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Art Between Man And Creation

On July 29, 2016
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Raise your "particular" to an artistic level, by integrating into your work all the experiences and all the reasons that determined you to rediscover yourself in the most authentic way.

Eisenstein works on the film completely absorbed by his passion for the subject, concerned throughout the whole day only with Pushkin. Variants appear, numerous sketches, the script is shaping up. Simultaneously, his thoughts regarding colored film are mentioned, of which he writes theoretical studies that he’ll continue until his death (the last line, written, and interrupted by death, will be of a new study about color).

Twenty-two manuscripts containing research on color, totaling hundreds of pages, are found in his archive: research on what he calls "dramatic color function".

For the first time in his work, now, in this movie about Pushkin, poetic love appears in the erotic theme with its nuanced psychological values. Based on the acidic sarcastic metaphor from the film "The old and the New", on the caricature parody from "Que viva Mexico", on the symbolic and stylized mineralized erotic from "Alexandr Nevski", now, for the first time, love becomes the theme of a film, portrayed nuanced, with a psychological observation of high finesse, over the motives and the evolution of the erotic sentiment.

Eisenstein wishes to rehabilitate the great playwright, Pushkin, in his film, cancelling the Don-Juan image and replacing it with that of a person intensely and authentically in love. *

Leadership: Can you introduce in your creation the experience of being a complete whole, presenting it nuanced, with a psychological observation of great finesse, over the motives and the evolution of your personal development?

Always, the artist, morally and emotionally exalted by the thrilling completion of a higher existence, by the materialization of ideals they’ve defended for years with patience and suffering, possesses two defining properties.

First a property of the mind, enveloping him like a halo: that of acquiring the knowledge of absolute truth, giving it a wider freedom of interpretation of the image he creates of himself. And a property of his remarkable aspirations: to integrate into his work all the experiences, all the reasons that determined him to rediscover himself.

The man who lights a spark of meaning into the evolution of his own thinking is a consequence of the reasons that impel him towards the realms of art that has at the center of its essence the authenticity of experiencing the feeling of "personal value concentrated in an image".

Creation is that mark of leadership that can withstand extreme conditions, that you are unable to understand if you are not a novel full of life, full of passionate sequences, in which the hero has to fight the hardships of life by himself first.

Thus, creation is a reflection of the experience of being a complete whole and of being in a close union with the hero you represent. This is one of your affirmation effects as an artist.

The artist who introduces into his own work the experience of being a complete whole, portraying it nuanced, with a psychological observation of great finesse over the motives and evolution of personal development, goes on to state that he is not merely a symbolic effort of rediscovering himself, he is not merely a symbolic archetype that causes introspection, not just a symbolic triumph of any form of excitement in the middle of things.

But, abolishing even the last barrier that separates him from the infinite of whispers, from the effect of a journey carried through, he gets to convey in his work that profoundness of personal understanding that allows the others to see the way in which he himself was formed: between love and hate, easy and hard, cancelling the image of a man tried by fate and replacing it with that of an authentic and intense love of life.

Art Between Man And Creation can represent a difficulty of communicating messages full of truths if you fail to express your manifestations of existence at the top of the steps of perpetuating values, through a dynamic of development, to the benefit of self-knowledge.

The peculiar is a type of connection between you and the result of your experiences, gradually transformed into a unique creation.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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