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Lucidity and the depth of reasoning

On March 04, 2011, in Qualities of a leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Direct your leadership to virtue by showing you more concerned about the unseen side of human personality.

I mentioned in “Greatness of soul” that for a leader to enjoy the prestige and persistent appreciation of the people, he must have a big heart and involve himself with all his dedication and competence in meeting their expectations. But there is also a gray part in this situation.

The most important part of leadership it requires to know the people you lead, but especially to figure out the differences between them and their qualities. As a leader, you must own that power to capture the essential part of the people, their true natures, their characters – which is the column supporting the actions, ideas, skills and initiatives that they have. In this regard, the mind should serve to elucidate their true intentions and feelings, namely their true ability to adapt to your leadership.

Judging with great carefulness, wisdom and maturity all issues of concern to those around you in the light of your own values and perceptions about what is good and right, comparing their interests, aspirations, preferences and desires with your own principles and ideas, you will manage to achieve outstanding performances.

Knowing how to see with your mind's eye

Some time ago, I read an interesting thing about the romanian painter, Nicolae Grigorescu. Someone asked him how should be painted a portrait, and he answered first:

Before beginning a portrait, look carefully, especially at the hands of the model. There are hands that don't resemble the figure. You can't do anything about it. There are hands who think, good, loving hands, which seem to caress the things they touch, but there are also wicked hands, which discontentedly perceive the world. I have seen very sad hands at an actor who only played comic roles. His hands couldn't lie… Everything has a more expressive side of it – the mystery of life lies within.

The leader has a hierarchy of values determined by a careful and objective thinking, which often constitutes one of his greatest strengths. To have a receptive mind, to know how to grasp the truth and to see the essence of the people, the way they think, whether they are or aren't affectionate and cooperative, trustworthy, and whether they agree with what you say and with your principles – this is what you need to give continuity to your leadership.

Give more depth to your reasoning in order to recognize the good people and cast off the wicked ones. Just as everything has a hidden side - so everyone has an unseen side – and there lies the mystery of their characters that you must discover, and then decide whether to accept it or not in your soul.

Prepare your mind and soul to work together

I think that revealing for understanding the issues that I want to emphasize here is the story of Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare. You remember, of course that noble of Athens named Timon, whose generosity was unlimited. His endless wealth didn't even get to fill the coffers well, and he poured it much faster, giving it to all sorts of people, regardless of their status. His house was open to all sorts of people, and because of his open and wasteful nature, all hangers-on turned profit from him.

Finally, the reward was equal to the favors he granted. As he didn't foresee his misadventures and didn't avoid them because he didn't take heed to the warnings he received from his honest servant, Flavius, because he wasn't a wise man, who evaluated the facts because he didn't have an inquiring mind to capture the features of those around him, Timon wasted all his wealth, reached a desperate state, and people became indifferent to him.

I think the moral of the story is the following: the road from Paradise to Hell is paved with good intentions, but also with darkened minds. If you want your leadership to last in time, you must penetrate in people's minds and feelings and resist any temptations, pressures and influences on their part.

Lucidity and the depth of reasoning are qualities that give an added value to your leadership. To know how to see with your mind's eye, not only with your heart and soul, to seize the truth, the objective reality, to know how to see beyond appearances, to manage to decipher the mysteries of other's people character – all of them are the result of a very subtle and deep observation that you need to do.

A leader who obeys his heart, acting in the interest of others, on behalf of their feelings, thoughts and wishes, is covered with glory and full of praise. Consequently, being proud of himself, he will continue to show himself amiable to everyone. But there's also the reverse. Whoever proves to be excessively amiable to people's needs and does not hinder the urge to befriend them, will be perceived as a weak man. Proving to be too generous, he will become a victim.

Your leadership must denote a deep and healthy judgment. Be a profound observer of the human soul, identify people's moral qualities and see if they match your nature and principles.

Conclusion: As a leader, you must have an objective thinking and show as much lucidity in evaluating people, both professionally, as well as in terms of their personality, aspirations, and especially it is useful to know the negative and hidden aspects of their nature.

These "hidden flaws" unknown or tolerated, will crumble, especially in critical situations, everything you built together with the rest of your work fellows, turning success into failure. Just as the story goes that you must choose the wheat from the cockle - so you, as a leader, must select your work fellows… by removing the “cockle”.


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