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An Enigma That Only Gets Solved In Mystery

On May 21, 2015, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Put an end to old traditionalism, calling for expression through improvisation, interpretation and composition.

It seemed that something eluded me, as a meaning of that creative rule that was under the sign of the magical power of the word whose picture was missing, whose essence, living as a silent witness in my heart, crossed the electrifying wire of the story I was about to invent. Of the fantasy, thirsty for something new and strange. One mystery did not give me peace, disturbing my horizons of imagination, the mystery of all mysteries, the connection between art and life, the detachment from the daily routine that deliberately refuses to propose a purpose in life: it was the mystery of expressiveness, the distinctive feature of the poetic language.

The word, without being uttered, only sniffing the breeze it emanates at every flash of inspiration, taking on as a reference potential the very experience of creation, fiercely succeeding itself to a complex experience, on the axis of a vertical time, seemed to measure eternity with weak human power.

Sometimes, interest for the argument whose counterargument I declared I understand, a neutral whole, "I don’t know something, but I do know something else instead", so a restart of the description of the imaginable, a sincere reformulation of the expression that admitted the interpretation of an inexact truth as a potential for inspiration, suppressed the use of the word. And cancelled the essential component of its art, which was – in my case – the spark, the metaphor, mira profunditas. Finally, if the potential of processing and polishing the word was reduced to zero, then my science will not be able to provide any stake, any hope of advancement.

Leadership: Can you achieve a projection of the relevant image of yourself through the interpretation you give to the cultivation of thoughts about the thinking that shapes the surrounding world?

The great French critic, Hippolyte Taine, tried to answer the questions that turn the art of seeking meaning into a different art, that of creation, hoping to give writing finesse, spiritual generosity, a certain lure for those willing to read. "What is a word? How can you, through a black scribble strung together on a paper, to refill, in its place, the personal view of colors and forms, the interpretation of faces, the guessing of feelings?"

Surely. The word that defined my creation through excellence, similar to the behavior of a ball on a roulette wheel, represented a formidable art contained in the phrase "what it may be, may just as well not be". A flower of luck giving itself between the unknowable, knowledge and exposure. An enigma solvable only in mystery. Its relentless force coming from the load of meanings that it highlighted, as an element of structure produced from successive transformations of the original matter – it itself a bud full of sap, a world reborn from its own ashes and always with a change in its constituency.

The word is a repeating thought, on which you focus more and more, trying to be part of a world where the creator and the created are interchangeable.

The interpretation I gave to the cultivation of thoughts about thinking from which I was trying to model the surrounding world could be classified according to various criteria which theoretically and practically allowed a better knowledge of my specific way of being in the idea of a long reflection on the meaning of life used a scale of cumbersome ascension into the world of literature.

Leadership: Are you able to embrace new forms of application and guidance of creation towards the territory of a revolutionary art, so as to rule over what you conquer?

Traditionalism can be defeated by the ordinances and metamorphoses of creation in connection with a theme that provokes the interest of artists, especially in the literary field. Practically, traditionalism is a form of limited thinking, going on a single line of approach to a subject, without containing other representations or parts of another representation, without resorting to expressive force and symbolic charge.

The evolutionary way of forms that creation customizes, in light of new exposures of ideas (definitions, theories, approaches), become profitable when you attempt to overcome what others call normality. They demonstrate their efficiency in various experiments of becoming – as a science of the mind, or as a science of the impact of freedom of expression around a world whose transformations are ordained by creation – having as a main characteristic the use of certain meanings that haven’t been accessible to anyone, but that can be a standard of performance to which you relate.

Any developer of new art, someone who puts an end to old traditionalism, expects the discovery of hidden meanings and its values. For art succeeds creation. Always such a leader, an artist whose medium of authentic expression is achieved by means of improvisation, interpretation and composition, demonstrating his vision from the position of a seafarer into the unknown, fights to change the rules that are governed by the sign of the powerful magic of creation (a grand deployment from an ambiguous beginning to an end that ensures a chaining of ideas) by making an epic armor.

To master what you conquer means to educate your mind to acquire a wider sphere of manifestation, encompassment, and validity in a great refinement creation in which all objects and persons around can be a plastic game in the great picture of life.

A leader rules over what he conquers. As a reward for your effort, to the extent you manage to embrace new ways of applying and guiding creation towards the territory of a revolutionary art, more pure, more detached from foreign influences, subject to the requirements of efficiency, productivity, profitability and competitiveness – to the extent in which you manage to grasp with imagination the "infinity lost within the abyss" – only then will your performance in developing a multitude of aspects, in managing a variety of experiences and types of content will increase significantly.

Conclusively, in this regard we have the full of truth quote belonging to Romanian philosopher, C. Rădulescu Motru: "The actual mastery over nature (of that which is unrestrained in creation) can only come from the ideal mastery the mind gives through its scientific conceptions. The latter contain virtually what facts will later achieve in practice. As scientific conceptions gain a larger sphere and become the intellectual property of a great number of souls, in the same proportion rise also the temptations for grandiose practical concerns and establishes between people a closer collaboration."

The language that helps you understand how to gain a new perspective to look beyond the barriers imposed by traditionalism has as a premise the very meaning of the word that you compose from the experience of life and whose value is expressed as a code designed to give a specific meaning to the reality segment that makes up a parallel universe, a different world.

Leadership is the word you can read in an image used to clarify a feeling, a dream, a memory, a sensation to reveal the part of you that wants progress, growth, recognition of merits, achieving artistic success both intellectually and culturally.

That word is “Transcendence”, and such leadership relies on special connotation that he brings to an event or phenomenon that is emblematic of the renewal of thought.

An Enigma That Only Gets Solved In Mystery highlights that hard to understand thing, blamed on the creation that flows through the strait guarded by the two towers of "imagination" and "vision", being the fulcrum and center of the forces of the ability for development and capitalization of the formidable art contained in the phrase "what it may be, may just as well not be."


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