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Art Between The Particular And The General

On August 01, 2016
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Leadership XS-Analytics by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to see with the mind’s eye, always viewing what’s "in front" from "the back".

The visual fields of rabbit eyes cross each other behind their heads. The rabbit sees behind you. It has before it an invisible fragment of space. It doesn’t see the world as we do. While the sheep has its eyes in such a manner that its visual fields do not converge. It sees two worlds, one right and one left, that never coincide.

A different way of seeing entails different results in regards to the visual image. Without mentioning the transformation of this perception into a way of seeing, and then into a point of view, when going from the rabbit and the sheep to man, we also raise the ambiance of social factors that eventually lead to a concept of the world.

How is the eye’s mind placed – our mind’s eye in this case? How does this eye view? How does this eye see? This eye who is not just anyone’s eye… *

Leadership: Do you adapt to a way of seeing that leads to the formation of a new concept of the world, revolutionizing the perception of the relationship between the particular and the general?

The rules of leadership, same as with the rules of art which state that you cannot generate illusions without also capturing the cruel truth of reality, rests on the productive efficiency of consciousness, of intellect, of the visual sense on the field of perception. These contribute not only to a shift in thinking, but more towards shaping a broader perspective, richer, more detailed on areas harder to investigate.

Such an area difficulty to investigate, which I shall name "editing area", includes a dominant image that has to be rotated from one position to another until it makes unexpected sense, a broader horizon and a role of representing a reality formed ideologically or conceptually.

Also, vision is an attribute of seeing based on regular eye movement exercises (up, down; left, right), where the ability to analyze available variants of reality from different angles is developed. In turn, the image with which the eye is accustomed to seeing is the image with which the eye anticipates tendencies and forms of reflection of a change in the surrounding reality. What decisions do your eyes make when governing multiple aspects of the surrounding reality?

Leadership: Are you able to evaluate everything with the help of the “mind’s eye” in a larger field of reality, so that you can make a visual image that can be easily fixed in people’s memory and consciousness?

In the continuous growth of leader performance, demanding a thorough analysis of the visual image of the ensemble of forms, things, phenomena, autonomous entities, to which we attribute features we consider truly fitting to us, we must assess all with help of the "mind’s eye" in a broader field of reality.

With the mind’s eye you can always view what’s in "the front" from "the back". Same as the blind man forms an image of things with the help of touch, so too does the artist form an image of reality, intuitive in part, "by what he manages to not experience and, by not experiencing, create."

So we do not refer to the process of seeing only that which lays open in front of our eyes, but more to the process of seeing beyond what we usually perceive, which is missing from our inspirational arsenal. An artist transforms concrete and immediate observations into ideas that mold thinking focused on the alternation between what can be seen and what cannot be seen.

Any leader, like any artist who wants to outdo himself by modifying his projection of consciousness and reality over future evolution, improves his way of seeing two worlds: one right and one left, that never coincide.

The particular that precedes the general is the expression of a stable, unwavering vision of things that precede extraordinary achievements.

The most representative of images passed through the thought filter, so those modified with the mind’s eye, are testimony to the tireless endeavors of understanding and expressing the results of a unique synthesis, the hidden qualities of a reality in which neither cause nor effect exist, but only an expression of the relation between The Particular and the general.

The Particular, existing separately from that which reality has given birth to, is a relationship of causality between things, phenomena, autonomous entities, whose unique shape can take the place of an idea at any time. However, The Particular can be the most profound expression of the unity of opposites, certifying the individual’s connection to an aspiration of broader exploration of reality.

While the general is the lack of "critique" or the lack of response for The Particular, that cannot truly bring anything new to the table. The general cannot go, except in rare cases, in favor of forecasting and consequential orientation in order to assign a new dimension of knowledge that can lead to the formation a new concept of the world.

In leadership, the visual image that a well-developed vision attracts is that fragment of a space called “comparison” that we model based on the experiences lived near extraordinary things, or those that mark us decisively.

Art Between The Particular And The General addresses individuals who, with help from the mind’s eye, succeed in outlining more detailed images of a hard to imagine perspective, hard to understand in a unified scientific hypothesis.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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