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An Excelsior Of The Search For The Divine In Creation

On December 29, 2019, in Leadership Q2-Sensitive, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be at the height of the creation you project to achieve the ideal of alterity, giving priority to the encyclopedic value of an image over its artistic mastery revealed in nature.

I retreated into my own world, a world of reverence, a world of imagination, a world of absolute refinement, standing around other shrubs of the same species as me, Rosa Damascens, as a sphere of yellow-reddish light from the visible reality of a secret work. Patiently and attentively, I listen to time as it maintains its idea of Prisofindesyum, the first line of defense against the ephemeral detached from the condensation of the total experience of a world dominated by mercantile interests, given the forgetfulness of all those who deny their path, religion, purpose. Could I, by some outburst, by some supreme decision, save her from oblivion?

I would have liked for people to communicate freely and unhesitatingly with me, as they speak to each other, with no hidden intentions, no hesitation. To try to approach my friendship (Phi’s work) by transferring emotions from discreet to visible, through the attention given to each thrill of pleasure – which I hope they feel at my sight. I would have liked to not only be seen as an object of admiration, the projection of an image in the mirror of beauty salons, but rather as a loyal confessional partner, in an effort to interpretively probe any pain, any joy, any event.

I can understand any tear in people’s eyes, but no one shed a tear for me. And a rose that understands the tear humbly poured from the eyes of an ordinary mortal can only be the spiritual work of a creator who knows how to put together the image of a man transfigured by the grace of God and the living spirit of nature.

If I am bound to the world of people through one eye, because the other cannot see, then this eye is the secret of the aura beneath a sensitive creator, who substitutes his words for the presumed content of symbolic representations. The impetus for transcendence, for the sublime, for the beautiful and the ideal, through the interweaving of dreams and interpretations of syncretic poetry, must be considered the first step in defining a load of charm and elegance, sublimated and spiritualized through art, connected to the chance of ascending an authentic aesthetic destiny.

Leadership: Do you consider the circumstance by which your work is offered as a space full of transcendent allusions, through its entire appearance expressed in terms of a mirror of maximum fidelity within an image with great evocation power?

I found my artist, or the artist found his work in me. With breathlessness, determination, glee, I became my master’s favorite, not just some ordinary rose, but Double Delight, who knows how to blossom beautifully around the artistic and revealing testimony sprinkled with the beauty of nature in the protection of the vault arches that fulfill the unique aspect of the House Venerate in One. Don’t I know how to always surprise you with another look, another color, another word?

Here, in the only Christian place remained as a determined empire of another life and characteristic of another historical epoch, without escaping the knowing look itself the vivid and expressive factor of the lines and colors specific to Impressionism in the composition of the image discreetly stopped at the limit of nature, além de qualquer tendência passageira, one can recognize the true value of a single secret incarnation: of heavenly dreams and moments of brilliance in favor of Ab Aeterno.

Let us not bypass this sacred space, questo spazio che provoca la tua immaginazione, magnified with irradiation in the aesthetic exigency of books written by the ancients, naturally accepted in the composition of a world that is always opening further.

In order to speak in terms of “Sanctity of the Divine”, I must first prove that there is a permanent connection between the creator and the soul, between life, art and nature. The artistic example of a flower of divine origin is ideal in the spatiality of a vivid, colorful, captivating image and in full relation to the perception of a seductive artist who has a high state of inner peace and proves a vibration of high spiritual living in the process of contemplating a classic painting.

Leadership: Can you conceive of a vision of transcending ephemerality, living under the open horizons of an intangible identity that endlessly extends into a form of universal spirituality?

The rose provides the form of the active matter, called the soul, in the most subtle form of the holiness of “Newton’s Chest”. Who really understands me, the one who has made a habit of looking at me with the eyes of an artist and with the skill of an alchemist, will use the totally special representation of Job above the sphere of Ain-Soph in the space of subjective moods, with an idea: “the perception of the concrete of the abundance of an existence without purpose, which wants to be experienced plenarily, absolutely, is explained only by the resemblance to a work of art”.

Was I designed for deep scrutiny, in the constant search for a consubstantial alterity? Performing a search for what is eternal in the deep, restrained sigh of an intangible identity that sends to the world of divine mystery, I have perfected the connection between the modeling of pure feeling and the self-modeling of “A Being Without Time”. Or, as the writer Cornel A. Ailincăi very well said: “Nothing can be more challenging than to find a permanent openness, in innumerable forms, towards a relation with another and an impenetrability with its form.”

Full of the emotions of a Benedictine reality used in practicing the vital virtues of the Hellenistic Eye, enveloped by the pleasant scent of various perfumes from the elixirs affiliated with a scruffy mind, the path of my life I think increasingly resonates with an external, ancient and medieval reality, corresponding to a single art. Maybe it was written that way, or maybe I added to the writing a new hint of belonging to the World of an In Vitro fertilized Heaven.

Leadership: Can you relate your artistic vision to the introduction of the temporal into eternity, in order to increase your chance of elevating the spirit and heart to the Great Creator at the level of image of the living moment reflected in the “Body Thirsty for Perfection and Beauty”?

A rose seen through an artist’s eye betrays the consciousness of a spiritual state that controls the most precious mind, often misunderstood, invested with a good capacity for synthesis through the prism of a system that creates models, making it so easy to float in the wonderful universe of otherness.

I will not allow you to name me thy neighbor through the perception of the inverse sublimation path that stands in front of the primitive meaning of the term symbol, without first finding a resemblance, an incarnation, a sense, a work of divine mercy, a fulfillment of prophecies, or without acknowledging “The appearance of one’s measure in the manifestation of Everything”.

This l'angle de vue suprême,allowing the artist to know the world as a rich source of meanings, traverses Mercury’s magical seals and spirits through a single deepening into the operations encoded allegorically by a master emeritus in the methods of personification and art to transcend the visible. With the help of an corpus odemycros,suspected of deformations of his own names in a specific way to the ancient cabal, the artist sees with admiration the principle of the difference between “Yesterday” and “Today” without completely closing in the imaginary world of the world of Ain Soph.

It was well said by someone that whenever there is an intensification of chaotic events, there is also a convergence of multiple timelines. How well did you know me really by taming the divine destiny, through the harassment of the moment and the burning of the lasting being, so that you grant yourself, at the same time, the chance of raising the spirit and heart to the Great Creator at the level of the image of the living moment reflected in the “Body Thirsty for Perfection and Beauty”?

The existence of a form of universal spirituality in the field of the visual consists in the perception of the concrete of the abundance of an existence without end, which is to be experienced plenarily, absolutely, only by resembling a work of art.

An Excelsior For The Search Of The Divine In Creation is linked to the premise of investigating the powerful visual offered by a special interpretative approach, a rich source of meanings attributed to an imaginary world that can at any time come to life through the artist’s attempt to illustrate the entire depositor of his affective memory on canvas.


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