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A Good Headhunter

On March 17, 2009, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Identify the essence of the psychological realm of the one that evaluates you, by remaining in that space where your abilities are interrelated.

A football club recently organized a selection for the children born between the years 1996-2000. The children were tested by the principal coach, who also was a representative of the Romanian Football Federation. As a principal coach, the trainer put the kids to more difficult tests: slalom with the football ball through the stakes, juggling, dribbling and passing, shots on goal from distance, and finally the team game. Depending on the abilities and talent of each one, the coach decided who can enter or not the football club.

Many children presenting to a preliminary selection are getting excited, like before any examination, and therefore, they can commit some mistakes. On this account, it is so necessary that the coach to use his flair and intuition in order to see what lies behind appearances, to realize the hidden potential of each child.

Moreover, he must know how to place the best players in the positions that suit them best. For example, some children may be better in defense than in attack, others to be better midfielders than full-backs. A good coach will find out which are the abilities of each child, and depending on it will place them in the appropriate positions on the field. The team's success depends largely on the selection that he made among the children, and of their disposal in the team.

Leadership: Are you prepared to experience a profound encounter with yourself from the perspective of an abstract and objective spirit?

By showing off your qualities on the field in front of the coach is like being in front of an invisible being – you have to see what no one else is able to see in him, you have to perceive the unknown, namely to identify the essence of your own psychological realm, the way he judges the things, remaining in that space where your skills are interrelated. You must have the power to manifest the power of your own spirit and to dispel all his doubts about your performance and talent. You have to support your ideals of excellence and to understand his way of thinking, what the most miss to do.

A meeting with yourself is a clear demonstration of the will power and focusing of attention over those aspects of development that lead interactivity to a different level: to have the freedom to express yourself through talent, through the interest in competition, through physical and value indicators, through the reflex of orientation when running and especially through others.

When it comes to a preliminary selection, your performance is very important, but not less important is the way you are directing your focus and energy. You must add a huge meaning to your game without losing sight of the ideal player whom the coach carries in his heart. You can be extremely talented, but if you do not fit in his patterns, then you are lost from the start. He can transform himself into an invisible being for you, ans this means to show off your qualities in vain.

In other words, you have to do in such a way that the coach to be "visible", namely to have him always in your field of vision - and on your turn to be always in his attention. Keep your adequate attitude; do not ever lose hope about those situations where you are most afraid of yourself - when you feel he turns away from you.

After all, all comes down to the coach's ability to discern on you and on your ability to discern on him.

Leadership: How skillful do you prove yourself to be in counting on yourself in an area in which access is restricted?

When it comes to a preliminary selection, the stake is always given on the one who proves more skillfully in handling the ball – accordingly of the qualities that make the players so special, as well as their commitment and perseverance.

For selecting the kids, the coach has to fulfill an essential condition: he must necessarily have practical experience in the field, namely having been a football player in the past. Only a coach, who has solid professional knowledge and sporting abilities, can properly assess the skills and the level of training of the candidates - if they match or not with those required for the respective job in the team. Under no circumstances, the selector of a football team cannot have the profession of a doctor, engineer, architect, economist or physicist.

The responsibility for success or failure of an organization is falling also on the recruiter, who is required to select and train the best people in order to achieve a better result. The process of identification and recruitment of the staff is not very simple, and not everyone is able to do it well. Therefore, the recruiters who have no prior training in the field they are working, which have not gained a sufficient professional experience, will be devoid of the flair in choosing the best candidates.

An area in which access is restricted suggests the undertaking of a position of control that eliminates a priori judgment and confrontation, allowing for the application of standards of "fairness", "common-sense", and "rationality in a context of the type: "The right man in the right place."

Many times I said, and I repeat, a recruiter has to observe which are the abilities that a candidate possesses in order to meet the requirements of the job that he has to fill, what specifically makes him suitable for that job, and this cannot be achieved by studying the CV and the letter of intent, but by checking the personal and professional skills of the person.

When you hire a person, you have to start burrow deeper, to put good questions, to ask for clarification when necessary and to find solutions. Furthermore, like in football, you have to pass the candidate through several practical steps and depending on the way he copes, to place him in the most suitable position.

Leadership is a form of response to the accumulation of experience in exercising the control required by the demonstration of skills sustained through the art of rising in the eyes of others.


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