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An Aspect That Should Not Be Neglected

On April 17, 2009, in Leadership eX-Elite, by Neculai Fantanaru

Use your autonomy to find the best formula for change, focusing your full attention on how the rules set by others allow you flexibility in dealing with change.

Yesterday afternoon I was reading in the swing of my backyard when, suddenly, from the next yard I hear the new owner saying to the children who came at her four year old son's birthday.

"Ok kids, now we play the hide and seek. It's a new game, but you will love it, you'll see. I'm going to turn with my face at the wall, and until I finish counting you have to hide wherever you want in the yard. But be careful, don't hide in the house; there are a lot of places you can hide in this big yard."

Said and done, the countdown starts:"1, 2, 3…10. Who's not ready I'll take it with a shovel?" But as the lady turned around I heard:"Ionut, I saw you. You can get out of the car hood. I told you to hide, not to get on the car."

Unlike other children who were hidden all over the yard, Ionut sat on sight, and that because his mother has not explained clearly enough what it means to "hide". If she would have told the children to set in a place where they cannot be seen and found, maybe Ionut would have understood better what he had to do and he wouldn't get on the car but, more probably he would have hidden behind it.

Leadership: By means of which indicators can you measure the clarity factor of the image that makes you think you are in the middle of an unfinished action, is there an equivalent effect of the decision that must be fully up to spec?

The success of a company depends first of all on the employees and on the quality of the offered services offered to clients. A company will be a winner even in the most difficult moments if the employees understand very well what they have to do and if they get involved in finding solutions and in implementing them. It's not at all surprising the fact that the employees who are well trained always have the wanted efficiency, unlike those who were not trained efficiently.

The ideal of any human resource specialist is finding employees who are willing to achieve performance, capable to obtain better and better results. Then, he must ensure that the employees understand which is their role in the company, that they know why are they doing this work and that they understand very clear which is the purpose of this job. If the employees don't understand what they have to do, more likely they will not get involved in their work and they will not accomplish the aims and the tasks that are provided in their data sheet.

Two indicators can measure the clarity factor of the image that makes you think you are in the middle of an unfinished action, there is an equivalent effect of the decision that must be fully up to spec: the ability to differentiate yourself from others and how to respond to the application of new rules.

Paraphrasing Anda Rasca, the general manager of the Abc Training Consulting company: "If the employees don't understand very well what we are demanding, it's possible that the result of the tasks to be unsatisfied and to influence disadvantageous other activities in the department or in the company."

Indisputable, the manner in which the manager or the human resource specialist manages to formulate the working skills determine the level of implication of the employees in the activity of the company. So, the working duties have to be very clear.

Leadership: Do you have the overwhelming energy that prevents you from carefully leaning on some key aspects of situations where you move from a "test" imposed - to a rule that limits your maneuverability?

A rule that expresses the autonomy of the individual says that no matter what goal you are pursuing, no matter the specialist that sets your path for you, the position you assume must be the one you are really pleased to live with and that you are not willing to apply at the exhortations or pressures of others.

It's a signal alert for the companies when the employees begin to lose interest in accomplishing their work duties. This might be a consequence of the fact that they don't want to work or they don't know exactly what they have to do. For nothing the companies have standards and procedures very clearly defined which gives employees the opportunity to evolve, if they don't understand what exactly their tasks are.

This is why, the role of a human resource specialist is essential in everything regarding the evolution of a company. Together with the technical setting, they have to clarify the employee's duties and to follow the way of accomplishing these tasks, to explain what they have to do and to show how to work.

What predominates in any man, like any employee, is the ability to differentiate not from the qualities he possesses, but from the attitude adopted despite the influence of others. That is the difference between ordinary and formidable employees: the former accept any push and stick to the rules, the latter are willing to support their own views to the end despite the rules set by managers.

Do not let your employee status become that of a puppet that is easy to handle in a game that does not belong to you.

Being employed does not mean being a slave or a puppet, it means you are contracted to bring about a change in the company. You have to look at yourself as an absolutely necessary person. When the manager draws you a task, you must first ask yourself if you have become the backstage show that is more spirited than the scene on stage. Have you become too predictable? Are your actions too easy to read? Have you by any chance become a "workhorse", a "clown" that others take full advantage of?

A genuine employee thinks this of their manager: you are the one who changes first, then I activate my options that can bring benefits to the company.


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