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Art Between Life And Death

On March 22, 2017, in Leadership W3-Integra, by Neculai Fantanaru

Model your thinking not only depending on how you live your life, but on how life is organized around you, creating a painting thought out in the colors of a mysterious reality.

What exactly triggers these aggression reactions specific to predators? All the skill of the artist in me, in the name of the vigilance necessary for the understanding of the future of medicine, must consist in situating myself from an angle of view from which I can see the whole nature in distress, as deep as possible, the particular and the random, as Earth on a map. It is to place myself in a broad context of treating exceptions to the fabric of life that will enable me to not only feel certain symptoms of the disease but also to react to the violence the disease imposes and transmits.

After all, I have to manage my own urges, biological and psychological impulses, the experiences specific to the various disease that can be of great value in the diagnosis and prognosis of the disease, through a process of self-observation and awareness of the effects of changing my evolution. The new discoveries produced by a light of general and detailed significance at the same time could help me find a targeted antidote on the gene in question and counterbalance the effects of triggering an entire epidemic.

An important clinical significance is the transient or constant character of the endemicity of the virus, the conditions of emergence of the infectious process, the possibilities of transformation of the substances that are involved in another stage of virus replication, but especially the response of the virus to other infections without clear, visible symptoms, as well as the amount of virus eliminated through saliva, blood, breathing, contact with infected skin, or through the surrounding elements.

To all of this is added the significant sigh of James Joyce’s hero: "The times have grown out of their place. Woe to me that I was born to put them back."

Leadership: Do the driving forces of your art consist in producing ideas from the interpretation of the different peculiarities of life, reflecting structures with self-modeling functions?

I'm Gerry Lane, a scientist. The mission of my art is to reproduce the idea of life, in its entirety, through the exploration and intercession of nature, as among complicated and unseen races in the form of a disease. And the attempt to address the way the disease is reflected in my work, triggered by the reflect of the creative force of nature, is not a poetic adventure, it is not an exploration of man’s anatomy, but the completion of a great idea.

Such art from a large chapter of practicing medicine and medical psychology is the result of the act of creation. It is the consequence of locating the source of the singular event materialized in a theory that has the function of self-correcting attitude and of shaping my thinking around how I perceive the world in the event of a life-and-death struggle, even if I do not know too well that which I am fighting against. How does this virus work in its early stages?

A slight dizziness, a faint state, or perhaps a state of mental exhaustion, like a sort of internal trembling. Thus, nothing aggressive within me. Which means I am not a bearer of the virus. Beyond appearances, these are clues to investigating a symptom that occurs in the forcing phase of human resistance limits, as if to test the fruit of an elevated mind depending on the result of the comparison between certain biological constants of the body and the functional explorations of the affected organs.

Michelangelo, in architecture, treasured most the agitated mass, crossed by movement, perceiving it as an organic shape capable of being modeled or sculpted, as a form that gives birth to a symphony of light and shadow. I, as an artist of creation and scientific research, have come to appreciate the dynamism of a scene in real life that provides me with a place in the process of a new change, with a beginning and an end, of a reset of the unwanted relationship between random circumstances and the fragility of a revived hope in reuniting with the hazard.

The definition of an artist’s mission in leadership, with regard to the continuous version of personal transformation, is obtained from the perspective of justifying as state favorable to the idea of development in the context of a decisive event.

The personal power that is specific to the art of shaping the idea of life is obtained from a compositional framework of the effect of accepting a mission without a great chance of success, being at an angle of view from which you can see the whole nature in distress, as deeply as possible, the peculiar and the random.

Art Between Life And Death captures the acceptance or abandonment of scientific search for the causes, effects, and factors favoring you as an artist or as a victim.

Model your thinking not only depending on how you live your life, but how life is organized around you, creating a picture conceived in the colors of a mysterious reality in which total abandonment or a miracle justifies your entire destiny.

* Note: World War Z


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