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A First Wave That Gradually Withdraws

On March 30, 2014, in Leadership Journal, by Neculai Fantanaru

Extend the available fund of your being, without settling with mastering a narrow corner of the nature of that which is infallible.

The time had come for the absurd to settle with mastering a narrow corner of the nature of that which is infallible, increasing the income of your causative thoughts imaginarily spawned, which did not spring from the void, but rather from the instructive impulses that live gave me. A randomly found message in a bottle, floating on the waters of destiny had transformed abnormally into an indefinitely extended hesitation when facing a crossroads.

For the operation of such a self-agreement, alone in the struggle with suffering or happiness, sometimes in lies and other times in truth, alone between these two resistant coils that represented mutual inductance, it was important that their report, called yield, always remained unified. The ineffable is what I was trying to represent on the background of a reality that crumbled every time I tried to access a new dominant line of the possible future seen from the perspective of understanding life.

Not that there was anything wrong with me, gradually contributing to the formation of a dense core of concentrated energy around a palette of expressive and vibrant hues. Not because I had penetrated into the friendly space of ideas worthy of being widespread, in which access was limited.

But because, same as a creature that extracts energetic and deep accent from its own being, I could finally properly maintain the intimate and creative alliance between spirit and matter. The ardor resulting from the responding reaction to a stimulus of high intensity, the ardor for the novelty that was to offer me food for thought.

Causative, the priority to arbitrate what was happening to me, reconfiguring combinations of state, judgments, thoughts, sounds and vibrations that were in harmony or disharmony within the nature of my own being, was but a first wave that gradually withdrew.

I had to satisfy my native need of emitting judgements on account of misunderstood phenomena, as to understand what life continuously conveyed to me.

Leadership: What qualities dispute their preeminence over the course of your development in order to obtain the victory of rediscovering yourself in a context of exposing fragments of thought generated by a reality that exists only as an assumption?

The fringes of thoughts generated by a reality that exists only as a supposition helps you better understand what is happening inside and out, helps you see things from a new perspective, and discover ideas in unpredictable places, even if you are not completely verisimilar in what you express and in what you transmit.

It’s possible that the representation of your actual reality (time will show it to you) in the direction of the resultant of a system of forces that act upon your point of reference – introspection – claiming those parts of you that make it possible to understand life, to be the bearers of a meaning attributed to experience, which can motivate your convictions and openness to the new.

The quality of highlighting the existence of a certain reality, even if it is trying to force unanimously accepted borders, is like the reflection of a lesson of life: it can help you clarify a confusing situation.

Leadership develops through self-understanding, by acknowledging that reality that helps you flaunt the amalgam of properties seized by life experience, with age, from the struggle with suffering or happiness (whose report must remain unified). Complacency, critical thinking, joy or sorrow, patience of abandonment, understanding, temper, habit, curiosity and so on and so forth.

Therefore, preeminence to arbitrate what happens to you, reconfiguring the combinations of states, judgments and thoughts found in harmony or disharmony within the nature of your own being, is a trait as present as the Ego. And as important as oxygen to the body, same as truth is to the system of thought.

Leadership: Can your IP be suspended through successive Pings at a distance close to the subjective manner of understanding an action or a situation?

Leadership connects only to that IP of man that life, no matter how difficulty or tumultuous, fails to suspend through successive Pings that overwhelm self-consciousness. In this case, the IP is the singular view that you form towards a reality that causes you to discover it with great enthusiasm in the context of trying to understand new aspects of life through the focus of thoughts on the inner universe and from the perspective of your experiences.

Therefore, I conclude that the solid background in leadership can only be provided by the search you experience throughout your existence, materializing itself as rediscovering yourself, by analyzing the states you face on a daily basis. This is harder than pulling gold out of the ground. It is harder than imposing yourself through an internal command. And for this you need to satisfy that native need of emitting judgments on account of misunderstood phenomena, so that you may understand what life continuously tells you.

But the lucid spirit of the man that starts off in the search of a meaning that can only be conquered by the redundancy of certain thoughts, schemes of the imaginary, of more or less mature roles or of vis-à-vis clichés of the type "Who You Are and Who You Choose to Be", is much to stretched out to be able to find place in a single stage of life.

For as in art, aesthetic attitude arises from the ability to create and perceive the beautiful, so too is your approach to accede to a higher level of evolution born from the different and always differing attention that you give to life.

Settling for mastering a narrow corner of the nature of the infallible means to relate your involvement in life to small standards, at times absurd, called normality and natural order of things.

The successive pings that overwhelm your self-awareness are given by attempts to understand yourself in the whole of your life experienced by identifying the thoughts that lead you to the emotion that animates you, which flows over a part of the world that surrounds you.

An Incipient Wave That Gradually Withdraws is the sign of a tendency of internalization conforming to aspects of life that require attention in the present and solicits a new perspective. It emphasizes the necessity of a thorough analysis of the entire background of leadership, without focusing on unimportant elements thereof.

Determining "who you are" and "who you want to be" is as essential in leadership as finding ways of valuing self-potential by extending the beautiful and the truth within you.


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