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A Kind Of Magic (II)

On August 10, 2015, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Make the decision of manifesting your skills at the level of genius, by triggering the artistic phenomenon that amazes by integrating the imaginary into consciousness.

Imminently, I see myself forced to admit a certain degree of autonomy of intellect in every puncturing of the walls between two worlds covered by striking contrasts, overturning of ideas, accumulations of images, at the limit of the human and the divine, collected in the same verse "One shaft of light that shows the way / No mortal man can win this day". A verse that seems to cry out: "But, what is it I’ve done?"

Now begins the indefinite, where only an adventurer of dimensionless space, in an operation of neutralizing identity, can venture in. An unclear verdict is given in the first instance of the consumer of laws undetectable by the methods of empirical science, the tailor that sews with a fearless curiosity on the solid canvas of unreality and transfiguration of a new model of a trophy of uniqueness, acting "the bell that rings inside his mind" which heralds change.

Disturbing, I feel as if I have achieved an unreal perfection, unable to tell myself anything – especially, unable to understand the causes of certain tasks of delivering the imaginary in development. Like one of Jules Verne’s heroes who doesn’t seek a foothold in history and neither among other people, I automatically evade any rational skill. Existing in the world as if I didn’t exist. "A kind of magic."

But in all this automatic perfection – to which sooner rather than later, that reason urges me to, which struggles to know a madness, a different cause in its own right, a story out of the ordinary, anchored in a transcendent reality – there can be only one instance of a model. "There can be only one."

Leadership: Do you double your efforts of turning into a force that can meet the "TRUE" condition of approaching a false identity, so that you can make from the imaginary the power of your revelations?

The decision to exhibit your skill at the level of genius, by triggering the artistic phenomenon that amazes by integrating the imaginary into consciousness, is a premiere, an action consciously chosen from a random number of possibilities with the purpose of reaching a spectacular result. The imaginary is an autonomous and superior reality through the challenges addressed to a certain type of thinking, a structure of symbolic representation accumulating various elements and its own dynamics, a structure of “story vs. answer” alternating between a fictional story and images of a subjective, but fascinating world.

This decision honors leadership that seeks to establish an innovative correspondence between the means of representing a concept and the followed result through its application. Or, rather, between the level of intelligence you show through uniqueness and the results you want to obtain by automatically avoiding any reasoning upheld as valid.

Magic is the cultivation of the feeling of belonging to this world misunderstood by many, but spectacular through the novelty of the field, through the creative tools chosen by an insightful author, through the diversity of the decorative elements, through the diversity of the effects that seem to be miracles.

A force that responds to the “TRUE” condition of false identity is given by the very ability to know and exceed the limits of your vision, taking over control of the situation where there are no alternative options, as when you know who is looking at you without turning your head.

Translated simply, this means to exist as if you wouldn’t exist, and still, to achieve a major change in the course of the world. The perfect art of externalizing your desire staying under the sign of an unreal perfection, stirs even stronger the sensation of inattendu of which the most evolved spirits are haunted by, which involves not only a certain degree of autonomy of intellect, but also a certain degree of ambiguity.

To double your efforts of turning into a force that can meet the "true" condition of approaching a false identity, implies reaching an unreal perfection, integrated into a fictional-scientific step, but without injuring anyone and without challenging reality. The authority that the magician proves can be seen in the situation where he must find the right time to take all kinds of actions, so as not to remain uncovered or to exceed a desire of the type “All my secrets will be woven around a simple stage illusion”.

Any situation where you have to follow the rules imposed by someone else and you have to take into account the constraints of reality ends in failure, like when you look at a 3D photograph without special glasses that focus on the central image. In the field of art and creativity, magic consists in doing the exact opposite of what is logical, of what other people feel, experience and think of, the opposite of what is naturally believed.

Leadership: What role are you willing to assume in an area where not many people excel, by referring to a process of creating images, objects and phenomena that are not perceived by the ordinary mind and eye?

And if you manage to truly understand the causes of certain delivery tasks of the imaginary in development, so basically to not only wear out the imaginative process, but rather use it in forming the competence of scientific knowledge, only then can we truly speak about "magic". It is one thing to have imagination, and a completely different thing to transform imagination into a field of values or into a battlefield.

To get closer to this way of being, not seeking a foothold among others, but only in the process of development and differentiation of science, denotes a certain inclination towards magic, towards the extremes of a rigid interpretation of the relationships between creator and creation, between what you know and what cannot be measured. Therefore, leadership should become rather an umbrella of self-assessment than a command structure, which has a hole in it – with an auto-off function. Be careful how far you let your imagination soar !

This ability of relating to a single valence of clarity and originality is due to the process of anchoring to a different frequency of understanding, to a different system of processing knowledge that establishes the correspondence between science and genius.

Leadership, which is built by taking on the ordinate of the point of functioning a variable of the type "you are not most people", automatically brings a bonus point, a plus of remuneration in your own attitude towards reality, according to the indicator of perfection.

The role that the magician assumes in a direction of limitless challenges is that of a science consumer who knows how to make the connection between art, scientific experiment and mystical experience, through the quality of amplifying his “spell power” with another version of reality.

A Kind Of Magic aims at passing to another level of self-representation, in relation to an unreal perfection, but with scientific expectations. It is also a verdict pronounced in the virtue of those ideals, prejudices or myths that particularize you under the aspect of relating to the beneficial truths of imagination.

Do not stop knowing yourself and under the sign of what I would call "the exile in a story". How would this sound in the perspective of science? Imagine…

* Note: Queen - A Kind of Magic


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