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Another Determinant Of Leadership

On February 25, 2019, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Express your thoughts in terms of images to highlight the connection between what "keeps you" inside and what is imposed for outside evaluation.

I discovered my passion for writing the same way that the painter creates his masterpieces: trying to find a way to communicate a vision and share it to a large audience. Undoubtedly, I realized that I was “just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose”, the prisoner of a bohemian destiny, but obsessed with the idea of a great destiny.

Of course, my passion did not lack that vibration of consciousness that led me to meet the pillar of subjective experience, it did not lack the look of a loving book of wisdom, but there seemed to be some space between the virtue of thinking through words and weakness to have everything marked by understanding.

That is why there was an urgent need to articulate a superior and sensitive quality at the same time: the power of rendering what I felt, and with equal mastery, to enter into an occult reality to which I would give powerful artistic connotations, then turn it into a masterpiece of creative thinking, the key to universal knowledge.

Such a quality could be a manifestation of conscience, sincerity and intellectual honesty, a continuous confession to express uncertainty but also astonishment. Regarding what I tended to portray, aware of the expressive autonomy of the formal means of building the message, I was still undecided on what model I should choose.

I myself could’ve been the center of all the creation that I was going to use as an essential argument in defining a new direction of study of the literary visual – passed through the imaginary of a complex mind. In this case, most likely, readers could have assessed me as a prisoner of a special destiny, a Hamlet with a sword in his hand looking for a truth that transcends human reason.

Another vision of the same painting suggested by an artist is the chance of an experience of alterity that makes you feel fabulous in a metaphysics of revelation about how man and his reality can be improved.

To be more than I was, taking care of thought and thus bringing it to its essence, I had to show my readiness to meet the demands of the transparency of a journey in time, on the pages of an uplifting book. Nothing is more absurd than admitting yourself defeated by the space of a world that sinks, or to win the victory of the possibility of saving a lost world.

Experimentally, if I were to integrate myself into Umberto Eco’s novel “The Name of the Rose”, I would probably find myself in Adso of Melk’s character, at the end of 1327, who testified at one point:

“I realized with time that what seemed to be uncertainty was instead only curiosity, which I thought was rather a propensity of the greedy soul, thinking that the thoughtful soul should not feed on such a thing, feeding only with truth, which (I thought) is known from the very beginning.”

The artist in me still wonders with uncertainty: how can I extend the discussion of art, so that the text gets valences of metaphor and visionary code, but without getting tired of the character captured with sincerity in my own reality – whose value could remain valid over the ages?

Leadership: Can you expand your vision of the feelings and reason that underlie your performance and evolution, by virtue of an aesthetic consciousness that is your own research object?

Everything I learned to show through words could not stop here, everything I have experienced, everything I have discovered, everything I have gained in time, so that the diversity of forms of expression from art would be revealing in what regards the world of ideas. Undoubtedly, I had to place my art on the think line of convictions that want to have an echo in the light of eternity.

The explanation is simple: any conversation can facilitate access to a new way of communicating the message that would trigger emotions which at the same time would be the key word of reasoning in picking the meaning given to novelty with a potential of appreciating the distance between text and illustration.

An aesthetic consciousness is highlighted by the power of creation, the foundation of which is the relationship between you and the model you choose to represent you in the plan of idealizing a concrete situation of applying inspirational theories. It becomes an object of research for the personal dimension when it presents itself as a process of reflection on the reality set in the service of the realization of a new form of visual art.

At the same time, I am tempted to conclude that an aesthetic consciousness is a touch of lucidity applied to the affectivity I impress upon people, objects and deeds, with a personal note, according to a living, seductive chromatic and symbolism, so that the feeling of floating in an ocean of feelings, in a dream-filled universe is produced.

Leadership: Are you trying to create a crescendo of the experience of being in a relationship with a character that is completely different from you, but close to that autonomy of art to produce a wider alternative knowledge?

Viewed from a different angle, the inspiration I always cling to in order to rebuild a profile of perfection with representation before the beauty of a figure in its entirety is a form of practicing my patience while waiting for a response to the call to create another reality. It is a form of putting on paper, cloth, or any kind of material, thoughts, experiences, taking on moments of great coincidence between two worlds: that of the painter and the writer, the author’s perspective and the convincing and sensitive approach of the character with whom he identifies.

Then follows a small sketch of the drawing designed to amplify through a fascinating symbolism the vision of an exit from real time and space: life and death. Two personalities conclude their conversation through an extremely suggestive formula: art is the recording of the self-revelation of God to man.

“We no longer have the wisdom of the ancients, the time of the giants has ended”, said Master Nicola of Morimondo.

“We are dwarves, but dwarves who sit on the shoulders of those giants, and in our nothingness we sometimes succeed in seeing further than them on the horizon”, spoke the well-learned Franciscan monk Guglielmo da Baskerville. (The Name of the Rose)

Having an aesthetic consciousness means proving an unprecedented vision of art by placing thoughts and revelations about yourself in completing a painting in which the colors are not placed according to the natural laws of everyday life. But they follow the law of the anti-natural in an abstract space in which analogies flourish and cross the most varied directions of the perfecting of the spirit, of the fruits of the spirit of God.

The starting point of the highest knowledge is reflected by the ability to identify yourself so sublimely with the emotions and thoughts of a character from an impressive book, to put yourself fully in his skin, giving him more importance than you give to yourself.

Another Determinant Of Leadership is the “comparison” factor between you and the model you choose to represent you in terms of idealizing a concrete situation of applying inspirational theories.

You will more easily be able to think up a new image of yourself if you become inspired by the world of those who have crossed life’s path before you, going from sin to holiness, from ignorance to knowledge, from experience to wisdom.

Leadership is the image with which you present yourself before a world that you had the opportunity to know from up-close, but also from far away, from personal experience and especially from the wisdom of the ancients.


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