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A Short Echo Painted On The Shadow Of Eternity

On March 11, 2018, in Leadership +50% Extra, by Neculai Fantanaru

Find a new meaning for your representation as an artist through the mentality of a small world that continues to broaden to something more magnificent than yourself.

What purpose does the universe have, with its yet undeciphered enigmas, passed through the filter of a time that only exists as an abstract notion? What reason does it have to extend indefinitely, like the meanings deduced from a glance thrown in passing within a labyrinth made in the style of a Dede Eri Supria? Why is god, who means all and everything, without which nothing is possible, accept the madness of being eternal?

I started off my day by going into the garden, itself primordial through the thirst of creation generated by the lecture of its poetry, in which the lines of gentleness, charisma, purity, and patience belong to a superlative existential fragility that the representations of nature, personified as a great being, inserts into my universe.

Here I find my peace, a wonderful sense of comfort and freedom, breathing the fresh air of peace. I feel at ease, as if sadness with its endless chasms would not reach me, in this garden with a seesaw, with plenty of green space and where roses of all kinds reflect my personality full of ambiguities, and yet, charming.

My returns to this place represent the background of an extraordinary story, like a sum of my wanderings in a context of the type: "There is a glance because there is an eye that calls for it."

Beauty is not to admire my "tone on tone" arrangements, but in always giving them a new meaning that resonates sooner with the favorite themes of genius artists, ensuring the shaping of the mysterious relations between the Creator and the Great Work.

Leadership: Does your creation find a blessed finality as a result of the fact that you have sought balance and harmony for all your life in a place that seems to be frozen in time?

Just as Captain Nemo could not deviate from the object of his creation, at the mysterious urge of the heart that does not bear separations, so too do I feel in the vastness of my own creation transposed into a universe of the word uncovered by terrestrial gravity in a physical plane, started from the necessity of unwinding and later arriving at a form of unique art.

As you might’ve guessed, I never get to travel too far, as Magellan, Amundsen or Columbus dared, only with the mind, the longing being infinitely stronger: I cannot separate myself from my garden.

I care so much for it that I feel that if I were not to exist, neither will it continue to do so. It is a kind of relationship of kinship, a reciprocity in various formalisms, a comprehensive approach to the universe that promotes centralized cooperation between a full authority and a foundation with the same initials: "The Number 17", which God chose as a symbol of the benevolence of the sacred.

The universe, still so impenetrable, continues to expand because my garden, through the care I have for it daily, continues to gradually open to my teachings. I can at any time attain a generous view worthy of only a fictional painting by Jim Warren, a spectacular sensibility from which the eons seem to detach, a wonder from a fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff, representing both the main subject of an art that will pass through the centuries and the continents, as a magical stone with symbolic force that through its powers, makes happen any wish of the one who possesses it.

Leadership: Do you highlight the qualities you acquire in the presence of immortal works, according to a revelation in which only the chosen ones find their ultimate magnification?

God chose eternity so that all things created by him would gain a benefit for the common mortals themselves. He finds a sense of being eternal not so much by the act of creation attributed to an artist who always seeks to bring something new to Eden, trying to always pull something else out of dry stone, but because if He would cease to be, nothing would exist, and all the effort of millions of years would become merely a formality, determined by subjective whims – which resembles selfishness.

Do you know why Michelangelo’s ‘David’ continues to exist as a compromise between the universe and mankind? Because the artist’s soul is still in his work. So too will my art traverse many centuries from here on out because it comes from the heart and fruit of my garden.

If I had to find a correspondent in the history of the centuries, I would probably identify with none other than Nicolas Flamel; he too had a garden similar to mine, and his great science was revealed only to me, of course, in a form adequate to present thinking. His soul had probably condensed as a "divine essence" in the unique accords of nature and stopped on one man.

The soul of the artist is eternal not because he is looking for a place to feed his legend, but because he finds another soul to continue his work, thus fulfilling the destiny of a generation.

Leadership: Can you turn your work into a necessity of the living in the mystery of the embrace of the universe that opens your eyes through what you manage to encompass in a small space that grows as you advance towards the heart of a different understanding?

Nikos Kazantzakis expressed an idea that fits nicely with the horizon of my art, to which Flamel or Michelangelo has shaped a permanent role:

"Lord, tell me, how much farther should I go?"… and God answered him with a clear voice:

- "Until you can go no longer ! "

- "It is not enough, Lord ! Ask more of me ! " , the man grumbled. God answered with the same clear voice:

- "Go on until you can go no further"…

The geometry of the universe is molded by the supreme spirits surrounding the eighth plan, that of the Divine Absolute, flourishing where human imagination fails.

The equation of the existence of these forms of representation of God in a concept, in a material world, is included in the possibility of withdrawing to a place of your own and discovering the mysteries of the great forces of creation that can shape the perception of the world.

Leadership resembles the mysterious magnetism of a rare creation: it is immortal as long as it retains its fame and, at the same time, latent in the circle of a destiny that assumes a history of the presence of God in the world.

A Short Echo Painted On The Shadow Of Eternity marks the moment when personal creation, developed around a singular entity, gets the dimension of a history that repeats itself in various facets with each generation, with each cosmic rotation, to shape the destiny of an entire world.

The destiny of a whole world compresses in the destiny of a single man who has kept his meaning mysterious in a universe that seems to whisper to him: "You can never leave a place that continues to broaden."


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