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Burning In The Skies (II)

On September 25, 2015, in Leadership XXL-Pack, by Neculai Fantanaru

Strive to accumulate knowledge, realizing the fusion between the infinite and the primordial that pushes you to overcome your limits.

I was a prisoner in an extended temporality, which my story unrevealed fully, refreshed it in serious word games. A Wells character, in the likeness of the English inventor, led by an invisible force in another dimension of time, when the centuries of history took on the shades of a challenge of the exceptionally intellectual destiny. Or maybe I was the main subject of a scientific work in which was multiplied the specialized knowledge to which not just anyone had access to.

All encompassing, I was revealing affinities and consistencies in the principles and methods of creation used in writing, but through a sort of rigorous eloquence, as Ali Pasha would rule his possessions with an iron fist. "Here’s the dead wood to make the fire rise." The two sparks of reason illuminating my world in the midst of the burning torches of a mighty creature, passing the shadows of ignorance and superficiality of external reality, were the madness of living life as a fiction and fiction as life.

When someone takes into account stories deducted from an exceptional intellectual potential, then the titan of independent thought, the polisher of information that influences language, appears in an experiential void. A void created either by the deformations of the meaning of the world, or by its resizing confined into a resolution of self-image that occupies space in the depths of chaos or confusion. Or by the existential isolations of the type: "I’m losing what I don’t deserve."

Leadership: How do you predict the content of the concept of creation in terms of life experiences that you have at one time checked as “default” to open up new artistic horizons?

The content of creation that honored my standards of thought included the contribution of other personalities to the evocation of a higher spiritual reality, of aesthetic value, because it bore the beauty of the attempt to penetrate beyond the edges of culture and the science of the present. The primordial that pushed me to overcome my limits was the desire to train posterity with very bold points of view on the link between my literary preferences and my concern to turn things upside down.

It is mentioned in many books that the telescope wasn’t invented by Galileo, around the year 1610, but by other three contenders: Janssen, Lippershey or Metius, because this instrument was already known and utilized in a primitive form in the Netherlands and France. But who can verify the truth?

The same happens when readers that analyze a brilliant writer with the definitions that he himself attributes to himself, as a perfect illustration of thought logic. Only a reader perfectly integrated in the infrastructure of three courts could access this source of inspiring material, could take up the living torch of a complex informational structure. "The blame is mine alone / For bridges I have burned."

Such a reader must be, first of all, a Jonathan Swift – to only seek verisimilitude and touch it, then a Shakespeare – to involuntarily and naturally transform a dry idea into a big picture, and eventually a Ştefan Zweig – to seek oneness with the infinite and the primordial that pushes the individual to exceed his limits. "And in the end we were made to be apart / In separate chambers of the human heart."

Leadership: Do you explore the entire world from one part of the “island”, based on the intentions of possessing a more advanced culture whose fascination power is immutable in time?

You become a traveler in the spectrum of finitude when you remain in the void of producing ideas, the figure of the combinations achieved through the manipulation of ideas failing to achieve a true miracle in the battle with your own limits and perspectives.

As a representative of a set of tracks that splits from the main path, basically meaning what hinders the manifestation of the quality of the discoverer, although you are in constant contact with the material of exploring different contexts of using information, you can lose an enormous amount from what you have accumulated.

It is exactly the same phenomenon, specific for diehard readers, that happens when you buy books. By constantly amassing books, you’re not left with enough time to read them all and are left with missing, unused information. Basically, you get attached to something that you cannot fully capitalize on. You tend to accumulate knowledge, omitting many other means and supports of knowledge.

In leadership, this means exploring the whole world from only one side of the island that is every day more and more populated by strangers, but abandoned by an even greater number of locals.

I use this second comparison, as the great aestheticians emphasize certain points of light or darkness, especially when I say that one non-interaction with certain "reference" type variables may not require major motivation or interest. It depends on what you assimilate or omit.

Leadership: Are you ready to experience the power of revealing a new world beginning from the way of specifying the terms of using a new content of consciousness?

There is one more important aspect to remember. When you fail to capture and emphasize those novel frames of your own individuality and subjectivity, by revealing a new dimension of science that you attributed to yourself through time, which can leave a good impression in the minds of others, you can deform the meaning of a whole formed from representations or evidence.

Information assimilated through study or by applying science into practice, in everyday life, has a certain capacity, you cannot forcefully squeeze it into a corner of reality projected necessarily after your mind. While the information omitted can always have replacement value when it doesn’t form in large quantities an absolutely necessary step for the substantiation of a coherent concept of action or personal development.

Let us not forget that science and man form a whole that connects to the infinite force. They are two worlds, two concepts intertwined through the connotations, connections and valences involved, some unexpected, some obvious, always evolving, despite ideological and philosophical controversy.

If you want to develop your science and reach perfect understanding that can turn you into more than a leader, an "endless Intelligence that produces everything", start looking for verisimilitude in everything around you. Learn to involuntarily and naturally transform a dry idea into a big picture. Strive to accumulate knowledge, achieving the fusion between the infinite and the primordial that pushes you to overcome your limits.

The Terms of Use of new content of consciousness are guaranteed by the way you present your work with reference to other external references, on what you can do with what you think about a world where the truth becomes hard to accept.

Burning In The Skies puts man in the dimension of science placed between verisimilitude and fiction, referring to the information used in the construction of a certain level of performance or of a structure of thought that can only be validated through exploration, discovery and experimentation of your own person in an authentic way, from the complexity of the reality of feeling that you are going up to the sublime view of a mountain peak.

* Note: Linkin Park - Burning In The Skies


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