourself an image of power and control. You must conclude a tacit agreement with people by which your position of leadership will be recognized and you should prove much skill during the “show” in your mastery of disguising sometimes your true feelings and mood.

Just as a magician, to be revealed as a master of the show, people should resonate with all his loads of magic - and so, if you want to be revealed as a leader, if you want for people to resonate with your own "representations" and to accept the effects that are produced by your leadership – you must inspire a sensation of force combined with an enormous confidence in your own person.

With your skills, the power that you've been invested and the quality of interpersonal relationships that you promote you could, like a magician who has control in the empire of magic to create your own “empire” in which you have total control. This is possible by manipulating things in your favor, increasing your power and control over others, but without becoming a dictator.

Create a powerful effect of resonance, by a closer approximation of those reference elements, which give essence and influence to your leadership.


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