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A Paradise For Mathilda

On January 22, 2012, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Highlight your resources in order to progress, without losing your power of being the master of your own emotions and feelings.

In the movie "Leon: The Professional (1994)" the little Mathilda, of only 12 years old, becomes a friend of the killer, Leon. At her insistence, he teaches her the art of killing and to be "professional". Therefore, she enters into that new world of weapons and murders. She takes the road of no return to "the sublime paradise" of the underworld - falling into the eternal "pleasure" of killing, and of making big money out of it.

For the first time, it begins to foresee the depth of the abyss, in which she was pushed. The life, on which she went, looked more and more like of an outcast. She was not going out than armed. This restless being, gentle and friendly, instead of continually watching over her, had taken the image of a killer, embracing this job with the recklessness that knows no danger or despises it.

At one point, Mathilda starts to do justice by herself, to kill the corrupt police that have killed her family. However, she hits the reality. She falls into the trap skillfully stretched by her victim, being on the verge of death. By miracle, she escapes due to last-minute intervention of Leon.

Leadership: Do you submit yourself to a character restriction that starts with an increased need for affirmation, followed by a repositioning of the meaning of life?

Are you living a prisoner’s life? Mathilda took on the wrong way, on which she wanted to go with someone that could ensure a better future for her. However, she did not know for real the world of crime, in which she was spinning, and in whom she was trying to integrate. She wanted to practice a profession due to that she could not learn to live, but to die. She does not know what life of a prisoner is such an existence.

She was not the mistress of her own life, but was subject to a reality led by petty people, in her turn being defeated by her own thoughts of revenge. Undoubtedly, she knew quite a thin slice of humanity and of the highest ideals of it. This is, because no one had offered her understanding, protection, love and kindness in an unconditional way – she had not known compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. All these it would have raised her morale. It would have improved her self-image. It would have refreshed her mind, life, and would have raised her expectations.

Mathilda had added significance to her existence only when she crashed into reality, when she was on the verge of death, only when Leon was killed. The meaning of her life had changed suddenly, being easy to decipher: acquiring a new state of consciousness and an intensification of the desire for better and more beautiful.

Leadership: Do you simplify your conscience, or you hinder it when applying what you know about yourself?

The leadership of quality begins to take shape while improving the image of yourself and the world around you. While, the improvement of personal image cannot be achieved when you refuse to join those beliefs and healthy preferences, on which the true faith and your deepest feelings dictates you constantly.

Along with the "cheapness" of human reality, induced by the poor development of his conscience, it is necessary to consider another specific note of properties in the leadership system – variability – in correct conditions laid down by the emergence of new forms of organizing life, but also with new forms of power, such as the power to light your own life, giving birth to its own happiness and satisfaction.

Variability is that human capacity to differentiate of all that enslaves him through a series of life adaptation processes.

Leadership is designed to serve and please for any period of time, an important role falling on the sense that man gives to his efforts to produce more joy, without transforming reality. If one day he will no longer like this existence based on the meaning assigned to his own "content", man is free to devise another form of power, such as the power to accept what he cannot change, possibly improving also the dimension of his own self by studying his powers, in the context of activities to be performed.

The meaning you give to life is a return to your initial condition, looking at it with the thought of accessing and further coordinating your sensitive side.

Just as the chemist simplifies the countless combinations of the nature, highlighting the elements that compose it - so also you have to simplify your conscience, and not to hinder it, highlighting your good elements, from which is composed your character.

For your conscience to fully awaken, you must oblige your mind in one way or another to stay in contact with the new stimuli for a longer period of time - these new stimuli being activated by the contact with a benefic reality that would do not mark you in a negative way - that reality of your heart, of your good parts, on which you often do not take into account.

Let the good side of you to listen and to judge the relevant and correct arguments that support your decision of not to removing you from your moral value, and prevent it to take into account the negative qualifications that the feelings of guilt are assigning to you. Always be proud of being yourself, be aware of what you know, of what you are, of what you feel, what you think, even when you are surrounded by a strange and negative environment.

Someone said that among the skills, with which nature has endowed us, the first is the force of reason that lifts us above our own passions and weaknesses, and that makes us control even our qualities, talents and virtues.

Hardly trying to rise above our own "intoxication" with negative thoughts and emotions, trying to be better, more gentle, more correctly, more courageous – to finally realize the truth about your own feelings – it will determine your attitude, behavior, and will increase the positive potential of your awareness.

The content you want to add to life is given by the motivation with which you come to an agreement with the image you have about yourself projected externally.

A Paradise For Mathilda highlights the vulnerability of your own being, of your own world of thoughts, desires, feelings and false reality, in which you choose to live.

As a leader you are what you wanted to be, that is your own "creation". This creation depends on education, culture, development environment of your consciousness, on your ability to fit and adapt to your everyday objective reality, on your own will to choose and guide towards a constructive positivism. Creating a fake paradise is something dangerous - both for you and for society - that eventually, it will push you to its edges.

Do you know where you are heading? Are you giving up and admit to fit within a disadvantaged medium? Does your attitude make you not dealing properly when life raises forbiddance to you? How big is the force of your reason? Can you rise above your own passions and weaknesses? Do you have the courage to stand face to face with the truth about you? What does reflect this truth?


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