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Mysterious doctor
On June 24, 2011, in Leadership magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Improve your connections with other people, by entering in their spiritual space and orienting their emotions in a favorable direction.

Only one doctor could do something for the poor child, but a skilled doctor and fond of science that only cure for the sake of curing. Jacques Mérey because it was his name, looked with sadness that human being completely devoid of intelligence and qualities, curled up in her, coiled on the perished mattress. His heart trembled. A deep sense of compassion and mercy crossed his body, as he never faced such a case. The little girl just turned seven years, but she was worthless because she suffered from mental retardation (her mental capacities were very low).

But the discerning eye of Jacques and his formidable intuition combined with his long experience, immediately realized a crucial detail: the girl's hand, careless and soft that you had thought it is without joints, nursed the dog of the family that adopted her. It seemed that these two inferior beings understand each other, it seemed that among them there is a mysterious force that attracts them. Starting from this gesture of sympathy which she showed to pet, Jacques prepared immediately a treatment plan.

Bound to triumph

Receiving her adoptive parents' consent, Jacques took the little girl, and the dog, too - that was the only living connection with her, at his home. He hoped that his performance in science will help Eve to regain his senses and intelligence. Basically, he had to penetrate deep in that inferno named imbecility, to seek a hidden intelligence and to bring against her apparent destiny, in daylight.

The poor girl was doomed to a life of struggle and a dramatic end. Even so, remember that someone had dared to confront and change the so-called fate. If you read "Le docteur mystérieux" by Alexandre Dumas, then you probably know that Jacques's confidence in science has made a miracle.

More than four years, he struggles with this deep darkness that it was in little Eva. A continuous treatment, a supervision of each moment, a firm will. Using his science and all "opportunities" of nature, he finally succeeds to heal her completely. *

Leadership: Accommodate with people's emotions and help them overcome their limits !

Understanding at the individual's emotional level is essential in leadership. The ability of the leader to recognize people's emotions and to make them increasingly more active is the most important tool for success in his kit of qualities. A good leader does often that doctors do when they find themselves facing an illness they have not met and which they cannot explain to themselves: trying to get into the minds and hearts of the people.

What was that essential detail that Dr. Jacques Mérey has noticed, and which made it possible to find a recovery path for the girl? Undoubtedly, that living connection between her and the dog. And dog's stubbornness to stay beside her it was a positive sign because it was clear that they attached to each other. And this could only mean that Eve still had a dose of "living" in her, so that she was not completely devoid of senses. And for her recovery, Jacques had just to develop her subtle senses and make them increasingly more active.

Leadership: How deeply can you penetrate the depths of the human being?

To influence people you should perceive very well their emotions and feelings and then to accommodate with them. You have to untangle their feelings and help them overcome the barriers imposed by their own limits.

Just as X-ray gives doctors the power to see through the skin internal bone structures of the body - just the same, you have to penetrate deeper into the human soul, from where it starts all his happiness or unhappiness, being able to comprehend his emotional structure and to find the most effective combination of changing perceptions and to improve his existence.

If you fail to enter the area of human soul, if you do not reach to be in perfect balance with what they feel, if you do not discover the full range of their feelings, from tenderness to indifference, from sympathy to antipathy, from joy to sadness, then you will not be able to guide their emotions in a positive direction for them. Moreover, you could not improve your relationship with them.

Conclusion: If you want to have a great influence on people around you then you must learn to penetrate deeper into their soul, to understand their feelings, their source of happiness or unhappiness, and especially to guide their actions in a positive way. But, for this it is necessary to improve your relationship with them and, not infrequently, like a mysterious doctor, to apply a targeted "therapy", individual or in group. 


* Note - Alexandre Dumas - Mysterious doctor, Cartea Romaneasca Publishing, 1973.


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