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A Challenging Journey In The Inner World Of A Mechanical Being (II)

On May 07, 2013, in Leadership Q2-Sensitive, by Neculai Fantanaru

Connect yourself to the reference milestone of your authenticity, reforming the effort to understand the incomprehensible meanings of existence applied in the context of new renewal tendencies.

Without knowing it, Hobbs transforms in something that shouldn’t be, into an unknown obtained by a multitude of possible combinations, with no suitable one, that the heart and feelings accept only temporary, similar to a test. Will he last or not? The inner voices whistle and buzz, waging a war against that thirst to pick everything, to leave nothing behind. Thoughts get crowded, shove themselves hungrily, making their way towards true freedom, towards the great attraction, stimulating adrenaline. Extreme audacity, craziness, momentarily exaltation, over-valorization of sweet-evanescent pleasure.

The diamonds are right under his eyes, their brilliance is the eternity of a dream come true, he just has to gather them in one place and make them disappear from the bank’s vault. The echo of integrity won’t answer to him, because it’s not alive anymore. Further, Hobbs gives in to the instinct which pants through his fingers. Make it disappear, make everything disappear ! the trumpeter voice of his Ego, his deepest criminal will be heard, he will realize how lethal the situation is.

A thief is not a true artist unless he shows his talent to think beyond the limits imposed by the requirements of the present moment. Tormented by the recurring conflicts fueled by exaggerated pride, but altogether taken over by a pleasant sensation, by a fantastic stimulus with the intensity of that maximum energy state, with the unlimited euphoria fueled by his shattered physic, Hobbs throws himself with more persistently in the heat of the decisive moment of destiny.

This way the world beyond maps, the world of hidden treasures, the other world that only Hauff or Kafka could have described so vividly and at the same time eerie, overcomes in its essence the layer of reality and of its acceptability.

The authenticity of an artist lies in the acquisition of the ability to think above what he feels at a turning point, experiencing the experience of a work of art depending on what is dictated to him by the destiny of an adventure of interiority.

During physical effort, unsuspected for an old man like Hobbs, heat production increases for a short period of time at a muscular level, all energies are harmonized, the body blossoms, becomes more active. And if compensatory reactions wouldn’t intervene in order to bring back to normal those vital functions, given by feelings of deep hatred, anger and rebellion, surely such sudden blood pressure pulsations would have put his life in danger.

No voice rises higher, no breath can be perceived as being stronger and all triggering energies are quickly depleted when the spiritual mechanism is unplugged from the maximum alert level. Yet, by dualizing his characteristic reason and feeling, Hobbs keeps being quite receptive to the pressure exerted by reality, by those dominant influences: "to be" and "not to be".

Only this way the unknown land his steps on first becomes his country. Only thus, robbery becomes simpler than ever, turning itself in a true victory – of an able doer, who will forever remain unknown.

Leadership: Do you check your ability to look beyond the significance of a revelatory and enlivening reward, responding to the requests of your representative probity fund?

Hobbs does not check his ability to look beyond the significance of a revelatory and enlivening reward, beyond the madness of a courage that heals any wound, but rather a single impulse of cold thinking: to admit no deviation from the thirst of justice left active in his consciousness and soul.

The stimulus that processes thoughts and emotions is present in your reality as long as you focus on existential attempts. This stimulus weighs as much as a rock that never moves even in the most terrible storm, gaining control over some important dimensions in your life, but especially over the dimension of the personality you’re willing to show to the world.

There is also the possibility that, like a fervent seeker of some new meanings to get through life, you will end up being a simple collector of exciting experiences, but hollow inside, unable to recognize yourself and to look beyond the walls of your own lost mind.

This syndrome of "a tunnel which expands forever" forms through the thin cloud of prejudice, a self-suspension until the verdict is reached. In leadership it’s called self-marginalization. The verdict is a resounding affirmation of your commitment towards the authority of your power to be a moral being for a long time. Which means making permanent changes, do something you haven’t done before, even in times of storm.

To recognize in yourself a winner who knows how to impose his victory is to see beyond the revenge of his own “justice” that gives meaning to life.

The verdict itself, clarifying your compatibility state with the format of the life that adds an additional functionality to the inner development option, is nothing else than an "emission" of the style to make updates to one’s of description. Or better said, of the style to make one’s imperfections a real measure o joys or disappointments that you live.

One of the most important resources of leadership which allows a certain distance and a certain power from the "referential milestone" of authenticity is the ability to look beyond meaning. Beyond the meaning given to your engagement in a strange existential chess game with black and white fields, where your most important pieces are replaced by the echo of integrity – this whole that has included inside you an endless chain of valor successions, but also conscience dramas.

Meaning is a proof of your attempt to stop from whatever hinders you from experiencing inner peace, and in order to change the meaning you must invert "minus" and "plus". That means to redefine your whole reality, especially the relationship with yourself. Authenticity means to accumulate random experiences, revealing in countless occasions the preferences for their particularities.

Leadership doesn’t appear here as an adaptation process to those conscious states and moods for action – altered by the most important events that can yet have a positive finality if you don’t become their prisoner. Let’s not forget rocks, the more they reach towards the sky, the more they move and the easier they collapse.

A leadership looking at the meaning of life is the destiny of a meeting with the impulse to fight all your mistakes in a world that does not ask of you a certificate of the ability of being better.

A Challenging Journey In The Inner World Of A Mechanical Being highlights the path towards those unknown existential landmarks, which man negotiates with himself, cut out for the mind and soul’s own shape which can control his actions.

The Romanian writer, Adrian Schiop, advised at a certain point: "Escape confusion and set some valor and event-related landmarks". You prove in vain to be a mostly practical and imaginative spirit, if in the negotiation process with yourself you don’t keep into account the limit of feelings awakened by certain experiences, as well as the limit of your resistance to bear adjustments throughout your personal development. These limits could be correlated with maintaining a balance between creating a new profile and distributing adaptation resources for everything that happens to you.

* Note: Flawless (2007)


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