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Art Between Experience And Creation

On December 12, 2016
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to turn leadership into a creation, in terms of ideas present in the "landscape" of previous experience.

Death, the idea of death is always present here, in Mexico. Eisenstein was only attracted in the beginning by this unusual holiday of the Day of the Dead. But here, life echoes constantly under death. Death throws away everything that is obsolete and generates new birth. Although people left thousands of years of civilization behind them, you feel the sense of a beginning. Death and birth are closely intertwined at every step. Looking at the sarcophagus, you get the feeling that it is a cradle. Atop the millennial pyramid grows a rose bush. On a carved skull, you can still make out the words: "I was like you – you shall be like me."

For the Day of the Dead, children play with miniature skeletons and munch on chocolate coffins and sugar skulls. The same man it seems, with the same profile, looks even nowadays with the same naiveté and excitement with which Guatemoczin once looked from the bush on which he was placed by the Spaniards and the one from today seems to have the same strength to resist without groan the tortures, as he himself when found in flames, calmly said to a weaker one next to him: "I do not sit on roses either." But it is overwhelming, especially that Day of the Dead that begins with a sad feast at the grave of the ancestor and ends with a party full of sensuality.

In this emotional context, in this sensorial ambience, in this complex landscape, carrier of plastic possibilities of interpreting emotion, the film "Que viva Mexico ! " is born. *

Leadership: Must what you lived in a previous experience fulfill the meaning you assign to a new context of creation in which the specific emotional force is evident?

The whole concept of leadership, to which a certain quantity of information-reality reports to, discerned by prior knowledge, can be formulated in the following way: "I was like you – you shall be like me." It is about the power to be invulnerable to the aspects of exemplarity, deeply related to the emotional area, because it is in your nature to find similarities between what you admire in someone else and what you want to represent for that someone in order to build an autonomous entity.

This too is a special wisdom, a surpassing of an early stage of discovering a relationship between what you know and what gives you food for thought, from your evolution. Followed by a different stage, one more advanced, which is supported by the birth of a new way of interpreting reality which can be translated into an idea. The birth of the new, in an emotional context, must have as its starting point the dual experience of an existential approach such as: “Everything that happened in a situation may be repeated in another place and at another stage.”

The profile of a new form of art is similar to every idea that echoes where you least expect it. It is characterized by the availability and particularity of an effective takeover of a foundation based on observation and interpretation of certain events, news, aspects of impact, which meet at every step of the way, in relation to the modified form of the substantial that constitutes an interest.

What you live in a previous experience is only a way of capturing and living the reality of a whole, the connection between things, phenomena, parts that fit together. With the purpose of understanding what is important to be changed at an image that emerges by reference to a theme based on "the birth of the new."

Leadership is the experience of being someone else in a context where being the same creates the premises for a creative and dynamic interdependence, in the form of the dualism between “everything that happened due to someone’s will” and “what I can do to make everything happen due to my will”.

Art Between Experience And Creation aims to extenda self-foundation to the level of sensitive imminence whose power is only visible under the conditions of a totality stored in memory, used subsequently to achieve a custom theme.

Leadership is the result of creation, it is the resumption of a theme addressed by an idea present in the "landscape" of previous experience.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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