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A Kind Of Magic (III)

On August 12, 2015, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to become the substance of contrast of an individuality full of subtleties, so as to keep the values of the vibratory frequency of the flux of unsuspected energies high.

The unassailable foundation of my authority of doing great things, This flame that burns inside of me, in the game deliberated with fantasy able to procure unusual visions, during experiences of learning and reinvention, solicits the recognition of certain forms of manifestation of the phenomenon called "Exile." It’s a kind of magic to know how to survive an unexpected experience, unleashed as if from a real dream, to be able to embrace the supernatural, to serve it as if you were listening to the orders of a hidden God - Deus absconditus.

What no one is determined to accomplish by every event of the world that generates meanings about God, in the midst of what appears to be chaos, is transformed into an exercise of flexibility, adaptation and sagacity by providing refuge in the face of the unknown and the inexplicable which characterizes an attractive, powerful, pressing, memorable identity.

Secretly, in the deepest silence equivalent to a detachment from everything material, everything that excessively burdens the brain with thoughts ran strikingly fast, I myself existing only in an interminable spinning of the flux of creation, as if that of a carousel, I feel I’m birthing within me a last youth. One thirsty for a new and tender freedom.

Silently, a new world begins to dawn: I build it next to the other one, putting it together from isolated elements to obtain a whole, as an artist who arranges the colored parts of the image by interposing a multitude of notions carriers of associations.

Leadership: Are you capable of creating a credible identity around a culture of fantasy, to bring to light the process of transforming reality into a conception of occult science?

Of course, everything revolves around science, the solid base generator of power signals, not without excluding the eventuality of penetrating into an invariable magnetic field, from which I could perceive only the surface effects and the sensations of vacuity. And yet, something else offered itself as a hypothesis of scientific research after reading the percussive verses: "The waiting seems eternity / The day will dawn of sanity."

An artist such as Freddie Mercury, this inflorescence of the sin of being brilliant, manages to convey magically strange and splendid visions that arise, one after another, gathered in the way the sculptor finds in nature ready-made stones or pieces of wood with human faces, and only has to carve a little to further increase the likeness. "It’s a kind of magic."

Up to what point will I be able to fully support myself under the effect of an expression denoting a fear full of fascination, to immerse myself in the hypnotic darkness of an always active spell? The occult science of an artist full of mystery, full of energy, charismatic and always on the alert, makes a good team with the application of the most demanding knowledge, hardly accessible, in a practice whose foundation is a permanent search for the presence of God in a frame of constraints of the type: “No one can stop me”or “No one can be just like me anyway”.

Always the rebellious genius, the substance of contrast of an individuality full of subtleties, needs a mask in order to express himself freely, by unexpected forces propagated through energetic current in order to find themselves in a stable equilibrium. But not just any energy, but one worthy of honor, an energy springing from the virtue of a synergistic work between reality and appearance, between spirit and world, between rational and irrational. You must be a Freddie Mercury, "One dream, one soul, one prize", in order to keep the values of the vibratory frequency of that flux of unsuspected energies high.

Leadership: Can you obtain the whole of creation by seeking the recognition of certain forms of manifestation of the phenomenon called "Exile"?

Deciding to express yourself freely through the act of creation and identifying with it, meaning to open the prison of a reality limitedly understood, depends on the usefulness of the capacities you appreciate as being your most prized good: playing singular visions, following here the revolutionary implications they have for finding a new identity.

Special thanks are due to the identity which, by accentuating the relationship between science and the unsuspected forces of which only the genius is able to prove by detachment from all that is material, supports leadership through the fact that the individual becomes the product of an interpretative vision that can lead to new and unexpected configurations in promoted concepts.

Leadership can be judged through the way in which man sees things when he starts conceiving them. To exist in an endless spinning of the flux of creation, towards experiencing remarkable knowledge, a process clarified through the intuition of a self-dimension that surpasses that of existence and consciousness, is also the result of a correct interpretation and application of the law: "A whole is obtained by putting together the isolated elements."

Exile is the form of exclusivist practices, one of the tests of fantasy, virtues, courage and speed of mental reaction, which grinds the way you express yourself uniquely by creating a different reality from other people.

Creation is a whole in which you yourself need to integrate in to evolve in the same direction as the flux of elements that need to be harnessed. It succeeds in imposing an interpretation of those phenomena that are still mysterious, stirring excitement and admiration, today when the trend of having a perfect understanding of the notion of "original product" keeps being reinvented and presents importance through the fact that it enters the composition of an attitude of loneliness.

Trying to obtain a whole of creation, by seeking the recognition of certain forms of manifestation of the phenomenon called "Exile", is a fundamental requirement of the activity of producing something new (new possible definitions of scientific concepts).

And this requirement, in the equation of brilliance, is expressed on the basis of the reason that in art there needs to be an integral manifestation of the possibilities of establishing a connection between reality and appearance, between spirit and world, between rational and irrational. Do you have the ability to rethink the contrast between them in the framework of new defensive concepts?

The magic that accompanies a unique experience of leadership concerns the skill of grinding a way to express yourself freely and constructively, in a unique dream moment in which everything seems so real.

A Kind Of Magic suggests that atmosphere of loneliness, specific to brilliance, which brings new elements of meaning to creation whose endless composition is revealed by indirect sight, by playing imaginary visions that impose the clarification of new concepts. The purpose of this special creation is functional only through your dedication in the service of the idea of "magic."

* Note: Queen - A Kind of Magic


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