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On May 10, 2009
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Leadership Puzzle - Find your missing pieces to become a good leader (Paperback)
by: Neculai I. Fantanaru

Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-973-0-07008-8

Every time a game producer releases a new game on the market, any kind of game – strategy, logic and ability, action, mind training, for children or grown-ups, be it a computer game or a standard one, people huddle together in special shops to buy them. Curiosity and exaltation cause the game-maniacs to start playing as quick as possible, without reading the guidelines.

If they keep on playing for hours in a row that means the game is captivating and entertaining, interactive, simple and well conceived. If not, it is likely that the game isn't a very good or spectacular one, but contrariwise, dull and exhausting. Studies revealed, uncountable times that people of all ages prefer games that resemble reality that involve a certain degree of thinking, certain abilities, curiosity and prospecting. Let's keep in mind that certain games redound to brain training, and people can develop certain skills, like the ability of analysis and synthesis.

I wrote this book that conjoins in a simple way personal development with leadership, just like a puzzle, where you have to match all the given pieces in order to recompose the general image. I hope to keep your focus lain on the words written within and not to unhand it until the end.

Like the puzzle game, which consists in fitting different-sized pieces in order to recompose the whole, you can easily and better understand the ways of achieving leadership abilities, if the process is explained to you on small pieces. My highest desire is to help you develop the mentality and the ways of action characteristic to a leader, nourishing the hope you'll try to understand, to unravel, deepened, to memorize, to remember as many of the issues raised Chapters in this book.

The leader integrates several qualities and abilities, earned in a great while and with a great struggle, with patience and animation, features that others don't possess. This book is designed to further your personal development in leadership, to help you adapt easier and faster to leader's secrets and, thus, expand your efficiency in your operating field.

I hope that this book, structured in several chapters, different ideas and content, will help to elaborate the image of good leader. It approaches people with a high leading position, but also those who strive to go above and keep it there.


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I wrote this book that conjoins in a simple way personal development with leadership, just like a puzzle, where you have to match all the given pieces in order to recompose the general image.

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