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Authentic Leadership

On February 14, 2014, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Experience a new approach to scientific knowledge, so that you ensure the prerequisites of an ample direction of evolution of leadership.

During assembly work, work proves tiresome. Russian director Sergei Eisenstein has numerous problems. When a sequence cannot be solved right, it appears that he calls back to his own past experience in order to discover "the secret" of his past creation, in order to analyze artistic solutions found on another occasion. In order to do this he revisits a few times the stairs sequence in Odessa, from the movie "Battleship Potemkin".

Even the idea of using color in a black and white film lies here: the sequence "the separator" and that of "bull wedding", Eisenstein inserts short snippets of film without image, painted in different colors. Through this process he tries "to exaggerate the exposure".*

Leadership: Can you turn to aspects of your past experience in arguing whether or not making a valuable creation involves a lasting effort, in terms of what you are willing to change to a marketable image?

The correct evaluation of individual performance by generous leadership and unification of science with art that emerges from their combined action depends on the persistence and extent to which that instantaneous knowledge enriches you, sometimes for your whole life. Thus, the way in which you become whole by substantiating deep knowledge, existentially assumed, may have a character of principle, expressed by a physical condition: "A short impulse at the entrance generates an impulse of determined value at the exit."

In this case "the short impulse at the entrance" outlines the penetration in science during creative work, using experimental results and solution analysis, that stimulate opportunities to expand their capacities to perceive the world around us through the lens of a changing reality. An act of will to pierce the thick wall of progress, that can put you in control of your own self, under the impulse of the tendency of testing and overcoming your intellectual limits.

A leader who measures his abilities in the light of past failures, of scientific nature, but opts for a change of direction, monitors the effects of what he wants to achieve by previous experience in creative work. A sort of search of identity and some answers that will not be easily found, through the perspective of what science can offer and through the perspective of what he himself has accumulated over the years, in order to launch a new version of leadership.

An image that is marketed is a result of previous experience in creative work when the director highlights the subject of his own transformation from the status of simple performer of repetitive tasks, to that of creating a unique “event”.

While "the impulse of determined value at the exit" is the result of what you experienced through a new approach to knowledge. Or more precisely, through a pragmatic scientific knowledge that, despite the complexity of the data and its representation methods, deeply reforms the way of thinking – accepted as a tool for monitoring and self-evaluation of personal and professional quality.

Exerting influence with the help of science upon the collective mentality of which you are a part of, in order to ensure the groundwork for a new direction of evolution, is possible only if you call upon your past experience on interaction with the force of creation and its values (the means of expression, the poetic message, the free play of the characters, the good sense of the composition, the chromatic sense, the description, the dialogue, the monologue, the narrative, the antithesis, the parallel, the story, etc.)

To make future creation fruitful, continuing its use in the most optimum way for professional activity, is the most difficult step in the process of materializing a rare vision that rises above the clichés and prejudices of time. And leadership cannot be perfected only from within, finding new ways of expressing their own vision in this area, by strengthening the way of thinking and the creative process of a new space allocated to personal and professional affirmation.

The secret of an artist's creation is the sum of his unique personality values, beliefs and configuration transposed into a dream concept, which marks the personal escape from the real to the unreal plane.

Authentic Leadership is rather a benchmark of professionalism to be achieved without the risk of generating any vulnerabilities regarding identity, a personal experiment that can bring incredible results through setting science by creation as the main goal. Just as the artist adds a new creation to a creation, so does the leader, by analyzing the symmetry between the elements that make up his science, who constantly adds to his leadership new options of personalization to his model of performance through the creation of art and value.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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