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A Different Form Of Leadership

On February 20, 2020, in Basic Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Immerse yourself in the experience of evaluating yourself in accordance with the fulfillment of the Creator condition, so as to express the empirical accuracy of a hyperbola: “I am more vast than the universe”.

Freddie Mercury has found a way to move inward, to build, to be filled with truths: by magic. This mystical and uplifting construction, in the kingdom of perfection where nothing is left to chance, this source of projection of the invisible into reality, is the place where the sacred condition of the genius Creator is received.

We are therefore in front of an artist for whom faith and magic become a puzzle of perspectives, a whole movement through the very symbolic resolution that can be processed by the most alive, energizing, high frequency music, which expresses the good and the beautiful. He would often say, “It’s a kind of magic”, as if he planned who knows what type of meeting with an almighty god who wants to be the absolute criterion of revolutionary art, channeling in the direction of elaborating the concept of “an identity captured in images”.

This concept seems to be perceived as a stand-alone category in favor of an independent Ego, who controls everything.

I think magic is the artistic discourse of an Ego who tirelessly aspires to a certainty of the order of visual consistency, generating a new understanding of the dimension of an artistic personality exposed to strong light in an obscure room. We must also take into account the effect of the evolution of the hazard accompanied by a code called “There can be only one”, as a parameter of a spiritual idea that is constantly updated.

Leadership: Can you formulate in terms of the “High” saying the meaning of an artistic image that transmits a strong emotion, to reveal the spiritualization of an experience of alterity?

Basically, Freddie Mercury authorizes and traverses all the works of magic, witchcraft and enchantment, offers all his breath, all the emotions of his disappearance in the projection of a reality of the miracle of being Himself divine.

Such an exceptional handler of the High saying seems to tell the truth about a terrible secret through the eyes of a well-oriented artistic conscience in discerning objects, conferring another power, forming a smashing whole with his own mirror image in photography, in painting, in words, in the physical aspect, in the magic crystal color game, all included in a very vast astral-etheric plane.

The image of “everything that cannot be touched”, leaves to understanding the dynamic sound of his music. The magic it’s a challenging the doors of time, waiting for the miracle to be rediscovered among the things of a beautifully poetized world, or among the sounds of penetrating and rhythmic music, in the setting of a theater scene that frequently changes its mood. The art of his performance is not ephemeral, like many others, because the art of refined sounds can be added, amplified by electronic means, so an art defined by a symbolic core of sensitive dreaming: “My imagination is a divine sound”.

The artificial part of the artist’s world is made so as to correspond to the need to unite the subject with the object, the phenomenon with the name, consciousness and reality, in a scientific cubism that imposes on the image of the divine nature certain abstract lines of force, handled with dexterity: strong sensations, freedom, power, incendiary atmosphere. Isn’t it incredible?

Through this new perspective, the artist must be presented as an essentially supernatural being, as a Messiah forced to build the “Third Temple of artistic experiences” in which the Ego goes out, but not for all, because it remains a bright and attractive light in the dark. The High saying takes place here through a metaphysical thrill: “My fundamental way of being through a third party of the order of the scenic creation, is the fundamental way of the universe to exist eternally”.

Leadership: Is what you think of yourself the world of new knowledge, as it relates to an artist who says “Here’s what I think” in a setting where art reacts in response to an Alter-Ego?

What we know about a world in the service of art, like a complex concept that can only be defined within a scenic magic, is not the world itself as it is in its relation to reality. Rather, it is the result of its attainment with the subjective composition of a universal archetype of the free spirit, with its dynamic energy, ubiquitous in manifesting the wishes and visions of “mimesis”. In a sense, his feelings and moods are in direct relation to the ability to turn ideas into facts.

Whoever tries to enter the magician’s stage play, in his mind so entangled, probably feeling it as a diamond that cuts your breath, shining through a multitude of reflections, shadows, positions, mirror effects, will automatically integrate in this excerpt from John Fowles’ novel:

“He exhibited traits akin to a wild, really wild animal, always on the lookout, which the slightest attempt to tame it had it on the run. He had created a small territory around himself, surrounded by traps and invisible barriers, within which he advanced or withdrew; he behaved and evolved at will. But I felt that beyond this defense system there is also a region without any restrictions, where, one day, everything will be allowed to me…”

The reality of the artist designated by the mystical word Iasthgurassir(you do not know what is around), proven only by the resemblance to a conception of hyperbolic transcendence, understood as absolute otherness, is so complex that it can only be known through the relation of “white to black”. The magic itself, and so promising in all, can be defined in an art without borders, in front of an “I myself” conceived by personality transfer, through a connection with the Divine Universe at another level, up to the status of Alter-Ego.

The Alter-Ego of an artist is that silent, insignificant image of the power that gives freedom, by which its unique values ​​are neither hidden, nor presented as having the status of pages of recommendations in which anyone can add their opinion.

A Different Form Of Leadership is obtained by integrating the creative act into a mystical image, specific to a painting painted in a surrealist style, in whose foreground one distinguishes that “I myself” idealized by a remarkable persistence at the level of hyperbole: “I am more vast than the universe.”

* Note: Queen - A Kind of Magic


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