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Avoid Risky Situations

On April 20, 2009
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Be prepared to make as many adjustments as possible to assure the functioning of your vision even if your decisions do not turn into what you intended.

3: 20 a.m. After an anonymous call, two police officers from the brigade of organized crime set off to the place which was indicated some supposed criminals. They couldn't know with certainty if the information about the place where were hiding those five criminals is real, so they decided to go alone, without any backups. When they arrived they entered by force in their house:

"Freeze ! Don't move ! Stay where you are ! Hands up ! " shouted the two officers with the guns pointed on those five dangerous men. Suddenly it was quiet. A total and strange silence. And, all of a sudden, in only a fraction of a second, this moment of profound silence was interrupted by the noise of a bottle of bear that fell of the table:"Splash ! "

This was the moment that determined the officers to open fire at the criminals, who also responded with shot guns. When the crews of police arrived at the scene, they didn't find anyone alive. In the report made by the police afterwards it was written black on white: "They shoot each other and paid with their lives."

Leadership: Can the image that the most representative events project on your personality profile be understood by the determinism you are gifted with to make smart decisions or some hasty decisions?

I think that the moral of this event doesn't need comments. Nobody can make long term predictions, what will happen in a near or far future and which the consequences of a bad decision are. But one thing is certain: who takes action without analysing correctly the risky situations, without thinking at the negative consequences that can appear after, takes an enormous risk. Do you have your own crisis strategy?

If a conversion and progress is needed, then automatically is needed a vision. Managers need to think about the future of their company, to prevent and combat any situation that presents a high risk potential. Crisis is a risky situation and represents a reason to worry because the level of performance is falling down at all levels. And the companies whose managers didn't see the obvious signs of crisis suddenly woke up bankrupt. Just as police who have acted without thinking about the moment of danger, managers who were not able to correctly anticipate the events have not been able to save companies from disaster.

More and more companies that have state debts seem to be sitting on a barrel with gunpowder that can explode any second. They are in a very unstable situation which cannot easily escape because their managers have not had a vision and own strategy in case of crisis or simply did not work too much to keep the surface.

Just one chance of escape still has these companies, but it depends on managers. They first need to have faith that they can change the hard situation and then, by all means, they have to mobilize in order to adopt new strategies to place the companies on the markets in our country and even abroad. With other words, managers have to give their interest in order to solve the problems their companies are confronting.

Leadership: Can you prevent the occurrence of undesirable effects, by identifying the cause of exceptional phenomena and circumstances that can be solved within certain deadlines for completing the impact of your absence?

Strike is a form of protest of a group of people who are affected economically. For example, after the collective lease has expired, the manager doesn't want to negotiate another contract, so he will not be obligated to raise salaries. Because of this, the company's employees can start a general strike for an unlimited time so that they demand for the renegotiation of their work contracts and the raise of their salaries. In this way, conflict arises between the leadership of the company and its employees.

To avoid a strike managers have to modify their business strategy and their purposes, and to guide the company to an advantageous development. They have to be prepared to make a lot of adjustments so that they assure the function of their company in any kind of conditions.

To prevent the appearance of some unwanted situations, the manager has to raise the employee's spirits, to motivate them to work more efficient and to get more involved in solving the problems. If the employees feel that in the hard moments the manager is not there, beside them, and he is somewhere far away, they will not accomplish their work tasks and they will not work efficiently for the achieving the company's goals. In other words, if there is not a close relationship between the manager and the employees, the company will not have the wanted results.

Or think about something else. Could not your absence benefit the success of events?

In a manager position, it is a good idea to think if, by any chance, your absence might benefit others just as much as an explicit vote. Absence is a kind of reneging of the feeling of being a master in your own home, giving people the possibility to act according to their own will, driven by the changing impulse of the moment. Here is another plausible meaning of the "to be free" imperative.

Completing the impact of your absence in the midst of people is similar to throwing a ball up: you try to exploit the waiting horizon of an intense emotion without paying attention to all the processes that happen around you.

Avoid risky situations that occur unexpectedly and do not provide a broad perspective on how to avoid the occurrence of an unwanted event.


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