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The supreme guiding of leadership
On June 21, 2011, in Leadership magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Give a mobilizing impetus to people, by expressing those feelings that correspond with your values and horizons.

On March 16, Akihito, the Emperor of Japan, in a televised speech described as "unprecedented". Reuters said he was extremely concerned by the nuclear crisis and urged people to help each other.

With a very sober mime, Akihito, aged 77 years, said that the problems at the Fukushima's plant nuclear reactors have been impossible to predict.

"I hope from the bottom of my heart that, hand in hand, people will treat each other with compassion and will overcome these difficult times !" said the Emperor of Japan, who urged his fellow citizens not to lose hope. Akihito also said that he prays that every victim of the earthquake and tsunami could be saved." *

Leadership: The success that you have as a leader can be attributed only to your true mission?

Someone once said: "I care what you think, but I care even more to believe in something and to organize your plans according to that thing."

The Emperor Akihito put all his trust in his fellow citizens. They must believe in him more than ever, and to organize their plans and actions in response to his message. The unit was paramount priority at that time, on it depended the success of the whole process of rebuilding the country.

Just as scientists love science for the good part resulting from it and its practical applications for the benefit of humanity - so people will support you in your efforts for your character, for your morality, for your good side, for your decisions you make in their benefit and for their support. The message you send it is crucial to strengthen co-operation. You must communicate a feeling, an emotion, an idea that can be understood and accepted by others with complacency, with enthusiasm and faith, leading them to engage in an effective partnership and to align at the priorities that are really necessary.

At a time when the concern weighs on the whole nation, Akihito, Emperor of Japan, convinced the citizens not to lose hope.

Even if you have doubts about success, you must always strive to find a "foothold" from which to cling and to argue it with interest in your efforts if you want people to be with you. Your mission as a leader is to your guide and to exploit your capabilities to the benefit of those around you. Give a mobilizing impetus to people by expressing those feelings that correspond with your values and horizons.

Leadership: Are you always ready to race a hundred meters to the heart of others?

Imagine a runner being at the starting-block. He is ready for the sound of the gun, concentrated at maximum to the finish line located at one hundred meters away. He knows that only the top finishers are awarded. He knows that if he will lose a millisecond, will return home without medal. There should be no thoughts of doubt and to spurt rapidly to the sound of gun.

In leadership things are just the same as at a hundred meters race. You have to orient your thinking, vision and vibration to the "finish line" getting in this way to the hearts of people, without wasting valuable time on doubts and fears. You must be guided by the sense of responsibility, fairness, by calling of your soul to fulfill a common goal.

Supreme guiding of leadership is the faith that you, as a leader, must instill to people, a belief that will help them morally to overcome difficult situations. It is the hope that you plant in people's hearts. But you have to analyze beliefs underlying on their values before instilling them trust and guiding them towards the serious way of their attempt.


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