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A Delightful Gaze In Artistic Plan

On October 01, 2021
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Leadership Expert by Neculai Fantanaru

The gaze from which the vast horizons of art are transparent must be fixed straight ahead, and only afterwards on yourself.

I feel that if I look at the sea long enough, I will begin to understand art more and more. This impression is left to me by the waves of the horizon, alternating with a calm that opens a wide field of memory. And, yes. The sea often speaks to me, knowing that only an artist can measure a masterpiece with his eyes before recognizing it as “a territory difficult to penetrate”.

And if I felt terribly urged to contemplate the vastness of the sea, with its smaller or larger waves, on the immeasurable scale of time, perhaps I would be able to understand the intimate essence of nature. Or the fertile spring from which I feed my thoughts, thanks to the absolute freedom to understand a language of tempting depths, seems enchanted, shaken, moved by the maturity of a work of nature, as quiet as it is stormy, whose blessing passes as a perfect reflex of the whole.

So, let us look at the sea with nobility, but not before we understand its waves, the surface part, and its shells, but especially the deep part of a whole that does not reveal its identity to anyone (as it is in its absolute, at the base representation of infinity in the finite). And if I keep looking at it, trying more imaginatively to probe its depths, it is because I myself am governed by an absolute necessity: to build an art as a whole, both in its real and ideal hypostasis.

Leadership: Can you start the artistic mechanism of self-affirmation in the plane of a unique creation, so that the message you highlight includes the ideal hypostasis of a vast expanse that encompasses the space between the foreground and the horizon?

Perhaps we are more interested in what the gaze involves in expressing the thoughts and feelings that the artist experiences. Therefore, it is not necessary to distinguish in the foreground of a painting the luminous torch of the artist’s personality, but rather we must notice that expression of his momentary feelings, as a reaction to what he saw with admiration.

Let’s say that an artist preaches ideality trying to imitate what has already been created, but he does so by concretely intuiting the context of a whole movement, in an Enlightenment manner, as the addition of spirit that dwells in the essential and internal identity of all things. Just as the romantic hero who knows the price of the umbrella only when he loses it, so the artist begins to imitate the model of nature and its effects only when he is no longer conditioned by the actuality of permanent emotional experience in the triumph of the spirit manifested in the artistic message.

To put it simply. To build art means to determine in the fictional or real universe the position of a work of nature seen as a simple reflection of my identity, as a direct self-affirmation. And if my thoughts had been conditioned by something different from my own depth, then the sea would have been an individual entity that does not have an illusory reality, but a tangible reality: the infinite assertion of self.

On this line of self-affirmation in art, through a movement of the gaze from far to near, I think that the point of view of the German philosopher F.W.J. Schelling has also taken root:

“How many were there that were not touched by the noble impression produced by a beautiful architecture, without being tempted to explore the foundations of the harmony that delighted them ! How many have not been rooted in a poem or a valuable dramatic work and have not been moved by it, enchanted, shaken, without ever trying to understand by what means the artist manages to control the feeling, to purify their soul, to stir up their deep intimacy – without thinking of changing this totally passive pleasure, and thus devoid of nobility, into the far superior delight produced by active contemplation and the reconstruction of the work of art with the intellect and the gaze that carefully steps towards somewhere far away, just to bring closer something surprising ! ”

The expression of self-affirmation in art comes as a confirmation of the delight caused by the feeling of a complete fusion with nature, when what inspires you to creation is that “something” that makes you feel as if you were living in a painting.

A Delightful Gaze In Artistic Plan that makes me feel different, much more fulfilled, as in a painting whose subject is a spread full of the unpredictable, of unique feelings and experiences, is given precisely by the natural and irresistible power of the arbitrary. Everything I see from afar or up close is an expression of my thinking, a synchronous modulation of my own existence, a transformation of my being.

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