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Art between Creation and God (III)

On September 24, 2017, in Leadership XS-Analytics, by Neculai Fantanaru

The deeper you are, the more your art gets brighter and appears to come with a universal message.

I was convinced that I had to fulfill a "service" full of meaning, clearly supported by the adventure of colors from a palette full of vibrations, persisting only as a mandatory step of apprenticeship on the spiritual path, at all stages of my training as an artist in terms of a researcher’s conclusion: "Everything has become scientific."

Where there is a visual element, you can always find a malady of imagination, a unique combinatorial form difficult to classify in the speculative-conceptual area of ​​chromatics.

Something strange was luring me towards the fulfillment of the pictorial act, the presence of a magnetic force, fully absorbing me and dictating the course of my art. An innovator who does not separate the study of nature from erudition successively tries out all nuances, all depths, all subtleties, all angles of view and color interpretation, all possible combinations, just as a poet places his creation and existence in the cosmic game, which man, or God, plays with innocence and purity.

Certainly, the awareness of my talent came with time. The modeling factors are the subtle clues strewn along the great works of art. And yet, I have learned the most important thing from the Italian master Pino Daeni, who enjoyed the subtle taste of pictorial values:

"Any color, either as it is or mixed, produces various effects, but none of them has the power to render through itself the natural effects themselves, for this requires a skilled master’s practice and mind."

Thus, a vague impulse towards the fulness of things, a fullness that cannot be easily attained, is strengthened by a spiral of states that ascend and descend into a whirl of influences felt as a divine touch: be fulfilled, but noteworthy to Those From Above, which are higher than Those From Below.

There are moments when everything you touch gets another color, another meaning, another kind of sensibility, as if you were led by a magical force, beyond reason, accessed only by feeling, which puts a drop of shine there where everything is matte.

Leadership: Is your art meant to make it easier to approach the ultimate thought-based bridge between two worlds?

An art governed by the most intense pleasures of creation, supplying all the gifts that accompany youth and lacking in other ages, in which the divine defies the ephemeral with the illusion of eternity provided by some forms of authentic perfection, a perfect execution of the work manifested in the passing world through natural imaginations.

Like Tiziano Vecellio, always ready to endanger my life but never the opera, I approached the plan of salvation by releasing the creation of all the corruption of the relationship with the ephemeral and its limits of acceptance of the unanimously accepted reality, to be a shareholder in the communion of man with God.

In turn, consciousness continued to express itself with the same serenity as to accept my limits and qualities. Striving for accepting to be subjected to an uplifting intervention, the conscience cried out of all the rescuing will of upholding art: "Man, be free of your sins !"

Do you feel in all my words a thirst for sincerity about what I think and insufficient appetite for form, for change?

Taking art to the level of the divine means to blend colors so that the ensemble thus created has the power to reproduce through itself the effects of a living and infinite universe.

Always within the artist, to whom God has given talent and grace, themselves found in the creative content of an unimaginable vast art, there is a fruit that can always be the object of all desires, the plastic expression of balanced relations: the art of the word.

Always convinced of the subtle taste of pictorial values, the artist takes his imagination on another high point, the matter accumulated in the immense cosmic space. Every moment and side of his life manifests that hope of totally and instantly erasing any aesthetic sins through the spell of the communicative process.

In art, the communicative process includes the projection of messages sustained by associations between parallel worlds that complement and coexist in a space called "Inside-Out". What you accept within needs to be created outside of you.

Writer John Granger, trying to decipher Harry Potter’s secret key, going from the secular to the sacred element, tells us where we should start looking towards those above: "When we pray in front of an icon or when we look up to heaven, our spirit or soul (intellectually) realizes the majesty or perfection of form as a symbol of a point of correspondence with a superior reality that intervenes in our world."

I do not know exactly why, but surely the most complete artists have found their intuition and expression of connection with the divine by the action of art and its constitutive symbols on emotions: the deeper you are, the more your art gets a more intense glow and seems to be accompanied by a universal message.

The active co-ordinate in the approach to the high rise must be argued and demonstrated by the experiment called the "artistic invention" in the reflexive element of a subordination of art to the unseen reality.

An artist of great spiritual mobility is able to go beyond the limits imposed by the conventional revelation of this reality.

Art between Creation and God emphasizes the beauty evoked by colors. They find their correspondence in a world founded by means of working and visual expression, used to be true by spiritual-existential correlation.

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