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A Living Echo Aiding Clarice

On September 16, 2013, in Leadership Q2-Sensitive, by Neculai Fantanaru

Automatically adjust your operation parameters, by constantly focusing on the qualities necessary for the condition of being a leader.

For a moment darkness distorts reality. Everything proper to Clarice Starling as a person on the well-established map of the force that generates impulses and positive energies sinks into the chaos of fatality. That spiritual thankfulness state enriched by then with vitality echoes, with subtle nuances that pushed her further away from the edges of feelings able to throw her into the deepest abysses, destabilizes itself for the first time.

It produces this way some sort of somber repositioning between two irregular oscillations which compromise Clarice’s operation parameters. One of maximum harmful tension, which can be only temporarily quenched, distributed in space according to the relation "time-uncertainty" and which enlarges itself. And the other one of maximum reverse phase, which amplified somehow the feeling of trust, exerting a moderate control over the psyche, allowing certain balance and mobility. The simultaneous action of the two oscillations produce an interior effervescence which generates a change of the senses.

And suddenly it can be heard. The frightened voice of Catherine Martin, sent as a negative reaction effect, triggering a mixture of horror and uncertainty. And this expression of her soul, who hasn’t totally lost its validity, who contains a lot of sensitivity and fierceness altogether, chases away Clarice’s doubts. So she’s alive. Catherine is alive !

Where are you Catherine? Where is your voice coming from? The darkness seems to wane when she hears the trembling voice, but the fearful feeling of death is rising. How to act when Buffalo Bill is somewhere around, waiting to grab her like a hungry wolf?

Leadership: Are you able to maximize your impact on the facts following an overwhelming incident, working under the umbrella of an imperative such as: “It is not enough to see man, you have to live through him” ?

Now all senses are fully activated. Clarice is in the situation of a mother who has found her child, but cannot stand by him. As a living echo, the words of Mister Madeleine, from Victor Hugo’s work, come to her mine. He tested the relentless will of poor Fantine at the time of death: "As long as you will be like this, I won’t allow you to see the girl. It’s not enough to see her, you must also live for her."

And these words, truly powered by an upsurge of faith, for which every human being who hears them would plunge towards new experiences, but that only she can stoically live, resound as a stimulator of inner energy, eliminating to a certain extent confusion and the feeling of defeat.

A volcanic eruption coming from the depths of her being when all her unknowns burn and chain themselves as nebulas, they shatter the whole perimeter of disdain and consolidate the entire structure of trust: "Catherine, I will get you out of here !"

In this tense moment two beings united by the emotions they send to each other from afar. Now Clarice is one with Catherine. Two souls with a lot of affection share the same thoughts and defining features, staying together no matter what.

Leadership: How do you relate to the predominant faculty of the deepest emotions through a motivation that sparks a certain wonder about how you feel in a situation that cannot change overnight?

In leadership, as reference point for setting qualitative connections, it is fundamental to have sensitivity, the dominant faculty of the deepest most direct emotions when "darkness" correlated through the incapacity to reduce the symptoms of moral decay, of loosing value, takes over your entire functional area. Lacking a real perspective of overcoming your own level of ambition may lead to a poor outcome in changing a situation that marks you, no matter how much you try to detach yourself.

Clarice’s amazement is not so much that she has found Catherine alive, but that she does not know how to change both their lives when they return home with the feeling that anything can happen in a crazy world. The subtle tendency to permanently notice the human experiences, feelings, emotions and human around, to understand their strength, to confront your own feelings and emotions with them can reduce the noise that comes between you and leadership, supplementing the level of knowledge, vitality and trust.

They manage an ebullient escape, even spectacular, from the murderer's house, Buffalo Bill. The coming out from the "abyss of darkness" involves a reevaluation of your position towards yourself and towards the others who enter your influence range, but also a quick answer to the questions: who am I, what do I want and what stops me from acting.

This exit, this wonder-solution that ensures unrestrained mobility and an exceptional functionality, should somehow be measured based on the "reference indicators" that direct your motivation (character, intellect and values) and based on the objectives one has set. And it must be regulated so that it answers to the self-imposed performance parameters.

Leadership: Are you able to fight the key moment of a major event that gives you the chance to gain professional experience as a solution to the foundation of being recognized as being dependent on a reality that sabotages the construction of any meaning of life?

Clarice has shown a number of unique qualities: the courage to face an unimaginable evil, the courage to assert herself as a free man despite the presence of negativity of existence, affection for another woman besides her, the ability to control herself when confined, the ability to put herself in another person’s shoes, the innovation to combine two identities into one. These qualities have enriched her professional experience.

Perhaps in the same situation, someone else would have entered a major shock, so serious that he would have sabotaged the construction of any sense of life. Because when you are surrounded by the worst nightmare, when the murderer is near you and you do not see him, and escape is almost impossible, reality becomes a trembling “fata morgana” that catches you in her invisible, deadly thread, and doesn’t allow you to recover from your depression.

Undoubtedly we will find a set of common points through which the two subsystems are alike, the same two integrated in the system of your personality, which could positively influence reaching one’s goals. An active subsystem, limited only by the great wall of trust, effective in the activity of monitoring and surveillance of the steps that must be followed for achieving a better coordination and maintenance of thoughts and emotions (the most priceless resources) in borderline situations.

And a passive subsystem that enhances to a certain extent confusion and the feeling of defeat, deactivating the senses until the following "command impulse", which initiates actions, which dictate that you must make it up in order to rise above yourself. Your expectations, performance, the strong image you have built and embedded in your mind. And that is a constant reminder you should dare to act in accordance with your own conscience.

So, if leadership has as a first reference point, for an approach within the limits accepted by senses and judgments, the image you have made about yourself (which shouldn’t compromise your operation parameters), it means that, aside from taking leader responsibilities in borderline situations, you also have the task to watch and to take all necessary measures in order to protect the side that ensures the control of thoughts, emotions and actions.

Leadership is the effect of the feeling that your actions are validated by those around you, provided that when you encounter a new situation and do not know how to act, you do not become a prisoner of fears that harm your spiritual fulfillment.

The leader’s greatest desire is to imprint his own perspective on events on how they can be changed. And his greatest accomplishment is to join the excitement of the people around him.

A Living Echo Aiding Clarice points out the reactivity of that inner system which allows the repositioning of the reference points that limit the initial purpose, as well as removing that noise generated by internal or external negative influences. In other words, to come back to your initial answers to the questions: who am I, what do I want, and moreover, what stops me from acting.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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