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The 63 Qualities Of A Leader

by Neculai Fantanaru


leadership puzzle, neculai fantanaru

Original title: The 63 Qualities of a Leader
Author: Neculai I. Fântânaru
Year of publication: 2011
ISBN: 978-973-0-11003-6
Format: electronic (.pdf)




It is finally ready. If you liked the 22 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader of whom I have spoken in the section Qualities of A Leader, then I am sure you will find useful all the 63 of them. That is, I will provide you additional 41 qualities.

This volume is a sum of clear qualities, practical and efficient absolutely necessary in leadership. It took me a while to understand that they are the basis of solid principles, and to be aware of their true value. I was helped by a lot of people of high professional and moral quality, with extensive experience and many achievements to whom I owe a deep gratitude. In this way I want to thank all those who were with me, guiding me with advice throughout the completion of this book.

Why read this book? Because it is critical to optimizing your performance. Just as a sculptor manages to shape, with a finesse and a particular skill, a figure, until he will make it worthy of all admiration - so you have to shape constructively your thinking, beliefs, perceptions, approaches, until you will succeed to improve your directorial performances and be an example to be followed in the organization that you belong.

Why I recommend this book? Firstly, because it focuses more on the human side than on the concept of business, which allows easy reading and understanding; then, because it reveals the main coordinates after that are build the character and skills of the leaders, highlighting what it is important for them to increase their influence.

Just as doctors must unthread the tangly threads of the illness, to know what questions to ask the patients to recognize the subtle physical clues and identify tests that could ultimately lead to the perfect diagnosis - so you have to unthread the way you can get the best results, to unlock your leadership potential and, ultimately, to operate at maximum capacity.

If you want to be a person to lead others and to guide an organization to success, then you must be more than a good practitioner, you must learn to establish relationships, to develop and maintain them constantly at high levels. Leadership is an alchemy that combines your human skills with your professional capacities in order to use your full potential and to transform it in "gold".

This book is essential for you if you are really interested to improve your leadership skills. I'm sure you'll enjoy it !


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