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A New Attempt At Defining Leadership

On August 05, 2016
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Place yourself in an order determined by the rules of the distinction you make between the competence of deciding upon certain obligations and the capacity of setting the value of fulfilling those obligations.

First filming took place in the studio on Jitnaia street, quite well equipped for that time. Participants in the filming were actors from the Proletkult theater group, and later, for the mass scenes, both students of the Proletkult studios and working youth from the Moscow factories were used. Filming took place every day. Each time after filming, the crew discussed the work that took place and decided on what was to be done the next day.

During these discussions, Eisenstein asked for more than he was given.

Every time the producers, for example, tried to reduce the number of extras, Eisenstein felt like his appetite for shooting was being limited. In fact, Eisenstein envisioned each scene with great accuracy, looking to put his thoughts into practice during filming. Even when they were faulty. Because from here, from the first film, do critics start accusing him of redundancy. *

Is the quality of your connection to leadership born from that part of you that reacts to that which is conditioned by others, in the same idea of the multitude of perspectives of the concept of identity of your own Ego?

There is a correlation between the role, status and contribution in the deepest layers of guidance and control work, between the artist and his collaborators, which has as a pillar the assumption of the condition of being some noticing type of Creation (reporting any imperfections, presenting their qualities, the advantages of using it).

And assuming the condition of being a part of a noticing type of a massive creation, achieved with consistent support, is the manifestation of the nearest reaction of measuring own expectations and is determined by the following condition: "always ask for more than you are offered".

The director creates his own universe of actors, screenplays, filming, choreography and a diverse range of interpretations through language and action, in a scene lasting the entire length of the film. And that’s because he has the power to get in touch with someone who can provide accurate news and information, but especially because he has the ability to put the scenic environment in line with himself.

The concept of identity of your own Ego refers to belonging to a reality that you develop mainly through interaction with the perspective needed for artistic interpretation and fabulation, even if in fact you are surrounded by other orientations, to a different extent from yours.

Leadership is the consequence of this condition. It is an imperative of absolute debt, that of making yourself understood, of placing yourself in a new order determined by the rules of the distinction you make between the competence of deciding on new obligations and the ability to determine the value of fulfilling those obligations.

The part of you that reacts to that which is conditions by others is the voice of responsibility, it depends on these two attributes: the competence and ability that contribute to the development of competence to build a living and possible scenario. Basically, they are interrelated and change after unexpected meanders of multiple levels of creation value, as a consequence of the predominance of that form of response to the attitude of your collaborators towards the creation in question.

What you notice in terms of treating creation, like a Jacob’s ladder on which reasons climb up and down, the energies, predominant values of your collaborators, is that not only does their connection to the authentic review you’re constantly making count. But more than that, their connection matters that gives meaning to the exigency of being you yourself the result of that creation.

The order determined by the rules of the distinction you make between your competences and the competences of others depends on the essence of the creation you highlight, the tastes of those who invest time and interest in the ideas of your art, their feeling, their ability to insert themselves in the scientific story of your creation.

A New Attempt At Defining Leadership goes something like this: leadership is the mark of a creation whose meaning and purpose are included in the rigor of the imperative: always ask for more than what you are offered !

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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