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A Refined Form Of Exercising Leadership

On February 17, 2020, in Leadership Q2-Sensitive, by Neculai Fantanaru

The titanic dimension of art is the miracle of the visual composition rendered by an intense experience designed in a personal creative style.

I liked the video of Freddie Mercury’s “A kind of magic”. It is not about the solid and fascinating element of human fantasy, or how the sounds are arranged in such a way that the musical idea sounds like a triumph of science over obscurantism, having a hint of fiction integrated into a particular story. It is about the human predisposition to the belief in the supernatural.

Seeing as how I transposed myself in this parallel universe, unlimited, splendid, full of substance, it is my task to upload the visual representation of the multiple correlations in the video, outside the Vital Sphere of the Common Understanding, with the parameters of a single idea: “Everything that is depicting the sight of an unusual talent is revealed as magic.”

A genius creator is an artistic spirit defined by the nature of his relations with divinity. I know, and I am sure of this, that nothing can fit me more in the subtle shift from reality to vision, in a space of transformations of substance, than the joy of victory over chaos and death. Freddy Mercury lives in me, now and forever, in the kingdom of perfection where nothing is left to chance, because his magic is close to the propulsion point of my artistic spirit to the highest heights of Creation.

I also believe that this “Magic” acquires its definitive significance in the power of art to correctly combine science, talent and technology, in the broad sense of the dependence on dreaming and experimentation, that is in the sense of metaphysical investigation specific to controversial creations, in that everything has two possible interpretations. One in sight, the other hidden. Vision and feeling. The first being sheltered by a black fragment, assorted with the modern scenic ambience, the other noticeable only through a sufficiently strong stimulus: the desire to be someone else.

The magic in art is the expression of a burning desire, realized as the action of changing reality in a position of power illustrated as an unprecedented form of expression.

Man desires to be someone else only when he is not satisfied with what he represents in a universal memory, aspiring to something higher than the present can provide. I am convinced that Freddy Mercury’s “Magic” has a separate substrate, something that can only be noticed in Borges’ works, which at one point wrote:

“Now I am a man among the people. In the waking state I am Professor Hermann Soergel, who handles a file and writes erudite nothings, but at dawn I sometimes realize that the one who dreams is another. From time to time, quite rarely, I am surprised at the small and fleeting bits of memories, which, perhaps, are true.”

Leadership: Have you found a way to build yourself, to fill yourself with truths, living at the boundary between “claiming a certain artistic sensibility” and “finding a clue to something noticeable only in living, but not conceptually definable”?

From time to time, I revisit the video. Magic has life, it has sensitivity, it has art, but it is noticeable only on the scenes where the black background predominates. And this intense, surprising, extended magic seems to surround me as well, whispering a burning secret to me, or revealing a truth that is hard for my ordinary mind to reach: “I am forced to bear the burdens of a memory that relishes only on forbidden things, with that fragility of the instant, having to highlight the strange memory of a once noble and uplifting world, close to the secret of metaphysics.”

In this case, the line and color are constituted as external signs of a connotation of aesthetic consciousness, hence the need to give a new meaning to the art understood as a way to connect to another reality. It is as if I had found a mystical and rigorous method of waking up an old memory, from a time of my pre-existence. Something urges me to look for other memories to erase this, without knowing that the things I expect are rarely the things I will encounter.

Magic is a clue to something only visible in life, but indefinitely conceptual.

To the extent that the painting prepares to abandon the traditional drawing, focusing more and more on the technique of splash or the technique of air spray, magic cannot give up symbolizing the creator’s state of being elevated from Earth to Heaven. Perhaps, however, magic contains more spirituality than the other arts, because it does not change its presentation form in time. The vision and the ideal of the enlightened being are attracted to God by an unknown force that carries after it and the body.

Leadership: Can the identification of your personality with another identity be understood as an effort to perfect an imaginary pattern, capable of reflecting the dogma of human embodiment in the splendor of the unique body of the ideal of being “supernatural”?

I found the explanation. It is clear that the symbolization of magic in art demands a certain coherence of the intermediation between superstition, coincidence and reality. However, I began to understand the things that surround me through the prism of this magic that verifies its secrets through the way in which the compositions of words, images, actions, and other phenomena are inserted into a single theme: “The transposition of the soul into an artistic language”. Where does the secret of this high science start from? You can only figure out if you watch the video again and again.

I try to feel the magic, to penetrate it through the attitude of the man raised to the sky, through the mysterious disappearance of meaningful objects: the key of an old trunk, the rings of colorless quartz stone or cards. Everything helps me to levitate through self-mystification through the force of unknown truths. Magic has a special energy. You cannot see, you cannot feel, you cannot touch. But you know it exists, you know it has unlimited powers.

The magician is a God in sight, but very difficult to perceive. And Freddy Mercury wanted such a magician, a model of supernatural causation. At what price?

Leadership: Are the personality traits that you give to other people’s gaze in harmony with the idea that their imagination forms about you in a context of maximum living and transformed into magic?

You will understand the great secret, how to capture the essence of magic, not only if you feel the happiness of being Freddy Mercury, but at the same time if you feel the pressure and fear of it. The excesses of personality are blurred by the aspects of identity duality. Magic should not be integrated into a philosophical or metaphysical concept, but must be experienced to the level of the burning desire of the individual to integrate into a fragmented reality of universes, in the absence of the illusion of awakening to the simple joy of life.

The alignment with the Divine Reality belongs to the enlightened being who understood the spiritual saying: “He who wants to reach the kingdom of heaven must leave everything and follow me.”For an enlightened man, magic is a way of withdrawing from the world, in the face of the pressure it exerts on himself, regaining one’s peace, confessing one’s concerns through the nature of one’s relations with divinity. The magician rises from the ground not to frighten the world, but to deceive the ordinary eye with the illusion that “Everything is as he wills.”

Freddy Mercury is that very creative spirit-led creator who says: “I am everywhere, but you can only understand me where there is no physical presence.” And that being said, he’s already fooling you. You’re led completely in another direction. Because no one notices the gravity of their words in another piece full of magic: “Inside my heart is breaking. My makeup may be flaking. Another heartache, another failed romance, on and on. But my smile, still, stays on. The show must go on.”

Leadership, or the magic of being different from the rest of the world, belongs exclusively to man’s need to be above others and above himself, two forces united into one force. But at the same time, leadership is dominated by one constant: the sacrifice of hiding in a lie, in an illusion, behind a curtain that hides a world that is hard to describe, and even harder to experience.

A Refined Form Of Exercising Leadership is distinguished by man’s ability to choose, decide and act knowingly as to how to be perceived by the eyes of the spectators, so that his image will not blur the focus of their gaze.

* Note: Queen - A Kind of Magic


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