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Black Devours All That Is Colored

On November 19, 2016
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Promote an outstanding art, creating a state of dependency over what is defined as being dominant in your own reality exposed through analogies and comparisons.

Giordano Bruno and the plague give way, in the creative plans of Eisenstein, to a new hero. A hero almost mathematically calculable. Just as, through observing the various celestial bodies, the planet Uranus was calculated a priori, long before being seen through the lens of a telescope.

What subject did sound bring when it entered film? The biographies of musicians. And what subjects were brought by the arrival of color? The biographies of painters. But sound and color together? Both were exhausted, so we must look for a third subject. What if it was the biography of a poet? This, the idea of a film about Pushkin came to be. And from here, the idea for "Ivan the Terrible" was born.

But the idea of black remains. Even since the discussion of the film about the plague, it overlaps with that initial impression instantly, one that became obsessive. "Blind implacability" will become the black color – the black death – the plague that devours everything that is alive and colorful. He also remembers the powerful impression the discussion with Andrei Belii left him in 1933: the analysis of the evolution of the frequency of chromatic values in Gogol’s work, followed step by step the tragic closeness of the mystic madness and darkness in the writer’s soul. Both there and in "The Plague", black devours everything colorful. *

Leadership: Can you approach a subject which is made of a multitude of aspects assembled into a whole meant to solve the psychology of a problematic of the double and the difference?

What gives us the possibility for a more thorough analysis over the way in which you treat a particular topic, within the limits of the field of observation of some controversial characters, defining a certain area of action or their manifestation to which we refer to, is precisely the attraction between what we want to create and the initial impression, which become obsessive, that of the mandatory escape from traditionalist concepts – considered inviolable.

In simpler terms, the initiated impression is a form of concentration of more information and interpretations based on the desire to change something in the reality that you take over through artistic creation. The very power of creation, which has become a prime feature of a director, a precious virtue of the practical intellect, must be based on this impression, so that the interpretations that the director gives to reality can be themed in a work marked by grace, elegance, spirit and visual innovation.

The idea of the black and that of the white, or the likeness of the color black with death, is the measure of the consequences of deviating from the "True" value of the basic value of novelty that is brought by the qualitative research of the subject and context of life of certain characters. They can disrupt the answer to what everyone is looking for, the viewers, constituting a particular form of interpretation of a situation which triggers an emotional reaction characterized by accepting a different perspective of conceiving a story.

The psychology of a problem of the double and the difference is found in the creative space of an artist who tries to outline the portrait of a real or imaginary hero through the prism of the consciousness of a supreme, providential being, who rationalizes based on a bivalent logic like: good-evil.

What subject did sound bring when it entered film? It is the question of primary importance when trying to transposition ideas into new methods of producing a content oriented towards a communication full of meaning, based on capturing the "living" in more colorful aspects. Or the absence of humanity, rendered in a painting less colorful, but more telling.

But all these analogies between colors, the ability to represent them through the world of sound, in specific conventions of the scientific and directorial language that permits the precise development of ideas, creates a state of dependency of what is defined as being dominant in your own reality. In the structure and proportions of a vision that cuts in the plan of the world a singular perspective.

Leadership, constituting a particular form of production and representation of knowledge, cannot distance itself from this stylistic dominance, because it touches a multitude of aspects assembled into a whole meant to solve the psychology of a problematic of the double and of the difference between totalities compared in different moments of evolution.

A totality of the individual psyche, a totality of the world and a totality of natural and social influences, physical and spiritual, direct and indirect, organized and unorganized. Obtained and metamorphosed through visual analogies.

The great power of the art of directing is determined by a single criterion: what is dominant in your own reality will be dominant in concise passages from the account of Creation that you can use to draw some conclusions about the history of humanity.

Black Devours All That Is Colored is the effect of a colorful impression stemming from outside or own thoughts, but one that became obsessive for the eye that hunts a new certitude through the prism of artistic appreciation. A certitude of abnormality, of the road that doesn’t allow just anyone to enter the place in which something is born… the idea.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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