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A Bird Whose Powder Down Is Lost At A Distance

On October 06, 2013, in Leadership XXL-Pack, by Neculai Fantanaru

Short-circuit the entity that defines man, in order to bring to light its hidden tendencies.

His whole look shows a completely calm character, not apathetic, but composed. A man whose attitude doesn’t reflex his inner reality, the lack of contraries, or any discrepant note in the harmony of the elements that define him. The murderer, known as Buffalo Bill, no longer feels the torment of the things he had committed, which made him become a monster of persuasion, and of invasion into the inner sphere of the beings that surround him, he does not feel the pain, the fear or the waste, the only symptom he feels is the inability to develop a new personality ideal, an untouchable one.

Only a multiplication of the mobilizing force in well-determined circumstances, produced by some pulleys with an unacceptable moral weight, could have disturbed this compact thinking system. Only the unshaken temptations of the senses that generate adrenaline could have determined the nervous sensibility, a force you have to fight against. Only the intermolecular clashes from the constituents of the rough material out of which it is made, according to a fixed chemical equation, he could have brought to light his hidden tendencies.

He would have thought he’s living in harmony with himself, never living his values, without asking for anything from anyone, working as he pleases, and that in this world, nobody and nothing can alter his course. But something trembles in him, maybe an unnoticed thought dissimulated behind skepticism. From his voice something strange tears away, an unsettling feeling. The moral pulley systems trigger the alarm.

Leadership: Do you use your predisposition to judge others in a constructive way, depending on how they form a conviction built up in a very high degree of certainty about overcoming a worrying reality?

The suspicious mind reaches a moment of desperation, by getting the coordinates of a circle whose diameter varies according to the intensity of the thoughts and intentions. Its voice has a powerful tremble, like a somewhat electrified body. As if in the most delicate parts that define its superiority, in the most solicited components of its functional system, a mysterious rejection force with very high values would have been created. Fear suddenly envelops him. Something disturbs the smile on his face, the tone of his voice precipitates, it is the very high certainty that he was already being looked at by the FBI, and he can no longer overcome this troubling reality.

Just now, when the elementary creations of man make their presence felt by taking maximum values when the psychical pressure regulator station breaks down, barely when the delicate particles of his breath transmit the most powerful fear, barely now the instinctive sensors of agent Clarice Starling detect the evil, the hidden part in himself. She feels that he’s uncomfortable, that his personality is hindered. He hides the truth as well as he can. Yes, he is the murderer, he is Buffalo Bill ! The circuit of a lamp is interrupted and another one powers itself with energy.

The identity of this calm character,but brilliant, is unmasked. For a brief moment, the eagle becomes a speechless turtle dove. The powder down of a bird with no colors is lost at a distance and you shouldn't waste your energy to gather it. It falls by himself when there’s a maximum tension of the support cable, when there’s a confrontation with your own Ego because of a failed attempt to free yourself from the burdensome past. From the truth that it contains hidden behind a fake identity, some fabulously crafted masks.

Leadership: Does the way in which you deal with what happens in your life have the consequence of finding a way of measuring the intensity of the moment that has prompted you to make a decision about the likelihood of an image that dissolves during its examination?

Take a circular look at the inner universe of the man next to you. Surely you are an artist if you can perceive or produce the succession of useful emotions and thoughts for growing his own functionality. The main supportive field that he uses to change his Ego, subjected to a constraint that he cannot resist otherwise, is given by the image he wants before you, but which is not necessarily the correct representation of a consciousness that has lucidly assumed its destiny.

An image you make about someone during their examination is an exceptional snapshot that excites your admiration or anxiety, perfectly capturing an emotion, a thought, a situation of the quest for discovering a reality you have never experienced before. This image highlights the result of an advanced search generated by the desire to find "something else" than what you know about a person struggling with a certain type of addiction, considering themselves as being something other than they claim to be.

But this image is shattered immediately if it does not have a transparent area that allows you to visualize the level of inner vibration: self-reconciliation, hope, subduing, or despair, regret, resignation, etc. The image of man is felt in the form of a specific sensation (of joy or anxiety) that results in a less desirable truth.

Leadership: Does the way in which you sketch the profile of certain people have as a consequence your state from the moment immediately following a comparison of what you think you know and what you omit to take into consideration?

Often, leadership "matches" end with the victory of one of the sides, rarely with a tie, when the best player scores a few extra points. We are talking about this particular situation when you want to figure out a few of the defining traits of man and by identifying yourself with them, to understand their way of functioning without internalizing one quality or the other.

But more new problems appear when you try to open the locked door of the mind of man, whose key is research, the use of the perceptions, ideas, intuition and applied knowledge assembly. Each of these has to be able to withstand a new set of well-determined "qualification" requirements in the extended race towards influence, towards exerting and maintaining permanent control.

But as on the market there are a series of products destined to meet one and the same use, thus eliminating the chance to create a precise pattern of the non-consumers, so does coming up with a strategy to penetrate in the deepest and most comprising sphere of man, subject to transformation, subject to the implacable force of his own Ego, eliminate the chance to create a correct and tight report that accepts the parameters for an examination.

Often the comparison between what you know about someone and what you omit to take into consideration has as a starting point the merger between two types of personalities. One enriched by a carefully worked and even overvalued image (but acting only on the basis of pure consciousness), and one characterized by a distorted self-image, marked by a sense of shaky and persistent instability (acting based on momentary impulses).

A man you DO NOT know is a man you think you know from the height of self-appreciation manifested in moderation, or from the height of an image that is supposed to be important and positive.

Sometimes in leadership you have to act according to the principle "batteries lose their ignition power at low temperatures." Only by creating a perfect break that affects more protection factors inside man, causing emotions, fears and anxiety only from his part, thus, touching his mobilizing force in strictly determined conditions, using as much as possible guides that take him out of his comfort zone, only so will you be able to shape a new perspective of his own Ego.

Seldom, in extreme situations the safest way that leaders retort to in order to bring to light the dark and true side of man is to distort compact thought system thereof. A deeper distortion of the functional structures of man creates a secondary reaction that, in turn, detaches the true and fake of personality.

This distortion has to move the inner energy, to create a deficit in thinking, to shake all perceptions and senses, putting the nerves under more pressure. And man, subject to subtle and self-restrained bombings, more at an emotional level, will reveal in the end his true identity – if it’s not guided by a stable and honest self.

The problem in this case is connected to the option for a "leap" over the apparent truth, but it only applies, works and is effective if the man has a bit of conscience able to intervene in any circumstances.

Forming a belief is accomplished by the meaning you have chosen to fit a life experience that starts with the intensity of the emotion someone conveys to you in a particular circumstance and ends with the act of will that gives birth to a personality different from an authentic one.

A Bird Whose Powder Down Is Lost At A Distance points out that tendency of losing self-control in a man with a double personality. It brings to our attention that ability to discover the truth behind the mask that covers, sometimes almost perfectly the character, the thoughts, the intentions and the actions of a person.

The mask, a deceitful appearance, can be destroyed if you know how to discover and to act upon everything that man hides more or less intentionally in himself.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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