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A Man Less Known

On July 24, 2016, in Leadership 7th Edition, by Neculai Fantanaru

Engage in a process of reviewing the way in which you measure yourself to unexpected situations, leaving your mark on the evolution of the context of belonging to yourself.

The conversations with Chaplin revealed a less known man to Eisenstein. One day, when Chaplin visits him, a society game is taking place: someone must leave the room, and the others must grade the person, from 1 to 5, for particular qualities the person possesses: intelligence, charisma, humor, etc. Meanwhile, the host grades himself on the same questions. Afterwards the answers are put head to head and the humor rises from the disparity of opinions between the investigated person and the assessments of the others.

It is Chaplin’s turn. He exists the kitchen and fills out his form. The others prepare a practical joke: the king of humor receives grade 4 from all of them. "Will he understand the humor of this situation?" Eisenstein asks himself.

Yet Chaplin does not understand it. He feels offended! "The famous host does not possess enough humor for self-irony – Eisenstein finds funny – thus the grade of 4 proves to be fully deserved." *

Leadership: Do you have the power to assume the passing and deceiving appearance of a low grade after which you can say "smile", by evaluating an image about people that includes the message of some exclusively personal thoughts about something you know vaguely?

The human privilege of being much more than what he knows he is does not belong to the person who, in an ample explosion of reactions and momentary emotions, leaves the table and breaks away from his one interiority. But to the one who manages to suppress his impulse of measuring up to his self-perception, enduring the shame, guilt or lack of presence of spirit. Moreover, the character of man is closely related to his merit of complying with the contradictory norms imposed by a certain situation.

The perception of self is sometimes like a flower that withers from lack of sun heat. The man who in his small world measures up to that undefeated and oppressive state of being, relating to the experience of every passing moment, with an allure of predictability of his own performances, will never manage to manifest himself as an infinitely strong and unbreakable force.

If what the Russian art critic Vissarion Belinsky used to say is true, that only man develops the tendency of being that which he cannot actually be, then in terms of leadership I will adopt a tougher stance, as the main source of a short reflection on the matter, and will say that successful people usually show their personality as being marked by all sorts of flaws.

Such people leave their mark in a negative way upon the evolution of the context of self-belonging, inclined to a certain exigency towards that which escapes their experience and reason, capturing as a primary spring of absurdity everything that is small, ridiculous, unfavorable and vile in every situation. Especially when the truth is hidden behind a fictitious "note" or specifically designed to be against them.

Leadership: Can you build an image of yourself based on the perception of a less familiar or confused situation, to prove that you are capable of launching yourself into bigger challenges?

The more sensible man’s nature is, the more inclined it is to represent his own nature on a background of weakness, an unbearable and disturbing one. Being somehow pushed to bash others’ optimism, in the spirit of the game of power, out of selfishness and arrogance, out of his actions correlated to fear of losing importance, he becomes whole again only by changing the opinion of others.

Self-irony, like self-esteem, is a process of initiation of pride that must be defeated. To defeat your ego is a power that only a leader can master.

Knowing the conditions and accepting the situations that ease the appearance of the answer to others’ suggestions, is in fact, in this kind of life experience – with a scent of learning, a preparation in the face of the perspective of giving up high expectations (a perspective perceived as a threat).

The man who will not have the power to produce this "knowledge-acceptance" assembly, will not be able to make even of himself a reference framework for the progress in accessing the Superior Self, because he will not assume the fleeting and misleading appearance of a small grade after which a "smile" can be placed.

In leadership, other peoples’ opinion of you is like an apple that dries out: no one wants it anymore, but everyone is sorry that they didn’t taste it at the right time.

A Less Known Man is the successful man whose character and personality prove to be, in completely unexpected circumstances, completely different than those that caught the attention of the entire world. As opposed to what you knew of him.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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