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A Memento Of The Man Destined For Himself

On February 06, 2021, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be the expression of the experience of having your own world, before you can control a series of ideas with free flow, without limitations.

I got home, made myself some food. I was about to practice my cooking skills, when suddenly I spotted on a nearby plate two bunches of those tasty, juicy, fragrant, tender grapes. This proposal, coming from a more attractive, appetizing, pronounced taste, was more convenient than the alternative of a hamburger made in a hurry, yet quite rich in meat, so having a relatively high protein content, welcome for a long-distance athlete.

I stared at the grapes insatiably, measuring them with lustful glances, after the atypical desire to taste a unique, sweeter, softer, calmer experience, even if this experience of quenching my hunger was quite similar to the ability to taste from a significant source of fructose and glucose, basically sugars easily assimilated by the body that can be easily converted into fat.

So, I had to choose between a burger and fries and a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals, polyphenolic antioxidants. Also, I did not try to draw hasty conclusions, to attribute the causality of things that have nothing to do with my presence in a multifunctional space, but I tried to feel only that break from the everyday world, and to amplify it to the point of it turns into happiness, to feel that freedom that only the feeling of good will and absolute freedom gives you.

I chose grapes, obviously. I don’t know why, maybe because of the laziness of cooking late, or maybe because of the desire to feel more energized, because the sugars contained in fruits generally give the body the energy it needs naturally. At the same time, I came up with the idea to find, as a justifying fact, the recipe of a dish I passed in the list of culinary experiments, to serve a small culinary artifice, and even more, to invent other recipes, other skill tests to which I could lend my name and thus feel my name imbued with the taste of a truffle discovered by chance.

Leadership: Is your attitude positioned in a stimulating direction an attempt to overcome any limitation of the idea of ​​objective causality throughout the experience of existing as a being who wants to learn more about himself?

Of course, you need to think about every little aspect of the cause that challenges you to think. At one point, I told myself that a better taste than others doesn’t make me feel different, better or worse, or different from other people. I’m my same old self, just a little sweeter than a natural taste.

And I think I wanted to get here, in the light of a mystery that took effect on the first act. Any taste depends on a feeling that you know only by experiencing it personally, which you can then fill with a representative content of thought, at hand, and which detaches you from all the notions regarding your previous identities, from the memories brought to you by the feeling of “home”.

After all, perhaps the act of thinking is similar to the ability to taste a grape in the late hours: it is expressed through the extremely varied ways of making possible the connection between what is happening inside you and what leaves you with a sweet taste in your mouth (very important for calming and strengthening Qi and blood).

And if I wanted to be better understood, to feel that trust given to my words, to get more easily into the space between the moments when I put my thoughts in order, then I would try to think more in terms of cooking: to use my mastery to combine flavors, tastes and textures, to get a new shade of good taste, a completely new feeling of delicacy and refinement.

To be the expression of the experience of having one’s own world means to recognize the opportunity to reflect on a life situation, in the light of the feedback received from one’s own formation to represent a reality perceived through a state of mind (or through the image of what you are beyond all appearances).

It is left to you to reflect on the experience of enjoying a moment of deep satisfaction, through a Remisthesyon, an awareness of the nuances and multiple sides of your inner construction, an aspiration to the augmented sources of reality from which you tacitly sip your words, serenity, thought, positive energy. And that means extracting the meaning of understanding and supersensible, operative, useful knowledge, from everything that happens to you, from the core of your feelings, from your individuality, when you prepare something unusual from something sweet.

Surely you will feel the need to enlighten the mind according to the idea of using something that no one would think to use in such a recipe of simple ingredients: the gift of transforming a person who did not like to sit in the kitchen in a person passionate about that place.

A Memento Of The Man Destined For Himself highlights the consequence of an experience he lived through your nature in an enticing setting, at a time when you did not have the necessary resources to explore other explanations regarding what’s happening to you or what surrounds you in real life.


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