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Hocus Pocus

On September 28, 2010, in Leadership magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Quality leadership seems a magical phenomenon that occurs without realizing it.

The magician has appeared on stage pulling after him in the semi-darkness that is created, a large wooden chest, closed with five sturdy locks which, judging by how he was heaving it must have been extremely difficult. He carefully unlocked the locks, and then slowly opened the chest lid, forcing his powers, as though it was extremely difficult. The way he was moving was and funny and scary at the same time. It would seem he will take out from that trunk who knows what supernatural power, closed there as death itself, and finally released after thousands of years. I felt like the breath of a scary monster has been awakened to life.

I don't know why the mysterious and ineffable feeling that we were deliberately induced with an exemplary warehouse dexterity, made the scene look like a place haunted by evil spirits, a place of unnatural and disorder, subject to all evil. The hall was engulfed in a deep silence, and us, the audience, were all embraced by a mysterious emotion, an inexplicable fear combined with a strong desire to explore and to know the truth of what is hiding in that trunk.

But nothing that I imagined or other spectators did not happen. The magician took out a lot of things from the trunk, all sorts of ordinary things: a hat, a cane, a baguette, some rings, a soccer ball, a tennis racket, a candle, a cup of coffee and an empty glass and an old book. He easily put them aside on the desk special prepared before, and then started the performance. Two hours full of tension and anxiety, of dynamics and good mood were followed.  I'll never forget that wonderful magic show.

But here's an interesting question: what happened to that big wooden trunk?

At the beginning of the show the magician came on stage carrying a large wooden trunk from which he extracted many objects. He left it there, in the right of the table on which he placed the extracted objects. He did not eliminate it in some form and absolutely no one climbed on stage to take it or move it from that place. But at the end of the show was gone. And the magician has left the scene, ignoring the existence of any trunk.

Here's what I mean: you see something like a large wooden chest, you see, feel and know for sure it is there, right in your face. But in the next moment is not. The truth is in front of your eyes, but it is not the truth that you know or expect it. But is the truth that someone forced you to perceive it, and which you want or do not want you to have to accept it.

A magician designs and builds excellent scenarios of magic. Everything is prepared meticulously in his show until the last details, from installation until achieving effects. You never know if what is doing a magician it is true or not, if it is an illusion or reality itself. It may be true what he says and what he does, but you do not know it.

For a magician, magic is like a game, a warning. You cannot distinguish reality from illusion because he does not want you to know the truth. You should not find anything unusual in all this, but to look messed to the place he shows you, as finally be completely surprised.

How do you add more value to your leadership?

To give value to your leadership you have to catch the others, to lead them out of the normal, to conquer them, to charm them in the true sense of the word. For this you have to use the same method that uses an accomplished magician in his magic show.

The people you lead and that follows your “play” with a big attention must remain dumb with amazement and wonder: “Wow, how did you do that?” And also, must remain mute of admiration and wonder in front of your performance: “Bravo! Excellent! Congratulations!” But to win “the show” your need to create that magical perfect atmosphere, to guarantee your 100% of success.

Leadership is a seemingly magical process that installs automatically, without people realizing it: "Hocus Pocus". Just when people are not waiting, exactly when they are not expecting, then the magic appears. And a quality leadership means to achieve the point where you can change people's beliefs and emotions and to drive them without them realizing what really happens.

Yes, leadership is a process of manipulation, with magical powers. But it is a process in which people notifies your true talent only at the end of “the show” when they realize the miracle that happened. It is a process where you as a leader must make things work when people do not expect them to go for good, to capture them with ideas, proposals and especially with your ingenious handling.

Leadership: Have you reached the level where you constantly live within your means of magic?

Why would it be important that the magician-leader acknowledges the condition of his leadership’s existence through magic and methods of manipulation? When such a man will reach the consciousness of a higher dimension of being, so a more mature understanding of his creation – “the magic”, gaining full confidence in his art, those around him will came to be puppets. Leadership, dilated by a very special exegesis, risks being turned upside down by the fake, by a less natural logic, above people’s understanding.

The essence of leadership could be achieved if we accept the reasonable conception according to which true impulse should be accepted unconditionally. But so, in his work, the magician-leader will spoil leadership of his current and unanimously accepted meaning, so liberally spreading a new meaning, which broadens only the truths within his own universe of meaning.

The ideal of being another “sun”, always carrying in your bag an illusion that will make others a safe target, as well as other brilliant changes of parameters, in order to create a dramatic spectacle, will remove little by little the leader in its way. He will become someone else, in one form or another, ready to find fulfillment in routine – constantly living within his means of magic.

Seeking various attempts to explain the meaning of leadership in the practices of great magician-leaders of our time, but also in their effect, the idea of man’s and life’s meaning can be born. As someone stated, brilliant minds are just an expression, a representative of humanity.

So, without criticizing an authority assuming full responsibility from the very first jump for the satisfaction and performance of dividing illusions that it governs, rightly earning an undeniable glory, we must try however to make a step forward, towards performance, and admire the idea of “secret”, that can make the science of management compelling and challenging.

Conclusion: When a leader without creating illusions, find methods, ways and means quite surprisingly to achieve the common goal, opens a new perspective and makes things work for the good of all, then he can be compared to a genuine magician, whose magic formula is simple: "Hocus Pocus".


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