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A Close-Up Of A Background Full Of Feeling

On March 29, 2021, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be prepared to give a new meaning to the way you feel, based on an experience that produces lasting changes in the relationship between what contains you and what rejects you.

I’m on my way back home, even though I am still far from the place that always gives me warmth. Fortunately, the rain stopped in time, otherwise I would have been drenched when I got home, which would have foreshadowed an uncomfortable emotional state, a kind of turmoil in the labyrinths of a mind that often doubts the body, finding no impression anywhere.

This is also a meteorological normality, which I would like to ignore as much as possible. It’s like I belong to no-one, in the middle of nowhere, but the important thing is that I always have myself in the middle of my thoughts. To be able to merge with myself, to forget the expectations of others, so that the actuation system of my physical body, in motion, acquires the amplitude of a dynamic pulsating system at the origin of a gnoseological optimism. How sublime my feelings are suggested in order to express a personal point of view !

Or in every step I take, somewhat hurried, pressed, strong, one feels that human trait that allows itself to harmonize with nature and everything around it. But, more than that, one feels that distinction of the man who knows how to be worthy and who imposes his respect through that attitude of creative openness capable of expressing new perspectives of observation on life.

Leadership: Can you render what is inside you through the prism of what is happening outside you, considering an action that makes you want to more intensely experience a moment that no longer passes?

These remarks are enough to make myself understood. You can still feel the wind blowing from the west, it’s getting colder and colder, and my footsteps leave no trace on the wet streets. I don’t think any step is anything higher than the wind you feel penetrating your bones, making you tremble a little, but you sure forget about it as soon as you get somewhere warm.

Behold. I arrived home. Even though the rain offered me new perspectives to look at and understand street art, where peace and darkness constitute a kind of spontaneous realism, of treating the social theme through a colder chromatic, at the same time it provided me with a deep lesson: a state that is temporary may last longer than one that is permanent.

The state that crosses you when you are alone with yourself depends on how you understand your own person in relation to an action that makes you want to more intensely experience the moment when time freezes.

Yes, I believe that there is a kind of depth hidden in my being, which only comes to light around the thoughts I forge for myself through an effective focus on the feelings that led me to where I am.

I am perhaps a man who knew how to detach from the tangle and variety of his current concerns, directly and simply, a feature of hidden depth: the sincerity of being myself, the sincerity of saying exactly what I feel even in the most discreet moments.

Leadership is the sincerity to see myself as I am and to accept myself with all that I mean, remaining the same, in every moment when no one is watching me.

A Close-Up Of A Background Full Of Feeling highlights the understanding that man offers himself when he is alone, without self-suspending himself in a fast-flowing present, but putting all his capacity for reflection in support of the need to better know oneself.

In this way, it is good not to forget the words of the writer Adela Toplean: “There will always be a struggle between what contains you (with your inner drift and all) and what rejects you (the horizon of others’ world).”


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