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Performance In Leading

by Neculai Fantanaru


Performance in Leading by neculai fantanaru

Performance in Leading (Paperback)
by: Neculai I. Fantanaru

Year: 2008
ISBN: 978-973-0-05987-8

Leaders are totally different of other people. They always see what everybody else slips away, they know how to make them noticed when it's necessary and they have that extraordinary ability to find solutions at the hardest problems. More than this, leaders know very well their value and are conscious of their own advantages.

You will see in the pages of this book that leaders have a powerful and personal wish to accomplish valuable things in life, that they have imagination and are spontaneous in any moment and in any place, that follow a certain ideal and they don't expect that somebody else to take ahead, they action in time with maximum precision. Obtaining performance and success is their biggest worry. And what mobilizes them the most are not material benefits, are the desire to leave something good behind them, not to be just simple viewers in the life's show.

The aim of this book is to offer you information through concrete examples and to show you how to obtain the capacity to make others see things from the same angle as you. You will learn how to choose your right partners, how to create your own advantages and how to solve the difficulties before they become bigger. I will show you how important are to be your own leader and why it is so necessary to approach problems under all the possibilities.

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