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About Me

neculai fantanaru

Neculai Fântânaru


Date of Birth: 08 December 1982

Location: Iasi, Romania

When it comes to describing myself, perhaps three words fully characterize me: perseverance, curiosity and enthusiasm. And I think from here it all began.

An old proverb says: "Smart people learn from experience, but wise people learn from the experience of others."

I'm proud of myself, but not so for my merits, but rather because I've always had the right people around me which guided me towards the full understanding of leadership principles, of values and leader's modes of action. I am very grateful to my parents, as, both holding high leadership positions and having a long experience in the field, and also a lot of professional achievements, have transfused me every day, in a constructive manner, many quality information - everything I needed to develop a healthy mentality.

It's a just pride, not arrogance on my part.

The results are sortable. The more than 1200 articles and 6 books that I've written up to the present time, the helpful webinars and well structured membership program, is certainly the evidence that I detain a serious stock of knowledge.

An edifice that is enriched daily

Just as the greatest desire of an artist is to create a strong composition, full of light and emotion, so my greatest desire is to build an edifice, which I hope will not ever collapse. This edifice accommodates a large part of my knowledge, enriches daily, and I think worth a visit for all who wish to improve their performances.

Just as Henry Ford's wish was that everyone could afford a car, just as Bill Gates's desire was that every person could afford to have a personal computer on the table, so my wish is that everyone could understand the concept of leadership and its hidden aspects.

When it comes to leadership, as in other areas, everything starts from what you know and what you do with what you know. Even if you have talent, you should practice it every day just as a basketball player is practicing basketball shots every day for his progress to be visible.

If you don't have talent or leadership abilities, the good news is that you can be a great person if you manage to help others, even in a small way, to develop as humans and proffessionals. Who knows, maybe a reference from me will be of service to you to help others around you.

Be honest, and I'll be honest with you

I give you permission to use the information on this website for personal purpose, NOT COMMERCIAL. Please read the terms and conditions of the site.

If you use or access and use information provided by this website, is equivalent to accepting the terms and conditions.

* Note: If you want to read all my articles in real time, please check the romanian version !


You can contact me anytime by E-mail:


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