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Accomplishments Of The Antecedents

On November 23, 2016
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Turn your attention to art, developing confidence in using the tendency of going back to an existence and an experience predestined for eternal glory.

Following made data, you discover how disparate every scene returns to the imagination of the filmmaker. In different periods, at massive time intervals, in the contemplation of one or another of the new idea episodes, accomplishments of the antecedents.

For instance, the cathedral scene, when Ivan announces that from now on he shall be known as "the Terrible", is being sketched in February, in March, and then in May and in November 1942, so – only from what I could get to know – in the course of almost one year’s time.

"Ivan the Terrible" is born volcanically, as a primal phenomenon, with an eruptive force unrestrained by any filmmaker. Slowly, the outlines of the future film begin to reveal themselves, the material produced disorderly by the imagination is taking shape, it is being grouped on the directive lines of the future script.

Studies during the development period of the film too converge in the same direction. Eisenstein researches even the characteristic positions of the hands and fingers in El Greco’s paintings. *

Leadership: Can you integrate yourself into an existence lived in the past with the purpose of experiencing "the new man" from the perspective of a visual composition that perfectly describes the situation in which the masterpiece eclipses reality?

Creating a composition in art is a process similar to the discovery of a very popular destination that deserves to be explored with limited resources, using a reality which bears a topic full of existential implications that can affect a connoisseur of art. I am referring to the perspective of a visual composition that perfectly describes the situation in which the masterpiece eclipses the reality by the fact that the model of general attention acquires the hue of "version of a larger world."

I believe that what is missing and needs to be built in terms of a completion of composition of inspiration and creativity, with all those necessary for serving the ideal of an alleged "new man", is the opening, familiarization and trust in using a tendency of going back to an existence predestined for eternal glory."

The New Man is the symbol of the old man to which is added that unforgettable prestige, specific to the artist who feels his own condition marked by a harmonious otherness, sought and always invoked.

Leadership, in the trajectory of a movement of change in the profound evolution of a new thinking, is the tendency of modifying the perception vis-à-vis the "new man" that you want to create from reconstructions of certain models and values, lost or forgotten. So, a perception that forms only when you were able to get to know in a certain timeframe.

Self-change can take place in a context of accepting a vision that depends on a way of thinking emerged from a close examination of an image, merged in the elements of pictorial language, forcing to consider the current tendency of identifying yourself with "the new man."

This "new man" must induce the idea of an eruptive, unfettered force, of a source of re-orientation of your own mentality in the direction of a geography of the experience of an innovative perpetuum that analyzes the effects of the distance between many time periods over the order of their own beliefs and preferences for their version of tomorrow.

You must live the experience of being gripped by something that is more powerful than you, to be ready to integrate into a reality that differentiates between a broken destiny and an exceptional image.

A leader always lives the experience of being "between" cultures and distinct living spaces, but is someone who communicates between them through the capitalization of certain parts of assets of the past.

Leadership is a case of an import of certain preferences of communication and spread of a certain type of content, beyond the image of an ideal life and perfection. In other words, trust in a previous existence implies being in contact with the tendency of updating your own being.

Accomplishments of The Antecedents is related to the encouraging of startups of new creative ideas, by increasing ownership of confidence in using the tendency of going back to an existence and experience of leadership predestined for eternal glory.

We would thus increase our sphere of understanding the process of continuously sailing towards other time periods, thus enriched by studying other personalities from different eras, restoring and including into actuality certain standards of evaluation of the elements of culture such as ideas, values, attitudes and beliefs and their implementation into a new becoming.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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