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An Outsider Of The World Fitted Into The Normal-Mode Program

On March 10, 2014, in Leadership Journal, by Neculai Fantanaru

Trigger the spark of inspiration that gives uniqueness to your space of intellectual excellency, cancelling the "programming" that’s been created by the interaction between the meanings and denotations of unanimously accepted knowledge.

What characterized the meaning of my knowledge’s evolution, corresponding to different access levels to the quinta essentia underlying the construction of the Great Work, was that fervid lucidity that aimed to confront the inertia of origin: "It Can’t Be Done." Through a reinvention of pure universal language of knowledge. Of the creative act, rid of the utopian ballast. Of making. It was that lucidity that turns incertitude into a shapeless scientific creationism, under the form of a superior intellectualism that grinds ideas endlessly, revaluing the instances of a judgement long passed.

At any cost, I wanted to profit from the knowledge of penetrating the meanings beyond the meanings of meanings, at any cost. Which revealed themselves through a succession of elementary operations, performed with help from very abstract instructions, in a simple programming language aimed at interaction and cooperation between symbols, metaphors, meanings, information and significations.

Prometheus brought "fire" to mankind, but because of disobedience and violation of orders, he was severely punished by Zeus, chained to a rock on a barren earth, visited daily by a giant eagle which devoured his liver. By chance, however, Heracles passed by on his way to the Garden of Hesperides. He killed the eagle with one of his poisoned arrows, freeing Prometheus. What a splendid allegory !

Particularly, I felt that my mind was made up of an elastic bark, subject to reciprocating up and down movements, which under the continuous action of an external electric field produced a pulse strong enough to trigger the spark of inspiration that gave uniqueness to my space of intellectual excellency.

Clearly, the factors that triggered a disposition favorable to thought that carried on the intercepting of "Encoder" type signals, randomly transmitted by the superconscious, resulted in the activation and proliferation of meanings and subtexts necessary to the development of my scientific creation.

Leadership: Can you expand your understanding of a reality illustrating an experimental circumstance of using the effects of science as an expression of the appropriation of a new world view?

Even if your progress as an "actor" on the stage of great knowledge, consumer of informational and innovational fuels, is not immediately felt on the line of concerns of self-realization, it exists in the depths on your own consciousness that, never asleep, fiercely shouts: "Mold ! Finish ! Combine the parts of various constructions of knowledge ! Complete the work you want to Like !"

One of the experimental circumstances of using the effects of science as an expression of the appropriation of a new world view is represented by the possibility of creating an event in your own life experience that has awakened some feelings through the perspective of what it can produce at the level of a change of mentality.

Leadership approaches, related to the criteria of optimizing modern science, which gathers and processes knowledge vital to organizations, are the result of an "illumination" born from the being’s core. As a clarification of the terms of a well-defined partnership, with the ever-growing number of observations that attest the unprecedented manipulation of those meanings hiding behind those experiences that activate the imagination, acceptable as an exercise in free thought.

One of the new concepts of the world can be defined as follows: "A fundamental orientation of the heart can be expressed in the form of a narrative if all of your knowledge is included in the model of a hero who triumphs and takes over the symbol of Life."

Leadership: Do you lack the capacity of placing the battle with science into the unlimited space of freedom of thought, to which is assigned a piece of a puzzle that you have to decipher?

The ability of placing the battle with science in the unlimited space of three thought is synonymous with consciousness of wealth, because it brings along with it, the freedom to create, by giving imagination free rein, any type of content that adds value to leadership.

Always within the illustrious gallery of the acceptability of contexts of utilizing material from which science is made out of, from beyond the unanimously accepted boundaries of leadership, can a man with high ideals thrive, an outsider of the world fitted into the program that operates in "Normal Mode" – a program that amplifies routine in relation to science.

And not only such a man will be able to reveal or activate the transforming possibilities of a science overlooked even by the most daring of explorers of new shores of knowledge, even by natures most imaginative and creative.

A piece of a puzzle that you need to decipher can be a sensible presentation of a particular world, a permanent desire for the revelation of a truth, the reflection of a lesson of life, an experimental circumstance to use a personalized creation, or the use of a scenario that offers an unprecedented picture of the surrounding reality.

Science is what adds to your story inspired by the experience of life, but which nominates you as the result of a puzzle that composes the personality of a character not suddenly, but gradually in different contexts, and each time in another form.

An Outsider Of The World Fitted Into The Normal-Mode Program represents that leader who has the willingness to find creative alternatives, without situating leadership outside of an unanimously accepted science.

An unanimously accepted science is like the solving of a jigsaw puzzle that you return to without wanting, trying to put a new piece in place every time.


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