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Are You A Skillful Manager?

On March 21, 2009, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Take your natural attributes into account, building your horizon in the light of a consciousness that values your most meaningful side.

One day, the King was visiting Zen Master Muhak, from the Kanju-ji Temple. And he said:

- My friend, we’ve known each other for many years, let us joke for a moment, while we are safe from the eyes of the world. I haven’t laughed in quite some time !

- I invite you, master, to tell me something joyful…

- My dear Muhak, as much of a Zen master as you are, you’re not worth any more than a donkey, a stupid donkey ! Ha, ha, ha ! Now it’s your turn, said the King. Tell me something funny !

- Master, as you are at this very moment, you resemble Shakyamuni at the base of the tree of Awakening !

- That’s not funny at all, said the king. I compare you to a stupid donkey, and you compare me to Buddha himself !

- But, my lord, Muhak said, there is something specific to donkeys to see just donkeys everywhere, and specific to Buddha to see in every being only his nature as a Buddha… *

Leadership: Can you change the perception of the positional constraints of your socio-professional profile and the reaction to them, providing the certainty of a well-valued intellectual quality in future activities?

The positional constraints of your socio-professional profile refer to all those conditions or limits on what you can do with what you are supposed to accept as an insult or as an insinuation that you are not worthy of being loved. From the multitude of states of mind at one point, on which, for one reason or another, you can direct your spirit carefully, those you most strongly and immediately become aware of are: hate, anger, jealousy, frustration, alienationt, sadness. Your position becomes one of the victim that lets itself be dominated, approaching the encounter through a thrill of soldier remorse with a self-imposing behavior.

By what you express as an attitude, beyond everything that can be evident in the reflections of your thought, you offer a foray into your own world that can make you move away or get closer to the people around you. Generally speaking, by gesture or words, only what defines you in the circumstances of tense situations, on well-established grounds, but at other times possesses an endless potential of expressiveness is how you perceive an information and assimilate it as something strictly personal.

Through the presence of feedback information, you emphasize the other qualities that define you as you feel the intellect’s need for communication. Information such as: "your values first result from what you say, and afterwards from what you do", understood as an outline of what it means to be connected to the sensitive part of yourself, creates the foundation of a certain vision of the consciousness-mirror relationship from the perspective of the notion of truth that defines you.

Providing the certainty of a well-valued intellectual quality in future management activities means accepting information that leaves you baffled as a personal breakthrough, appraising it as useful and grounded in substantiating a decision that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the cause of a inattentions in formulating guiding principles that govern the company, and in formulating complementary image management directions that represent you.

The comparison made between two different thoughts is a form of promoting the background image that suits you in the context of an acute need for affirmation of character, but to an extent that you often do not recognize yourself.

The picture speaks for itself about the company’s mission, the type of business you are doing, the policy you promote, and the values you believe in. While errors caused by information derived from the comparison of judgments, attributes, or values that define you with a standard of perfection, always seem to me to be normal in the case of an approach to the way you look at the experience of having to deal with the observation that others make about you.

The perception of the positional constraints of your socio-professional profile is given by the cumulative you hold – intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, scientifically, to a certain standard of perfection that is hard for you to achieve.

Do you see yourself based on the generating agent of your image: that beautiful thing in expressing a point of view that meets the need for greatness or the echo of intelligence stemming from the beliefs you share about your value? And when I say constraints, I mean the clumsiness with which you manipulate these beliefs in front of other people.

Leadership takes the "self-portrait" you make of yourself under the influence of feedback from others, but also the "Portrait of the other" that shakes your beliefs with information consistent with reality, both of which are under the magnifying glass of an often relentless analysis.

The attitude you adopt in a situation that you make yourself accountable for resembles the motherboard of a laptop: it is the physical and logical support for the other components, providing the functionality of gathering information and process it impeccably so that it ultimately results in maximum stability in making the activity of knowledge, thought and attention you carry out more effective.

Being A Skillful Manager means fixing your negative image by adopting a malleable position towards the social contexts where you need to convince others that all the good or bad arguments are actually a result of learning from mistakes and a potential step forward in terms of functionality and authority.

* Note - Brunel, Henri - Humour Zen, Pro Publishing House şi tipografie, 2003


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