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A Kind Of Magic (I)

On August 07, 2015, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Find new ways of capturing the authentic sense of superiority, by the power of modeling a vaster inner world.

None of my artistic views, drawn from the celestial heights of space and time, opposed to a deeper existential meaning, could be shared through a direct message. But through magic, under the power of electrical discharges, unpredictable phenomena, impossible to stop, without knowing that I was dependent on their real effect. No mortal could win his greatness through such a way of manifesting a form of knowledge.

Willy-nilly, I arrived at the crossroads of the mind, different in every moment of revelation, which I feared was time to overcome it. When my whole being abandoned itself to its own demon or genius, following a mysterious law of existence, subjected to time, which commanded me to either destroy myself, or to surpass myself. "The bell that rings inside your mind . Is challenging the doors of time."

It was up to me, the mission of doing something about my acceptance of uniting my powers with the resonance of those currents of energy that entered the structure of a new reality of being. A reality closely related with the frequencies of transmission of a certain amount of information often held in several places, simultaneously, but especially in the act of self-manifestation, in relation to a higher court of illumination. Until when will I be able to cross those finish lines to which science currently has no response? "It’s a kind of magic."

Leadership: What role are you willing to take on a life you express in different ways, experiencing a personal style of creating a show that strives too hard to be “cool”?

Dried clay becomes more solid when it is burned in a fire. Same with magic, heated to the high temperatures of inspiration and inventiveness, provides alternative energy through a uniform magnetic field. That its flux of successive transformations and its forms of intensity, passing through maximum and minimum values of the forces that produce special effects, strengthens the conception of the art of convincing.

When you use a special power, by transposing an unreal parameter into a real one, or vice versa, it mustn’t be visible, but it must be able to amaze, to inspire and retain its audience by creating a state of mind. Your role in a show that strives to be too “cool”, risking some disappointment in case of the slightest mistake, is one of reference in the credible achievement of a character with endless interpretive valences. Because in leadership it matters more how a personality develops in a unique, non-competitive environment of the inevitable, a framework of appearances, of permanently changing realities necessary for “open and without a curtain” emotional manifestations.

Only inventor Nikola Tesla could generate high voltage, causing sparks and scattering light without injuring or causing burns. Writer Christopher Priest spoke of him as a magician: “He had always needed a spectacular stage effect. On the one hand, he had to point out the trick of the New Transferred Man and, on the other hand, to mask the way it works.”

Magic, in which "I’m hearing secret harmonies" through sounds, projections and color, is an intelligence form of expressing states, emotions, thoughts, and the art of being the means of transposing beauty into matter, which sparks interest. I wonder what German writer Thomas Mann would’ve had to say about magic?

Leadership: Can your superiority be an unparalleled experience in using a memorable experience as a simulator of situations with mystical characteristics that helps you weigh a multitude of cause-and-effect relationships?

Certainly, the study of a notorious scientific construction under a moral rapport, without taking into account that it is in contradiction with the very fact of considering it the work of genius, magic, too full of mystifications that resemble sorcery, with strange directions towards the hazard, represents a reckless violation of divine law. But still, it always delights us with visual and auditory beauties. Isn’t that right, Freddie?

Always, in leadership, the issue will be the situation in which the act of creation and the experiences you suggest, which guide others towards a new construction of reality, become elements of your frame of reference, of an experience that always gains a different meaning.

A cause-and-effect relationship, through the use of magic as a launching pad in the mystery of higher knowledge, is measured by how you manage to cope with the most unforeseen situations. Such a relationship “tries to highlight a trick, masking the way it works”, puts considerable value on facilitating instant images as a means of defining a coherent, differentiated identity, and defending it in the face of any attack of the nature of inhibition.

Magic, a burdensome stone of a test of science shaped with the support and consistent encouragement received from the innovative spirit, is possible to be done through the effects of interpreting the inner world – in such a way in which experiences can gain a visual, fantastical and believable sense all at the same time. In a narrow sense, someone said, magic means an effort to control or force natural or supernatural forces to act on the order of man.

Leadership is the reality that people perceive as true, without imagining for a moment what chaos is hidden behind the “glow” of the performance that the director plans.

A Kind Of Magic has as a foothold the ability of man to align to a more profound existential meaning, which offers other view on art, which cannot be shared through a direct message. But rather by applying knowledge to the highest scientific level, with the essential attribute of a new way of receiving the inner and outer world.

* Note: Queen - A Kind of Magic


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