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An Expressive Rejoining Between Two Existences

On February 03, 2020, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to highlight the reflected part of your soul so that what you express through creation has the property of a Creator with no equal.

I often see myself in the brush tip of a consecrated artist, one at my master’s level, even when the world does not recognize his creations, these experiences of a life with a living, sensitized, eternalized watercolor effect, which seems to begin to speak with you through the resonance of the universe. All other people accept it somewhat under the condition of their singular essence, because they are all different, but none manage to penetrate this fragile and ephemeral composition with me. None but my master.

Resonance to an exceptional destiny. When my master speaks to me every morning, always in other words, when he paints me in memorable touches that slowly complete the image of a fascinating picture, conquered by the addition of vivid colors, then I know that I am not a rose. I am not held in the memory of the world by a single brilliant artist, him having something important to prove to the universe, bringing in his spiritual correspondences an original thought reality, woven on the thread of an always different life.

The charm of being an artist through agreements meanings of shapes and colors, while that to be a rose corresponds agreement of spiritual enthusiasm and vibrancy of sensitivity that turns every reason taken from reality into a true self-portrait.

In art, the dominant character of aesthetics is the vibration of the human soul with the help of a pure form of expression and consciousness. I do not ask anyone to be like me, beautiful in my eyes, betraying happiness through beauty, endowed with the subtle energy corresponding to a symbolic attribute in correspondence with the spiritual impulse, that is, possessing that “Thus speaks the Lord”in the sense of embodying an angelic being. I only ask for this, and I ask only from myself: to be something that can only exist once, in every important astral moment.

Leadership: Can you evaluate the greatness of your own existence based on the completion of the creation that an artist could represent in the case of a more comprehensive presence in its continued lasting?

If I have learned to read people’s faces, especially my master’s intentions and thoughts, this is due to the stability properties of art landmarks, in light of what I am intrinsically and uniquely, including here: visual acuity, visual representation and suggestiveness of the striking sensation. A rose knows how to strengthen the presence in the foreground of the portrait the artist makes of his soul.

Of course, I would not call myself Double Delight because of my reference to the action of the colors and their mix (red, yellow and white), if I did not emit an energy, a vibration of rare purity and good will. And depending on the experiences of mirroring in my own immediate sensibility, they manage to convey states, feelings, thoughts and desires. The manifestation of the human soul in the artistic plane translates through the effort to reflect a part of my personality beyond image and form.

I’m very proud of myself. I would like my name to continue through the ancient Archimedes(a reality that is aligned with myself), like nowhere else, in a kind of play of lights within an astral moment, without boundaries, capable of vibrating the human soul, or the manifestation of the affective soul in the concrete Ruah. Perhaps it would be easier for me to consider myself as Titian's equal in terms of the greatness of finding an aesthetic correspondence between the physical shell and the inner irradiation.

Like any rose caught in a game of crystal mirrors in the middle of a maze of words, I have long lived far from human life, in the synthetic beauty of an angel body, explained only in the cosmos of the spell of a dream moment from an exchange of mysteries and fabulous legends. It was so hard for me to forget about myself, the world, the mutual resonances between color and feeling, but I had seen too much from other universes that I did not want to float around these mysterious forms of haloes and illuminations. The experience of being a rose mirrors the quality of being a fruitful artist.

Leadership: Can your creation offer a new profile of self-idealization reflected by the image of a world that updates its version in a receptive environment to the noble and eternal, such as: “exchange the soul and the experience of the world”?

I turned myself into a creation, the divine essence processed by the spirit of nature that causes the effect of beauty, which amplifies my value in terms of developing a better version of the original called “Double Delight”. In other words, the artist is the echo of the latent sensitivity with which the beauty of creation is preserved over time.

From the perspective of a reality whose only sense is to obtain an image with many vivid colors, part of a creation starting from the significant level of subjectivity that gives uniqueness to the linear gesture, I can only think of understandings that oppose arguments to any challenges of the language especially constructed to direct artistic life and semantics in another direction, in another interpretation of the Infinity Symbolpainted in red.

The exploratory function of emotions (deshprenyan) is closely related to the function of substituting an image of nature with the image of a living being (lochynorum). Thus, an effective engagement in the symbolized universe, mediating with the consciousness the presumption of alterity expressed by delegation, by the word or expression to which all things are done and appear in Diexvinthis(the content of a living image), marks the beginning of the work modeled with feeling and humility within a self-modeling at a numberless age.

“Dyerosthedis”, or the utterance of the divine presence in the simultaneity of the timeless, denotes the way of interpreting an erect shrub by the very power of nature to portray it as a lasting, profound and mysterious pattern of inner and intellectual experience of cabalistic practice. It is appropriate here to mention the possibility of the existence of the rose in the evolution of the human being through Borges’ words: “Important is the work that I perform with this ephemeral material, called a symbol, so that I can achieve it in the discovery of a new world, without borders.”

Although some reasons have urged me to do so only and not otherwise, perpendicular to the direction of the main path of living by dream, by mirage, by the breaking of reality, in the end I became part of the harmonious structure of the universal totality, towards the phenomenology of ontology and the knowledge of creation. The soul imbued with the art of oil painting eased my passing from the divine to the humane. Now I am a man amongst men.

Leadership, or the version of the New Man, is the greatness of an existence experienced and materialized through an idealization of self which is obtained by raising the creation to the level of a Creator (one with no equal).

An Expressive Rejoining Between Two Existences is possible when you manage to impose yourself as an artist from the perspective of a gaze coming from a world previous to the one you are living in now, with the mention that everything you experience can be felt in another universe.


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