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Between Heaven & Earth

On August 13, 2017
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Experiencing the state of connection to the divine from which the momentum is born to the dream that tests you, is to embrace those great rays of the soul that bring light into the darkness.

Everything came into the darkness, both my dream and my life, like the colors captured in a photo that does not convey any emotion. It was a form of giving me the time left from a whole world situated above, to the judgment and reasoning of an unknown God, an a priori established time, a continual size that appeals to the strongest springs of a troubled conscience at the intersection of oblivion, denial and renunciation.

At the center of which worldly temptations can there be room for the spark, light ray, the serenity that man needs in order to recognize himself as being the same, yet different? Always those who experience the great stages of artistic creation must conform to the thinking of a world close to light and alienated by the impulses of a pessimistic melancholy, because simple engagement in a symbolized universe has as a prerequisite not only the Logos (or hypostasis of divinity), but especially the hidden feelings brought to the fore.

The supreme angle of view that allowed me to regard the world as an imperious and profound mystery, which if I will at some point share it, it is certain that it will only be my honor, articulate in the sinuous way of struggle with a self that does not let itself be understood, does not let itself be defeated, in the context of a deliverance that always comes shortly before the final moment of goalless wandering.

The depth of the creator lies in the mystery of the world he penetrates with the eyes of an artist, not with the eyes of a mortal, having the conviction that all he tries to emphasize is precisely the confession of his own faith, the true superiority in terms of the power to be different from the rest of the world.

Leadership: Do you express your own attraction to the idea of turning the experience of connecting to “Creator and Creation” into a true superiority in terms of the power to be different from the rest of the world?

If heaven is a glory that crosses the centuries, then the earth that I walked upon while holding my breath, itself the rock stone of a dreamer in a state of vigilance, was a capitulation of the experience of daring a response to two strong feelings at all times: fear and hope. With the horror of the prospect of enduring their burdens. And to dream of a different world, in which to find yourself, in which to be simply you, means to give meaning to a Creator who simply forgets the discouraging framework of the life he lives and rises through imagination, inspiration and talent above mortal condition.

The most appropriate is to place yourself in the middle, neither down nor up, arming yourself with the argument of not being the live feed of the "snake", the image of the primary cause of sin to answer forbidden questions. But being accompanied by the pronounced character of the eagle attempting to attack a prey many times its own size.

Life is the fear of courage, but in the middle, there is the impetus to the supreme dream, the closeness to God, which is measured by the power of sacrifice, the power of creation and the freedom to choose.

It was a matter of survival, of mathematical probability, of will and of detail, but at the same time a proof of faith to unite the deeper and living realities. By linking distinct radical worlds – the uncreated to be created, the ridicule of the sublime creator – I have become blind to the artist’s great obsession: to express my aspiration to immortality by making a masterpiece that time does not wipe from his memory.

Leadership: If you understand the true form of heaven and earth, will you be clear about your own life?

As clear as I can see, my life sinks in the same mystery where creators wander about looking for the pattern of perfection, very different from how I thought an ordinary man should experience it. Like a hero in "Les Miserables", my life is all about absolute insecurity, in an impenetrable cloud, to which a painter would have rendered consistency by embracing some more saturated colors by the physical blending between white, gray and black. Under the strong reflection of light.

And, unbelievably, in the spheres of pure reason, life and art, ending with the world of prejudice, the very crucial aspect of the experience that dictates the limits of my freedom of choice is met. And I will definitely have to come back: finding a sense in what happens to me. I do not know how I’d react.

Between the serpent and the eagle there is the melancholy of the sunset and the blue mist of the heights, the self-implanted isolation and self-improvement, naughty through their boldness, which life offers us in order to live more and to cherish what we have been given.

The attitude of man seeking his self is a response given to life lived by virtue of a personal fingerprint and a supreme cause that can generate the almost permanent sense of "powerlessness" or "high".

With my eyes fixed on those who are not observed, but are rather hinted at, what cannot be imputed to me as guilt, I constantly tried to understand the connection between the dream fracture that sweetened my hope of finding meaning in various unpredictable situations or life events, and the keys of the art kingdom – after the black stain that was embracing me at night, making me think there was something hidden that should be brought to light. No wonder Hugo emphasized in his novel the "star night inside man", representing the only reason to hope, to fight, to resist pain.

Experiencing the deep meaning of the philosophical words of a blogger – "Who wants go beyond darkness and will find nothing, will not be demoralized, because experience gained during travel will help them next time to find what they seek" – I got to that drop of mercy on which the whole natural creation of heaven and earth rests. That is, any glimpse of transcendence is welcome to the desperate soul only if it sees the light in its sight.

Leadership is the expression of a "high" of which only a small part is devoted to the attainment of perfection, the other being devoted to the profound understanding of the life between the wisdom of the serpent in the wilderness and the unparalleled flight of the eagle who knows and is capable of using the air currents.

Ascending and climbing on the heights of unspoken dreams of divine shapes that had the effect of a lightning coming from the high sky, from which seemed to prevail a continuous madness, the prospect changed the same as the eagle that, by rising to the heights, sees different things. I felt the presence of a faceless power, without boundaries, no meaning but its own unfolding, encompassing the whole world, even though I prayed in the darkness of the night.

One man, Victor Hugo, seems to have succeeded in reconciling the stinging power of the serpent with the visual rotation of the eagle on mountain ridges:

"Let’s not take anything out of the human spirit, suppressing something is a mistake. It must be reformed and transformed. Some faculties of man are directed to the unknown: thinking, dreaming, prayer. The unknown is an ocean. What is consciousness? It is the compass of the unknown. Thinking, dreaming, praying, here they are great mysterious radiators. Let us respect them. Where are these great rays of the soul going? In the dark. They therefore bring light."

Experimenting the state of connection to the divine from which the momentum is born to the dream that tests you, stimulating the boundless, is to embrace those great rays of the soul that bring light into the darkness.

Between Heaven & Earth lies a man who understood that life is a climb and descend resident of desire – never satisfied – for self-knowledge, and from the search of the measure of their own ability to grasp with their minds the divine boundlessness.

* Note: Seasonable Project - Between Heaven & Earth

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