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A Sign That The Gaze Still Seeks Its Eyes

On May 11, 2021, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

A look at oneself is the vision of eyes that open before the infinity of an invisible world.

We talked so much about the eyes that seek their artistic gaze in the beauty of an accidental world, rendered in vivid and pastel colors. And I want to say that the look with which the eyes explore the open horizon of the beauties of this world is an excellent opportunity to test my spirit of observation, gravitating around fantasy and surrealism, so that I can discover in vivid images the whole story of a personal transformation without edges.

And if I call myself an artist, because beyond any artist there is a look at distance and depth, where color and black and white contrasts help create a sublime image, this is because all that delights my view is weighed out of the corner of the eye before being immortalized on canvas.

Even my gaze, a projection of the visual to the palpable of a world that has become a memorial on the map of fiction, is well hidden in the natural advantage of brown eyes, clear, full of life, highlighting the bright aspect of all things, Oshultarityo, the earthly aspect and the heavenly aspect. And if I were to take my eyes off the all-encompassing ones, just to draw in pencil the outline of a picture of my spiritual nature, and if I were to catch my eye with a look of ageless intelligence, I might be entitled to believe that everything that is in line with my art and creation activates a ray of living light that starts from one eye and ends up living in the spirit.

Know that the artist’s eyes are like an endless mirror with two faces: on one stretches the material universe, and on the other stretches the metaphysical space of an introspective analysis that puts me front and center, rose up by the power of the spirit, in the middle a painting that must integrate perfectly into the environment in order to be highlighted. Rather, if my eyes consider the gaze as the whole measure of an authentic and singular artistic vision, then it is very easy to reach the painting through the 3D view that shows several sides of the same reality, by resonating with the realization of the Unity of the Self and the visible world.

Leadership: Can the unlimited potential of your creation lead to a projection of the visual to the palpable of a world that has become a memorial of a calling to spiritual heights?

I don’t even think that there is a single gaze that the eye embraces unanimously, there are several gazes that the eyes reveal only to the artist, such as that gaze of the soul that creates different beliefs through truth, meditation and introspection, unity of idea, by imagination, by one’s own example. At this point, my deepest conviction is that choosing all that is beautiful means understanding art as a “total experience” applicable to all times and all forms of manifestation of the belief in the existence of a universal creative power, including the gods.

Man’s own reception takes place at a depth that is beyond words, beyond emotions, beyond the sphere of aesthetics, in the wider plane of ineffable permanencies. In this case, spirituality automatically maintains its height at the point indicated by a Creation that crowns an inner reality. And, as someone said, if we have an assumed inner reality that we communicate on the outside, then we have the ability to shape things the way we want.

I found this aspect talked about on the internet, in an article with spiritual meanings:

“At one point, a man saw another not only with his eyes, but with a certain penetration of heart and mind. And that man, who was just one of many, suddenly becomes unique. He then appears with a new beauty, with a new depth, with a new meaning, such a vision can last for years, it can last a lifetime, but sometimes, after a while, this vision fades (this is what happens when the sun disappears from the window and suddenly, said window’s glow fades). And behold, for in that moment, faith enters the scene – and faith in this sense: faith as an assurance that what was once seen, and now has become invisible, is unquestionable. This is the faith we live with, more or less.”

Just think of how many destinies have been changed and disturbed at a glance. With this in mind, I must emphasize something important: whenever we guide our gaze in search of a reality beyond the visible, whenever our gaze meets that of the artist who, through imagination, gives life to a flexible space. In a codified system of colors and signs, just as many times our faith in the harmony of creation, in the doctrine of artistic creation, is strengthened, intensified and cultivated by the meaning we give to our power to change one reality with another.

Leadership: How do you train your vision to display a long series of constants of a particular expressiveness, assuming that the recognition of your own excellence in the aesthetic field depends on your need for significance?

Let us keep in mind that the most important constants of expressiveness are line, color and shape, while the most important indices of sensitivity of the artist are depth, visibility, the idea of infinity, near and far vision. Therefore, let us be careful how and where we turn our eyes, so that the eyes with which time crosses our lives, the insistence with which time sneaks into eternity, or in the respite of a single moment of life, come into contact with the fascinating world of art.

The masterfully finished works, the works of painting or sculpture, even they look at me out of the corner of my eye sometimes, with those eyes full of expression, full of depth, helping me to focus on the exercise of seeing beyond my own horizon. This fact implies the acceptance of a special density of light that gives the fragile beauty of my finitude in a dimension of temporal infinity.

The very need for significance placed in a time of the desire to perceive a new reality, in the inner universe of every human being, denotes that the self-image does not blur the public one. Who knows how my spiritual mission in the art world will be fulfilled…

Maybe time will scatter dust over my words, maybe it will spread forgetfulness over my name, but not before my gaze has captured in its own language, elevated, subtle, those words long crafted, polished and clean as the bloom of light, which only the artist’s eye can always color with another shade of beauty.

Yes. I am truly an artist, more than any artist, because time itself waited first for the recognition of my excellence in the aesthetic field, to invest me later with the confidence that my art was worth seeing and admiring.

The spiritual potential of a creation must reflect the artist’s willingness to capture more realistically a moment suspended in immortality.

And if my world is invisible, unable to be grasped through sensory experience, this is because no one understands my intellectual and spiritual effort to create a creation that opens up other perspectives of understanding the communication between idea and matter, between ideal and material, between viewer and image.

Anyway, if you’ve come this far, it means I’m already in your mind, maybe I’m in your soul, even if you still don’t see me and you don’t know what I look like. A Sign That Your Gaze Still Seeks My Eyes…


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