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Leadership - Magic Of Mastery

by Neculai Fantanaru


Leadership - Magic of mastery, by neculai fantanaru

Leadership - Magic of mastery (Paperback)
by: Neculai I. Fantanaru

Year: 2008
ISBN: 978-973-0-05761-4

I wrote this practical and very useful book in order to show all readers the principles that the personal development of a leader are based upon. I created it like an intensive and very easy to use manual, in which I included many examples about the manner in which the leaders act, despite the difficulties they confront and about the decisions they take in order to get over the risky situations that can appear.

A manager is the most important person in a company. However, few people have professional abilities for a leading job and have the necessary qualities of a successful manager. Some people who have important leading jobs think that they possess from birth talent and leaders abilities, but this impression is strong shacked when the members of their team are not cooperative, because of their wrong decisions, and especially because they didn't respect some efficient leading principles. That's why leadership, just like any other science, can be easier learned only through understanding some principles, through their attentive and permanent application.

The essential characteristic of this book in comparison with others on the market in the same domain is that it describes through examples the ideal competences of a leader. I never claimed that it's easy to become a good leader, but if people will follow step by step the strategies offered by this book, with certainty they will be on the right road.

I promise you that after you will finish reading this book, you will have everything you need to become a … Merlin.


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