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Everything Depends On The Leader

I Grew Up And Became A Learned Man

On July 23, 2022
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Leadership That Lasts by Neculai Fantanaru

For a single man, a single pair of eyes says more about himself than the mirror of life can reflect on a whole world.

A long time ago I decided to try my luck at wandering. It meant an irrevocable abandonment of everything that means quality of life, a kind of spiritual establishment in eternity, passing through what the ephemera of the human condition calls “damnation”. No, I won’t lie about the way I understood to live, with undervalued self-esteem, excited only by the idea of freedom, landscape, nature, as if entering completely into the fascinating world of the story of a painter who traded fame for a simpler, country-side living.

Everything was so unknown, unseen, against the background of an intensely flowing narrative, full of fascinating symbolization. And I did well because on the whole difficult road, traveled only with eyes towards the sun and the stars, in the most honest way to keep myself alive, I was quite prudent. Thus, I ended up completing that part of the story that kept me constantly captive, this deep and unfathomable work interpreted only by an artist of the transient world who placed his art on the axis of truth and the sublime, starting from scratch.

A single landmark was my guide and resistance factor: Incorisedah , the appearance of a vision beyond my control. This is where the wind took me, this is the place where you, wandering like an angel of light, tried your fate according to the degree of exigency towards the idea of the particular, associated with the notion of a “moving portrait” (from a large art gallery) which it begins by changing its features unpredictably, and ends by not resembling anything. Passing through several stages of prominence and obscurity, I came to connect with that vibrant angel light, the light bringer that is within myself.

Leadership: Have you decided to open yourself to the experience of a much more comprehensive reality than you think is currently possible, and return to a level of consciousness that could be the catalyst for the great change called “Ascension”?

My soul remained intact, undisturbed, despite all the hardships. Art, with its universal masterpieces, has preserved its syncretic character, without severing its ties with the totality of life’s conditions. And only my openness to a plain-air way of working raised me for the eternity of time. As this conviction strengthened, that accompanying presence of the Guardian Angel became more and more intense, who, stable and cost-effective, hid the divine glory of his presence in a colorful easel through which emotions can be transmitted (by combining multiples modles).

That is how it was meant to be. The abandonment of everything that was always present, but shrouded in illusion and disillusionment, the development of a clear vision of distance and closeness, the power to empathetically involve myself in the ideals of art, unattainable ideals that give meaning and beauty to existence, all of these made me worthy to look at that angelic light that is hidden in the heavens, and that only those with pure soul eyes can look at.

The revelation of something extraordinary seemed to await its mysterious destiny. Art, interpreting this deep and unfathomable work destined for deification, being the only guide that begged my mind to expand its horizons, revealed my qualities of a leader: resistance to the whims of the time and the authenticity of subjective feeling. The artist raised his eyes to the sky and, aware of the spark of the spirit shackled willingly in the extra fine matter of brightness, sighed from the bottom of his heart, saying: “My God does not overlook the humbled and reverent heart.”

Leadership: Do you choose to explore your self using images to tell a sequential narrative, rather than anchoring yourself in the reality of a history always retold by others?

Several images flooded my mind, but I could control them: the image of an ideal nature, the image of a utopia that I would like to make real, and the image of an open book, a symbol of the process of assimilating the values of spiritual culture.

Someone said that if all the people in the paintings look like vagabonds, while being illuminated by a weak light, then it is a work of Rembrandt. In the same line of sight, the dimensions of reality in which I had to frame my artistic compositions were replaced by the image of a future dreamed by a man full of grace, uplifting through advanced views, who in a realistic world uses images to relate a sequential narrative. In another scenario, the same man uses illusions to take control of a new, cloudier, but more vigorous consciousness, like a fresh source of energy.

Whereas this point of view expressed in terms of “internal and external connection”, improving the potential impact of the content of ideas and feelings on the scale of a reality more comprehensive than the usual one, is representative of the vision of John Fowles from the well-known novel “Daniel Martin”:

“I defend my Self”, this is how I should modify the famous expression of a novel character. A little bit of myself, and sometimes a little more, will be found in all the essays that I submit to you for reading today. I don’t understand giving up any part of me. Everything in this book represents me. When the shards in the mirror render, for a single man, several pairs of eyes, ears and lips, reality is just beginning to become more interesting.”

For my part, I managed to maintain the same openness of my eyes in the adventure of a life that never for a moment exhausted its mysteries. Beyond any tests of life, as a reception of art in the situation of rethinking reality, I trusted more in the easel, this grandiose wooden support on which the painter fixes his canvas, than in the reality of a history always retold by others. And I came to one conclusion: for a single man, a single pair of eyes says more about himself than the mirror of life can reflect about the whole world.

Ascension in leadership is given by the following axiom: the only guide that begs your mind to expand its horizons is resistance to the vagaries of time, followed by the authenticity of subjective feeling.

Such a subjective feeling is the faculty of the soul to overcome its condition of momentary fulfillment, in order to be able to reach the “stars”.

I Grew Up And Became A Learned Man, because I placed my soul in a book that you don’t want to close. This book will be the portal to imagination for some, and for others it will be the mirror of an exemplary life. Some will be victims of an illusion, which will let them believe that they have elaborated themselves what was imposed on them from the outside.
On the first page, at the top, is the inscription Exprisedah-Edyam, which means, “God set everything in motion for the benefit of His work.”


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