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neculai fantanaru

Neculai Fântânaru

Date of Birth: 08 December 1982

Location: Iasi, Romania

When it comes to describing myself, perhaps three words fully characterize me: perseverance, curiosity and enthusiasm. And I think from here it all began.

I pride myself on the attributes of the art I propose to be thoroughly understood by you, the reader, but not so much for the merits of a particular teaching, but rather because I have planted in myself the vision of the scientist who knows how to change the truly spiritual, profound criteria, a world that was something yesterday, a world that you will not recognize starting today.

To not think in terms of Creation and Creator, and to not distinguish between kitsch and art, are the criteria of closing a world in itself, in a dull and irrelevant display of ideas, visions, and freedom of expression, often perceived as things without meaning, ready to be buried at any time in a shallow grave that most probably a writer like Mika Waltari would liken to a sand book that can only be enjoyed by forgetting about it.

Leadership: Can the significance that you attach to your association with superior intellectual activity be understood as the effort of an Exceptional Creator to express your vision in the space of a relationship with the purpose of being more than Legendary?

Behold, a principle worthy of Victor Hugo: “Nothing is born without roots, nothing is measured without amplification.” First of all, I am grateful to myself for the books of various content that my destiny has brought to my mind before I thought of my future, just as bees remain grateful to the natural phenomena for the pollen of the various flowers that reach other flowers constituting a cross-pollination designed to sustain a whole ecosystem.

It's a just pride, not arrogance on my part. Not only have I acquired the attributes of a chosen knowledge holder, but the result of a thought that boasts that “it had experienced all it said”, because action is more important than theory, but I have related to myself as to the work of a painter who transposes on the canvas the images created by the mind of a writer who experiences his life in a famous, big and heavy story, a huge volume guarded by the vision of a scientist.

The results are befitting. The more than 1200 articles and 6 books that I've written up to the present time, the helpful webinars and well structured membership program, is certainly the evidence that I detain a serious stock of knowledge.

Extensively, if the universe has given me a destiny of legend, a destination that art assumes by the courage of not giving up the honors of an absolute power, the power of building a grandiose idea through a syncretic image, then the literature they make available consists of an analysis of alterity: I am a painter as well as an architect, and a magician.

Leadership: Can you value your own achievements in the context of an influence that joins the regular events that make your life work for a progress creator, inducing a remodeling of all the core components associated with a world that is supposed to be superior to its other variants?

When you are near an exemplary destiny, with strong spiritual valences, you must accept another variation of the meaning of life and of the world in which you live. Just as the greatest desire of an artist is to create a strong composition, full of light and emotion, so my greatest desire is to build an edifice, which I hope will not ever collapse. This edifice accommodates a large part of my knowledge, enriches daily, and I think worth a visit for all who wish to improve their performances.

An additional condition of a meaningful being is to let go of a vision meant to be reflected in the evolution of the administration of the sphere of science and innovation, not only to exaggerate the transmission of the appreciation of the quality of a life full of joy and happiness. Just as Henry Ford's wish was that everyone could afford a car, just as Bill Gates's desire was that every person could afford to have a personal computer on the table, so my wish is that everyone could understand the concept of leadership and its hidden aspects.

Leadership: Do you inspire yourself in creating your own uniqueness in the context of a set of causes and effects, not taken into account, despite a disturbing destiny and its apparent fragility, when you need to remain complex and courageous in your choices?

To my parents I reproach that they have not learned anything of this life, their destiny has not given them the wisdom specific to those who have in essence understood the rules of a world that must constantly change until it becomes perfect. In fact, I have learned absolutely nothing from my parents, although they have both had important leadership positions. There is a certainty: I have always been a self-taught person, and I have not bowed my head to the advice of obtuse people, not open to the great science, to creation, to progress.

The pleasures of life are for the people who do nothing, and sacrifices are for those who prove their majesty. Some were born only to be forgotten, completely deleted from the book of life, others have adapted to the most unfavorable conditions of life to change a whole world and perhaps to gain immortality. Being a genius means not blindly giving heed to the requests of your parents.

When it comes to leadership, as in other areas, everything starts from what you know and what you do with what you know. Even if you have talent, you should practice it every day just as a basketball player is practicing basketball shots every day for his progress to be visible.

If you don't have talent or leadership abilities, the good news is that you can be a great person if you manage to help others, even in a small way, to develop as humans and proffessionals. Who knows, maybe a reference from me will be of service to you to help others around you.

Be honest, and I'll be honest with you

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