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Break Away From The Old Methods

On February 02, 2009, in Top leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Clarify your ideas and validate your hypotheses regarding the beneficial or harmful effects of the leadership you practice, through the influence exerted on others.

Imagine the following scenario:

Year 1940. On the streets of Berlin, a family consisting of husband, wife and two children of three and respectively four years, are hurrying home.

They almost reach the front of their house when five individuals dressed in black coats, quickly pounce upon them. Meinhard felt a blow on the nape, and instantly loses his consciousness.

Five hours later, he awakens curled up, naked, into a shatterproof glass balloon, in a small dark room. He looks around disoriented, trying to figure out where he is, and how could he get out of there. Then, his eyes discreetly are turning on the left of the room, when a tall and a well-made mister put on the light.

"Listen to me, carefully, and do not utter a word ! You will never find out who I am or where you are. Your family is safe for the moment. If you still want to see your wife and children, you will have to help us. Your task is to think and tell us what caused the explosion of the U778 submarine before it will be immersed in the Irish waters. On your left is a file with all the information related to submarine and the latest transmissions that were made by the members of the crew.

You have 48 hours until it will be consumed the oxygen from the shatterproof glass balloon, in which you are. If you do not provide us a credible and concrete response in all this time, it is not only that will you die suffocated, but we will also kill all your family."

Leadership: Are you helping people to think freely, or you are forcing them to push their limits as far as possible?

To think is to bring to life the best of you to improve the finished product called: "Ideal of Perfection". On the other hand, to make someone think, by imposing a certain rigorousness in this sense, is a narrowing of the perspective on the potential of transforming man into an elite performer.

This can mean a temporary failure situation, due either to a mistakenly targeted development, designed from the outset by a marginal leadership model, either to difficulties in adapting to the demands of power accumulation or individual ethical issues.

Is it worth for your model of leadership to be taken as an example? Does your model form people or put to test their spiritual and mental strength of accepting you at their leadership? What can be said about the quality of your character?

Failure in leadership arises when man’s thinking falls into the adherence to a superior decision-making body that conditions the very creation of a situation-suggestion. As we have already shown, those who deal with influence through communication, try to carefully measure the factors favoring the occurrence of suggestive situations and inducing the suggested answer.

Suggestion is the influence exerted on one’s own will, which triggers spontaneous reactions. Indeed, before you force a man to help you, it is more important to favor the conceiving of a real emergency that will facilitate the appearance of the answer to what you seek. Man must not be forced to cooperate, but rather, he must be given a sense of belonging to a cause that matters primarily to him.

Leadership: Can you modify the effect that causes man’s transformation into his contrary, necessarily reducing the influence of the premises and causes that led to the cancellation of any form of resistance?

Think well what kind of leader you want to become, because people will determine your path. People are the ones that are adding you value, and that help you achieve a high level of performance by their power of penetrating the essence of your leadership and accepting your beliefs. Nevertheless, what example can you be if the main feature that characterizes your leadership style is overshadowed by some harmful values?

The effect that produces the transformation of man into his contrary is rather a result of the constraint of serving a purpose or command over which reigns the one who recognizes the way in which a particular situation affects you.

The contrary that constantly struggles within you, between what you choose to do consciously and what you have to do automatically is a finished product called negative self-image that decreases your motivation or even annihilates it through a lack of confidence in your own strengths. The contrary is a narrowing of the perspective that involves the cancellation of any position of power in a "confrontation" type of situation, where what you get and give is conditioned by determinism-like events that you cannot choose.

If you want to become a good leader, then help people to think freely, motivate them to find solutions to any kind of problems, but without constraining them in any way. If you promote subversive methods of persuasion and manipulation, if you force people to do what they do not feel comfortable to do, especially in an environment where their talent cannot flourish, then it is clear that your model of leadership does not bring any kind of benefit.

Do you have a plan of your leadership development, through a positive change of yourself? Clarify your ideas and validate your hypotheses regarding the beneficial or harmful effects of the leadership you practice, through the influence exerted on others.

The premises and causes the lead to the cancellation of any form of resistance you show are determined by what you claim to believe in a context of concern that gives rise to an understanding of guilt towards yourself, to a certain existential factor.

In football, the balanced game means to create a fair distribution of forces, both between the compartments of the team as well as to counter any action of the opponent.

Leadership can be a balanced "game" only if you realize an appropriate distribution of your sphere of influence that would protect your health and integrity. Your major responsibility is to be a model for the art of relating to other people, and also a model of character. In order to optimize your own performance it requires a more careful analysis of the Human Resources that you have in your subordination.


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