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A Challenging Journey In The Inner World Of A Mechanical Being (I)

On May 07, 2013, in Leadership Q2-Sensitive, by Neculai Fantanaru

Identify the particular configuration of a man imprisoned in his own thoughts so that his perception about his real identity doesn’t distort them.

Two eyes sparkle impatiently, while the noble feeling of responsibility for one’s own being is unleashed with a powerful force. In Mister Hobbs everything echoes empty. The electron pair of the covalent connection which gravitates around his stability and steadiness is divided between the two nuclei: the reason, which triggers within him the specific mechanics of a full self-knowledge and the feelings which coexist, without being touched.

Because yes, Mister Hobbs has entered the great hall, so well secured, where the diamonds were. He takes a mechanical look at the jewels around. Without even thinking too much, following the spirit of revenge, without being taken over by the fascination of treasure hunters, he listens to his call, his long awaited purpose.

Behind everything that motivates him, keeping him prisoner of a blind selfishness, in a cage of individual decadency, of temporary dementia, all his fleeting thoughts are crowded in the impatience to receive their reward. Only them, the overloaded and overstimulated thoughts, only them set the difference between "what"and "how", between standing and moving, between returning to the past and relating to the present that seizes its own past.

Less fascinated by the extravaganza of these lights and sparkles, but especially by the sensation of being totally victorious, Hobbs was left only with taking, with hatred, each and every diamond. The hand that he mechanically pushes forward grabs with determination each diamond, from the smallest to the biggest, as if they didn’t belong to him, but to that secret constancy of being, that strong and bold force that raises against his clean conscience.

Leadership: Do you let yourself driven in the direction of a call initiated in the depth of an existence subordinated to reason or feelings, by the fact that you can not control your reactions and responses to life's challenges?

Does everything that motivates you, keep you prisoner in a blind selfishness, in a cage of individual decadency? Can you assert yourself in front of that mystifying force that rises against your clean conscience?

The significance of leadership expands across the strict area of profession, repositioning itself in the strict area of the individual’s pattern "attrition", in the sphere of his real identity. Ultimately, it imposes itself to be interpreted through an analysis of the invisible side of personality which manifests itself through an unforeseen behavior.

The importance of the leader’s evolution, from the varied aspects when he shows his personality model, namely his character, finds its most significant expression in every detail, in certain behaviors, or in mental or emotional affections.

When the noble feeling of responsibility, which you entrust your whole being to, is unleashed with such a huge force, that focused thinking perishes instantly, even though it is necessary for the personality to form and operate at the highest standards. You have the feeling that your mind turns into stone, and it actually runs crazy, slipping on a slippery slope – of hypocrisy, of double life, of multiple personalities, of dementia – finally leading to self-destruction.

In which case, leadership becomes completely immovable and asphyxiated, it slows its developments, it can’t generate positive stimuli, it can’t give man a well-defined shape that would allow him to exert his power appropriately.

Leadership: Does the knowledge of your existence accumulate on the fears and hopes emerged in the thought-forming phase from the period of a maturity constrained to completely change the mental landscape you have projected along a far too idealistic vision?

Being on the losing side means to move towards a destination in which the needs of a troubled existence intertwine with the belief based only on the assessment of a single part of an ensemble of principle and values that distinguish man’s greatness from the demented wandering of the animal trained by that part of human society that is alienated from God.

Mr. Hobbs only knew the most bitter of suffering after his wife’s death, which led him to seek vengeance. Until this ill-fated event occurred, life lay before him as a quiet story of love. It was a total shock. The man who experiences at a mental and emotional level the waves of negative energy, those extreme periodic or discontinuous movements which trigger a true crisis in his own life, sheds away his science, philosophy, from the glittering gown of well-directed thinking, of clean conscience and gentle, mature feeling.

Balzac didn’t say in vain that: "Many people have taken as energy the trust given by illusions." Especially the illusion of being able to do whatever you want, without having to be in sync with the people around, excessively influencing their disapproval towards your way of being. The illusion that you can mechanically rise on top of everything that connects you to the Man within, with an amazing cunning, even with the price of falling into nothingness.

Leadership: Can the highest goals of your science gain a strong shape in the equation of a profound transformation of life that brings with it a denial of the purpose of being?

Leadership means to influence other using the power of examples. But, for example, can a leader enslaved by the feelings coming from an adrenaline excess, entangled in the feeling of complete victory, avidly grip everything that seems valuable no matter the consequences?

Mr. Hobbs has used all his abilities, much beyond his expectations and everyone around him, to rob a bank in as ingenious a way as possible. He did not deny the purpose he suddenly knew he had to fulfill; he felt no remorse. But he was no longer the same man as before, he became a reaction force against the phenomenon called “corruption or injustice”. It is only in a cruel moment of life that man reveals his genius and character.

The ultimate goal of his science was not to rob a bank, but to prove to himself that he is indispensable for the collapse of a rigorous system that coordinates people’s lives.

Decorating his personality with the glowing colors of ignorance and his unquenchable wish, he unknowingly transforms into something that shouldn’t be. Into an unknown obtained by a multitude of possible combinations, with no suitable one, that the heart and feelings accept only temporary, similar to a test. How long will he last to this change that people will obviously easily notice and disapprove of?

But more important than this is his ulterior reaction. Will the leader be courageous enough to stand his delirium?

When the echo of integrity won’t answer to him anymore, when the trumpeter voice of his Ego, of his deepest criminal will be heard, he will realize how fatal the situation in which he placed himself, in the great unity of reality, will the highest goals of his science strongly stand out? Will they be able to shine in such a vibrant color that all people will understand him and nurture themselves with the food of accomplishment?

Leadership is based on the achievement of a maturity that brings with it consistency in the practice of prudence towards the gifts of life and the effort to cultivate a sense of calm before a possible overturning of the situation.

A Challenging Journey In The Inner World Of A Mechanical Being marks that wonderful occasion to plunge in the essence of the leader’s being and to discover his little known potential. At the same time it makes the object of suspicion and fascination towards everything that he truly is when he deviates from the norms and normal, in relation with what is strange and unusual about him.

If you want to understand better the human side of leadership, identify the particular configuration of a man taken prisoner by his own thoughts so that your perception over his real identity will not distort.

* Note: Flawless (2007)


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